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We help customers minimize their losses, prevent intrusions. We offer AI-based video surveillance.

Last Funded March 2022


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🦄🥇🚀 One of the smartest and easy-to-use solutions for SMBs for the $77 billion market.
📈 Started selling this January and grew 11 folds.
💲 2021 bootstrapped results: Run Rate > $120,000, $11,700MRR in Nov, 15%MOM, LTV/CAC>5x
🥇 Member of NVIDIA Inception Program, Starta Ventures Alumni.

Our Team

My team and I have strong expertise in Computer Vision. We’ve worked together for several years and it turned out as the final result of our activity.

Our Vision

In today’s world, it is very important for businesses to be able to detect potential threats like thefts, intrusions, and vandalism to avoid significant losses.

While large corporations can count on huge budgets and large security teams, smaller businesses are left with very few options such as a video surveillance system that is often unable to detect threats before they happen. 

Security cameras record continuously on tape/HD/ and the business owner will have to manually scan the tape searching for the few minutes where the wrongdoing occurred.

And even when they finally find it, there’s very little they can do about it.

Investor Testimonials

Gabriel Arant - Program Director at Starta Ventures

Andrea Legnani-  Adjunct Professor at Zicklin School of Business

It already happened!

CAMDOG® is the Artificial Intelligence Security System specifically designed for small and medium businesses.

It is cheap and can be easily installed on existing CCTV camera systems.

Thanks to its deep-learning algorithms, CAMDOG® helps identify and thwart several different potential threats in stores, cafes, restaurants, shops, malls before they even happen.

CAMDOG® transforms your CCTV system into a powerful watchdog that will alert business owners of any suspicious activity potentially leading to a theft or a break-in, whether they are there or not and whether their business is open or closed for the night.

Its user interface is easy to learn and set up.

All control with a few buttons!

Learning how to use the service is no more than 3 minutes!

CAMDOG® is specifically designed for small and medium businesses. 

It can help reduce losses due to thefts, intrusions, and vandalism by alerting the business owner of a potential threats before they even happen. 

Forget about patrols passing by the store every few hours (thieves are very good at studying patterns) or security guard remote surveillance (after few minutes of continued monitoring, their attention levels decrease and they will miss practically everything that happens in the camera range).

Its Deep Learning algorithms identify suspicious behaviors and can be easily adapted to a vast range of businesses: apartment buildings, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, car dealerships, warehouses, gas stations, construction sites, hospitals, schools, etc.

Each business’ security need is addressed and monitored for the owner’s peace of mind: they will receive an alert on any chosen device for proper action. They can also receive a live feed of what’s happening on their mobile device. 

There is a huge potential market for Camdog: 

its versatility allows our system to be useful for several different business areas. 

We estimate our Total Addressable Market to reach $77.3B by 2023,

Serviceable Addressable Market to hover around $30B

and Camdog’s Share of the Market to be as high as 5%.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our business model is based on a SAAS model with a very affordable monthly subscription. 

Our price plans range from $14 to $300. No strings attached! 

You can forget about binding annual contracts or expensive additions and extensions.

CAMDOG’s competitive advantages:

  • Ease of use
    • user-friendly interface. 3 minutes to learn how it uses!!


  • supports more than 20,000 different camera models!

Combined video management system and video analytics in one solution

  • enterprise-level software for SMB sector.

Cloud-based solution with lifetime data storage

  • reduces initial investment for customers

Different plans to fit the budgets of small to medium businesses

  • No matter the business’ size, you’re covered!

Since CAMDOG’s foundation in 2019, the team has been working hard on adapting the system’s deep-learning algorithms to a vast range of businesses and situations. 

Today we are still engaging with our past and future clients to find innovative solutions to old problems.

The market is HUGE ($40 Billion last year!!) and the potential for further expansion is even greater.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We expect our business to grow 1.5K-fold for the next three years.

The team, led by Dmytro Usenko, combines 60+ years of experience in AI software development, sales management, and marketing: a startling advantage when it comes to designing and selling a product.

We invite you to seize a great opportunity:

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