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All funds raised by our players will be added to our marketing budget to bring new players to Pet City 2 and Pet Buddies
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Our Team

It's deeply fulfilling to make games that provide a constant source of joy to our players. The heartfelt messages from so many of our players telling us just how much our games mean to them and how much happiness they bring into their lives are truly humbling and inspiring.

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We're a talented mix of artists, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, producers, programmers and support teams whose love and passion for creating great games has translated into eight years of steady growth. After 8 years of live ops with our Pet City and Pet Buddies games, we’ve accumulated considerable know-how in the pets and decorate genre which we plan to springboard to greater success with our follow up title, Pet City 2, as well as a new highly addictive new Match 3 puzzle game that has been in development for over two years.

Our teams are organized into highly cohesive units where cooperation, loyalty, and passion for our players have sustained our success.  It truly feels like a family at the studio!


Pet City launched on Facebook in mid-2011, over 8 years ago with a modest user acquisition campaign and grew virally and organically from there.  Pet Buddies launched on iOS in late 2015 with a $1.3 million user acquisition budget and has sustained a loyal following. 


Major free-to-play game titles with built-in social engagement and a high degree of polish have long development cycles.   But such efforts are necessary to compete in the highly competitive free-to-play game market.  Both games have been highly vetted by our highly discriminating players and poised for major success.   

Game Details

Pet City
Launched in 2011, on Flash technology, the game focuses on nurturing a virtual pet and room decorating and has enjoyed steady growth with over 13M players having installed the game since inception. In mid-2019 we transitioned the Pet City franchise to the next generation, Pet City 2.

Pet City 2
Launched in June 2019, Pet City 2 is the next generation of the Pet City franchise based on the latest game technology and design esthetics that runs on the Facebook desktop game platform as well as mobile (iOS and Android) due to be released in December 2019.  The game is accessible to Pet Marketing efforts to accelerate growth are scheduled to begin in December 2019

Pet Buddies

The game enjoys a high rating of 4.7 in the iOS App Store 

The game was launched in late 2015 with a $1.3M user acquisition campaign.  We recently launched a highly targeted user acquisition campaign to bring in new players. 

Design Academy 
Game Genre: Match 3 game that combines with Decor Challenges
Soft launch date: December 2019.  Major distribution date: 1st Qtr. 2020
We're excited that after over two years in development and vetting by our players to create a truly relaxing and addictive gaming experience, we'll be ready for soft launch in mid-December 2019.

Metrics for our games are better than industry averages.

The three keys to higher than average revenue in our games are community, community, and community.   The multi-layered social dimensions of our games are what deliver sustained user engagement over many years rather than many months.

A bright future ahead!

The gaming world has gone mobile in a big way.  Pet City 2 combines all the successful elements of Pet City with all the lessons learned and wisdom gained from listening to our loyal Pet City players, along with all the necessary support to run on mobile.  This gives us a tremendous edge for even greater success than we experienced with Pet City. 


Our new Match 3 game will capitalize on hot new trend

Combining decor challenges "Meta-Game" play for Match 3 games is incredibly hard to pull off well.  But we were conveniently poised to take advantage of this hot trend since we have years of developing decorating challenges in Pet City and Pet Buddies.  We've combined our mastery of decor challenges with the talents of highly experienced Match 3 level designers to develop Design Academy.  


We're in discussion with major game publishers to take Design Academy into major distribution.  Similar Match 3 games have revenue that runs into the tens of millions of dollars.  

Our players make the difference!

For many players, our games have a special place in their hearts. Our core values of community, generosity and supporting each other, has helped our games outlast the competition. In the "free to play" casual game arena, whereas the average lifespan of a game is around 12-15 months, our flagship game Pet City has been going strong for over 8 years. As important to our success is the special bond we developers have formed with our players. It's the added ingredient to the endurance of our games. A common refrain from players goes something like this "I've never seen a game developer so responsive and supportive. You guys are amazing!"

Invest in Catalyst Apps

Our game studio has grown from a headcount of 12 back in 2011 to a total of 45 in 2019, all without any outside financing. This is a clear sign of our can-do spirit. Our main goal for the next two years is to rapidly accelerate top-line revenue growth by harnessing our well-honed game studio skills with the help of outside financing and publishing partners, starting with this Wefunder capital raise. We have two new games built with the latest game technology specifically timed to help achieve rapid growth in 2020 combined with the continued marketing of our Pet Buddies iOS game.