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A global innovator in the "Play-to-Plant" genre, in a huge $92 billion mobile gaming market.

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Why Carbon Counts

EverForest™ is a groundbreaking Play-to-Plant™ merge adventure mobile game with a mission to empower millions of players to re-green the planet!

Every player is a force of nature, growing a forest, discovering secrets, befriending animals, unlocking plants, and collecting and merging items! And as they play to create a lush, interconnected ecosystem, Carbon Counts will plant real trees in real-world EverForest projects.


We would like to invite you to this unique opportunity to invest in EverForest before our Series A, at the same terms of our early VC investors. Your investment will help us further the development of the game so we can launch globally! 

For every $100 you invest, we will plant 10 trees on your behalf! (See “Investment Incentives” for more details)


Climate change is recognized—almost universally—as an important problem. But most people feel as if their individual efforts don't matter.

Our team set out to prove that play is powerful. We started with the question: What if millions of people around the world could play a fun-first game that could make a monumental positive impact on climate change?

EverForest aims to engage, immerse, and delight individuals while bringing them on a collective journey to re-green the planet.

With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, it’s no surprise that the gaming industry has emerged as a powerful catalyst for change.

In the 2022 Green Game Jam Player survey, we learned that 81% of the 380,000 gamers surveyed are eager to contribute to the fight against climate change.

With a growing awareness of the climate crisis, gamers are increasingly seeking opportunities to engage in eco-action gaming experiences.

Validation: Ant Forest has achieved remarkable success combining gaming with environmental impact. Launched in 2016 in China, it has encouraged 600M users to reduce their carbon footprint, and has planted more than 300M trees.

As a mobile game, EverForest appeals to the biggest and fastest-growing market segment in not only gaming, but entertainment as a whole. 

We’re making a game that’s fun to play and brings a positive impact to the planet. As forces of nature, players will:

  • Grow flourishing, thriving forest ecosystems
  • Befriend animals and discover their secrets and stories
  • Merge delightful resources that solve puzzles
  • Earn in-game rewards for real-world eco-actions
  • Plant real trees in the real world
  • Track own and community impact via the Real Tree Dashboard
  • Learn about EverForest’s tree-planting projects around the globe!

We work with outstanding tree planting partners. To date, we've planted over a million mangroves on the coast of Kenya and thousands of seedlings in Rwanda by working with exceptional nonprofit organizations like EarthLungs Reforestation Foundation & One Acre Fund.

The positive impact goes beyond just tree-planting.  We’ve witnessed the ripple effect in local communities with reforestation employing community members, stopping erosion of farmlands, protecting fish nurseries along coastlines, and restoring natural habitats to bring back native flora and fauna. 

In parallel to launching EverForest, we're in development of an Impact Platform that integrates tree-planting mechanics into other mobile games, with the goal of empowering more games and players to combat climate change. Early results have shown to provide an uplift to player retention, engagement, monetization, and a reduction in acquisition costs.

As a trial, we tested our tree-planting mechanics in a live mobile game to gauge the impact of tree-planting on player retention. We saw improvements on metrics across the board:

  • Ad viewership increased by 60%
  • CPI (cost per install) decreased by 9%
  • Short-term retention increased by 55%
  • Play time per user increased by 8%


We are nearing the final stages of game development and we aim to launch globally in 2024. Here’s our roadmap to launch!

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our “Play-to-Plant” experience enables us to go beyond gamers to reach broad, new audiences that want to take climate action—and the ability to drive virality.

We’ve set some ambitious goals to achieve by 2026.

Carbon Counts received significant PR coverage from top gaming outlets like VentureBeat (8M+ UVPM) and Pocket Gamer (2M+ UVPM). The coverage highlighted the game's innovative approach to help people take action in reversing the effects of climate change.

Our strategy is to tap into marketing avenues that are unique to our game and less accessible for other mobile games, such as collaboration with climate-conscious influencers, and partnerships with large scale NGOs. 

Our “Play-to-Plant” messaging allows us to create differentiated content and marketing campaigns that drive virality with the new and broader audience who wants to take climate action.

As part of our go-to-market strategy, we pride ourselves on making data-driven decisions for the game to ensure product-market fit. In turn, we’ve built out a sophisticated process to gather data and insights through various channels:

  • Real-time game analytics: We use in-game metrics to drive continuous performance and experience improvements
  • Insiders Program: We empower our 1,750+ early access players to provide critical insights about the game via surveys and focus groups
  • Player Support: We work closely with players to troubleshoot live issues and gather sentiment and feedback on EverForest
  • User Acquisition: We use upper funnel metrics and creative testing to understand product fit and marketing messaging that resonates with our target audience.

Invest alongside our seasoned Investors

By investing in Carbon Counts now, you’ll get to participate in the upside alongside top climate, venture capital, and angel investors.

Investment Incentives

Invest now and we’ll plant trees on your behalf. All investors will get early access to the EverForest game ahead of public release. Let’s re-green the planet together! 

  • Those investing at or over $100 we’ll plant 10 trees on your behalf 
  • Those investing at or over $250 we’ll plant 25 trees on your behalf 
  • Those investing at or over $500 we’ll plant 50 trees on your behalf 
  • Those investing at or over $1000 we’ll plant 100 trees on your behalf 
  • Those investing at or over $2500 we’ll plant 250 trees on your behalf  
  • Those investing at or over $5000 we’ll plant 500 trees on your behalf  
  • Those investing at or over $10,000 we’ll plant 1000 trees on your behalf 
  • Those investing at or over $25,000 we’ll include your name in the game's credits, and we'll plant 2,500 trees on your behalf

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