Caribbean Water Technologies Inc.

The Future of Water Purification: Whole house solar/electric water purifiers

Last Funded August 2021


raised from 249 investors
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1 awarded, 2 derivative patents pending for intelligent, home & commercial drinking water purifiers
Safely converts rainwater to drinking water. Removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, bad taste, chlorine.
Passive technology uses very little energy, self-cleaning, 7+ year operation, minimal maintenance
Scalable technology allows us to introduce lightweight backpack, boat, and RV systems, in Q3 2021

Our Team

We have all seen how quickly businesses can fail and how fast a community shuts down when a company picks up and moves. That is not our intent for one very simple reason, because I care and because CWT cares. We believe we have the potential to be larger than companies such as Google, Pixar, Tesla, and Uber because what we make preserves life.