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Last Funded July 2022


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🌱 Raised $220K from business angels with experience at Wells Fargo, ABN AMRO, EARN.org & Capgemini
🇺🇸 100M Americans donate both time & money — to the tune of $324B (+5% YoY). Total Market is $1.6T
✨ We’ve already partnered with 25+ Nonprofits that engage with 140K+ employees, volunteers & donors
📱App is currently live in the US app stores! We already processed over $10K in transactions

Our Team

As a child I loved using a piggy bank to save up money and eventually give some to charity. As I got older, I came up with the idea of a digital BunnyBank to replace the piggy bank and facilitate giving in a financially healthy & sustainable way. And what better companion than an agile & astute bunny to help do so?!

The save for good® app

💸 Did you know...

  • That when you donate $100, the Nonprofit only gets $89 to $97? ($9B is lost each year to donation processing fees!).
  • Or that donation trends are on a U-curve, with low-income earners & the ultra-rich contributing the vast majority? (Rural citizens give 3x higher % of their income than city dwellers!).

    That’s why we’ve created bunny.money — so you can easily donate to your favorite Nonprofits with zero — yes, zero! — processing fees. And the kicker is, our platform simultaneously helps you allocate income into your own personal savings to earn a 1% interest!

    Because we believe in a more responsible approach to money — both personally and for your community. So let’s come together and disrupt Giving: Let’s save for good®.

    🐰💰 Hop on in! How it works for users:

    1️⃣ Connect the app to your regular bank account

    2️⃣ Allocate how much money you want to set aside.

    • The key here is our Smart Deposit AI Engine: It analyzes your income & lifestyle to help you save & donate based on your financial health. You can set up recurring transfers or opt for one-time transactions — whatever works for you!

      3️⃣ Deposit those percentages of your income into…

      • A Savings Wallet that earns 1% interest
      • And a Donations Wallet, from which you can directly give to the causes that matter.

      Et voilà! You’re setting aside money and Saving for Good with no stress at all.

        🤩 Plus, all the infrastructure Nonprofits need:

        On the other side of things is a portal where our Nonprofit partners can:

        • Manage their public page
        • Reach out to our users,
        • Refer their members (so they can fundraise directly from them)
        • Campaign more effectively
        • Track incoming donations and referral bonuses
        • Analyze donor info

        Currently, our 25+ partners engage with over 140,000 total employees, volunteers, members, and donors. Together with their guidance, we built the toolbox of features listed above to be as useful as possible.

        In fact, meet our amazing partners:

        We love working with membership-based organizations and charities that empower their communities to thrive. We incentivize them to refer members, volunteers and donors. 

        But let's hear directly from them: 

        And we take great pride in supporting 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+, ✊🏿BIPOC organizations throughout the US! Ultimately we plan to list all 1.6M+ Nonprofits. 

        💯🙌 Potential market: Giving alone is massive!

        Here’s what’s really amazing: The total number of employees & volunteers who donate time and/or money to the U.S. Nonprofit sector is 100 million! And we did the math: Americans donate $324B yearly while setting aside north of $1.29T — for a total market opportunity of $1.61T!

        And as for our target demographic, 84% of Millennials & Gen Zers make donations (10 points more than previous generations). Millennials currently donate more than $36B per year. As their income keeps rising — and as we provide more accessible ways to donate — their impact will be widely felt.

          The point is that people care. They just need opportunities to act on it.


          • Service Available Market (SAM)= $324B
          • Service Obtainable Market (SOM)=$1B. 

          We think we can penetrate 0.4% of the market in 3 years.

          💼 We are in business

          At the time of our launch, we’re relying on “tips” from users who can pay what they want. We’re confident in the success of this model after extensive user research of 3,000+ target users, of which:

          • 81% said they’d be happy to pitch in $1+ on a regular basis for our services
          • 57% said they’d contribute $3 or more on a regular basis

          In addition, we’re planning to roll out premium features (for both users and nonprofits) and gain revenue from the financial products we resell. 

          Lastly, as we scale we'll also get a shared revenue interest from our banking partner on the deposits that flow into the platform.

          🐰🏦 Roadmap: next-gen community banking 

          Our ambition is to create a new type of purpose-driven bank, bunnybank that uplifts the Nonprofit community and serves the 80% of the Americans who want a banking experience aligned with their values. Because we believe the future will be defined by time banking & decentralized finance (DeFi).

          The problem is that mega banks and digital neo banks in the U.S. are winning new customers while regional banks, credit unions, and community banks struggle. But as society continues to evolve online to form more digital tribes, a new type of sustainable economy and exchange will emerge.

          Existing banking platforms are not currently positioned or designed to handle this next wave. Whereas we’re building a high-tech platform, on top of a blockchain financial provider and custody bank, capable of scaling globally at a fraction of their infrastructure cost.

            Here's what bunnybank will offer: 

            • Debit card (rounds up to your favorite Nonprofit; supports partnerships with social businesses to support causes)
            • Robust marketplace for discovering 1) Nonprofits 2) Sustainable financial products & 3) Benefit corporation commerce shops
            • Impact investments to local and social enterprises, impact wallet for crowdfunding projects, ESG ETF
            • High interests with DeFi features and "Green crypto" products, which will empower customers to share gains with causes they believe in
            • Accept Crypto donations
            • Smart (AI-driven) passive Savings & Donations
            • Employer matching

            🌎 We are a B Corp™

            Like you, we care deeply about making the world a better place. Specifically, we believe that People, Planet & Prosperity go hand in hand. If COVID-19 has one silver lining, it’s reminding us how much we truly rely on each other.

            We are a Public Benefit Corporation, B Corp™ certified since October 2021 and also members of 1% For The Planet — because the Climate Emergency is very real and we need to act now!

            🥕 The Burrow

            As vocal proponents of communities, we are proudly members of:

            We were incubated at:

            And here are our main business partners:

            A huge thanks to all of them for going above & beyond in supporting us and sharing our vision to make a difference & positive impact! #strongertogether

            🐇 You can bank on us:

            💵 Use of funds

            The funds gained here will support our growth by helping pay for:

            • Vital company resources
            • Expanded marketing for user acquisition; and
            • The banking platform

            We really couldn’t do any of it without you!

            ❤️🎁 Thank You! Merci!

            We are beyond appreciative of all the help we have received and are continuing to receive. Each investment here will allow us to make the save for good® app available to more people, ultimately contributing a greater impact on our world!

            Check out our perks as a token of our appreciation for your contribution and support!

            Earn Perks When You Invest: 

            • $250+: $20 sign up bonus on the app (to save & donate!) 
            • $500+: All of the above, plus bunny.money's "Eggcited" illustration NFT (limited edition of 500) 
            • $1,000+: All of the above, plus bunny.money's "Roll up your sleeves" illustration - NFT (limited edition of 100) 
            • $10,000+: All of the above, plus bunny.money's "Save for Good" Bunny illustration NFT (limited edition of 50) and the bunny.money zip up vest 
            • $25,000+: All of the above, plus bunny.money's "Hop" illustrations NFT (limited signed editions of 2) and Quarterly call with the founders
            • $50,000+: All of the above, plus bunny.money's "Z" illustration NFT (original signed edition) and Monthly call with the founders

            Carrot Regards 🥕

            -The Bunnybankers