Canine Biologics

Millions of dogs with cancer need this first-of-its-kind nutrition system

Last Funded August 2021


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8 consecutive months of positive revenue growth since entering the market. (Nov - May)
Market Potential: 500,000 dogs (US and Canada) diagnosed with cancer each month
Experienced team includes PhD veterinarians with advanced expertise in nutrition and cancer care
We believe there are no other companies offering complete products (food + supplements) for dogs with cancer

Our Team

Dogs and humans enjoy the most amazing cross-species relationship in the history of the planet! We want to honor that when they need our help the most. Given all they do for us and the lack specific nutrition for dogs in the fight of their lives, we wanted to help them enjoy their highest quality of life.


It’s a sad fact of life experienced by far too many pet parents; every month, 500,000 dogs in North America get a cancer diagnosis.

That diagnosis is devastating, but it doesn’t have to mean that a dog’s best days are over. I founded Canine Biologics because I know that dogs with cancer can, with the proper support, continue to have the energy and vitality to run, play, and love as they always have as they battle this devastating disease.

Part of that support will come from the dog’s veterinary team and the treatments they prescribe. A significant part of that support comes from the dog’s nutrition plan, and that’s where Canine Biologics comes in.

A Significant, Unaddressed Market

Enhanced nutrition, specifically designed using our 3-part system to support dogs battling cancer did not exist before Canine Biologics. A true void exists in the market for nutrition specifically formulated to support dogs battling cancer. We're filling that void.

  • Nutrition is increasingly recognized as critical to Canine health.
  • Veterinarians say they have no good option to recommend to their patients.
  • Pet parents increasingly want the best nutrition for their dogs.

    We are the world’s only company dedicated exclusively to developing nutrition systems designed to support dogs fighting cancer. Our team of veterinarians and scientists has taken an evidence-based approach to develop our three-part Integrated Nutrition System. That system combines human-grade food, wild-caught salmon oil, and specialized supplements into a single, cross-balanced plan to meet each dog’s specific needs.

    We developed this approach based on dozens of peer-reviewed research studies and clinical trials; formulating the nutrition required to support the digestive, immune, and other physiologic systems of dogs fighting cancer.

    The science behind our approach is complex, but the results are simple, our system:

    • Helps dogs absorb nutrients and maintain weight and muscle mass.
    • Leads to a higher quality of life for the dog.
    • May make cancer treatments even more effective.

    We have a high-quality, much-needed product, but we aren’t stopping there. We are developing a line of specially formulated dog treats to compliment our existing nutrition plan, as well as a liquid diet for dogs requiring tube feeding. Our roadmap is long and includes many new ways to help dogs with cancer live better lives.

    Canine Biologics Can Own the Cancer-Nutrition Market

    • We Are Unique: No other product like Canine Biologics' Integrated Nutrition System exists - it is much more than just food for dogs.
    • Ignored Market: Pet food companies exhibit little product development or marketing in the highly specific, acutely-felt cancer space.
    • The Market Has Been Waiting for Us: One veterinary oncologist offered, "I have been waiting for over 10 years for a product like this."

    Sadly, millions of dogs get cancer every year. Canine Biologics offers the optimal nutrition they need for their best quality of life. Pet parents and veterinarians finally have an enhanced, integrated solution specifically designed to help their best furry friend battle cancer.