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Caribbean Water Technologies Inc.

The Future of Water Purification: Whole house solar/electric water purifiers

Last Funded August 2021


raised from 249 investors
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1 awarded, 2 derivative patents pending for intelligent, home & commercial drinking water purifiers
Safely converts rainwater to drinking water. Removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, bad taste, chlorine.
Passive technology uses very little energy, self-cleaning, 7+ year operation, minimal maintenance
Scalable technology allows us to introduce lightweight backpack, boat, and RV systems, in Q3 2021
Install-and-forget on/off-grid system that can run on AC, DC, or Solar power.
Water quality, Early Warning System with miniature water analysis lab-on-a-chip technology
Internet of Things technology with real-time reporting of system and water resources via phone app
Founders spent 5 years creating GREEN Tech. that supports one of life's most basic needs

Our Team

We have all seen how quickly businesses can fail and how fast a community shuts down when a company picks up and moves. That is not our intent for one very simple reason, because I care and because CWT cares. We believe we have the potential to be larger than companies such as Google, Pixar, Tesla, and Uber because what we make preserves life.