Carosh Compliance Solutions

The most efficient and cost-effective HIPAA compliance programs.

Last Funded October 2023


raised from 26 investors


We have a 15 year track record in business with a 92% client retention rate.
We developed a standardized HIPAA compliance program that is both thorough and affordable.
We developed a custom compliance platform to manage all aspects of HIPAA compliance.
We also provide a full range of custom HIPAA compliance programs.

Our Team

The vast majority of providers, particularly small and midsized practices, don't have the knowledge to effectively implement a HIPAA compliance program that will pass regulatory scrutiny. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and tools to address this knowledge gap with solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the individual provider.

Pitch Pitch

Carosh Compliance Solutions is revitalizing medical data privacy and security for the 21st century. Our proprietary software driven workshops allow medical practices and their vendors to achieve HIPAA compliance in the most efficient and economical way available.

Even today over 80% of practices do not comply with the minimum requirements of the HIPAA regulations exposing the practice to both fines and penalties along with lost revenue. The patient will incur enormous costs from breaches, both financial and the time required to remediate the loss of privacy of their medical and financial information. It is estimated that the patients will spend over 200 hours themselves repairing the damage from a breach of their medical information. Is it any wonder that more and more patients are choosing to leave providers that do not adequately protect their information?

While most practices focus on the fines and penalties they may incur from a breach, more costly is from reputational harm resulting in lost patients and referrals drying up.

Carosh’s HIPAA Express® and HIPAA Suite® have already achieved extraordinary results generating an enviable client retention rate and client satisfaction scores while generating a stable and growing revenue base.

Starting with our initial client Lenovo computers in Morrisville, NC, Carosh has built a portfolio of clients across its target industry verticals. 

Harnessing our experience across the field, experience in software development, consulting, and healthcare, Carosh has built a portfolio of product and service offerings that uniquely address the specific needs of our clients.

Each of our service and product offerings are designed to allow our clients to journey on a path to compliance that meets their specific needs and resource availability. Our on-demand access to our products and services reduces the disruption of the organization's practice, letting them focus on managing their practice instead of experiencing frustration attempting to achieve compliance.

How the Carosh System works:

1.  The practice attends a 2-day HIPAA Express® workshop where they are guided through the compliance process. Using our HIPAA Suite® platform each attendee leaves the HIPAA Express® workshop with a fully completed security and privacy risk assessment and their related remediation plans. Having experienced HIPAA Suite® during the workshop, each participant has been fully trained in the use of this industry leading platform.

2.  After the HIPAA Express® workshop, the attendee attends six 1-hour sessions to customize policies, procedures and safeguards. The attendee and their staff also complete 10-15 minute quarterly HIPAA trainings that comply with the training requirements of the HIPAA regulations.

3.  After completing these requirements, the HIPAA Express® attendee is positioned to maintain their compliance. To incentivize this ongoing compliance, Carosh provides both on-going guidance AND a $100,000 guarantee.

Carosh’s HIPAA Suite® has been designed for flexibility for a variety of organizational uses. From the sole practitioner to a holding company managing a portfolio of practices, HIPAA Suite® delivers unparalleled features and functionality at a price point which provides exceptional value to the user.

Our leadership has a long history of solving challenging technical and operational problems and building industry-creating software solutions in healthcare. Additionally, the team has significant operating experience in healthcare startups, as well as HR, and private equity.

More than half, 63% of our funds raised will go to sales and marketing initiatives. An additional 20% of the funds raised will go to the launch of HIPAA Suite® as a stand-alone product.

We are offering 2 levels of premiums to our investors. The first $67,000 of investment funds will receive a 20% premium on their investment. Other investors will receive, with the investment, a premium consisting of a package of Carosh products and services. These service packages are transferable from the investor to any organization in need of the services.