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Last Funded November 2022


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🗝️ Team with decades in innovative technology and scaling businesses from 0-to-1, IPOs & exits
🥇 Early-mover advantage with a category-defining product and a defensible competitive position
🐳 Addressing a young, $400 billion global audience, and Bud Love fits this entire user base
🚫 NO legal hold-ups. 0% of the difficulties of a cannabis business

Our Team

We knew bud could get better... because ever since breeders have grown cannabis to be SUPER STRONG it has lost some of the fun and benefits for many users. We set out to restore the balance of all the ingredients in cannabis with Bud Love, and so bring back the full benefits and fun of bud without the unwanted side-effects.

Bud Love is blazing the way for a new product category: BUD MIXERS; satisfying unmet consumer needs and transforming markets worldwide!

Watch Roy Lipski, CEO of Bud Love, discuss this unique opportunity to own a piece of the next product revolution*.

Forward-looking projections of margins and revenues cannot be guaranteed.

Breakthrough innovations and new categories, such as plant-based meats, electric cars and streaming services, keep redefining consumer behavior while making fortunes for investors.

Bud Love is spearheading the next new category – Bud Mixers – that’s set to revolutionize how cannabis is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

* Tobacco is commonly mixed with cannabis, as are certain herbs occasionally. However, the Company believes that Bud Love is the world's first mixer specifically designed and formulated to be mixed with cannabis and consumed together, to enhance and improve the experience and buzz.

Rooted In Large Consumer Trends

Like the mixology revolution that drove a 12% growth in the spirit market in 2021 (while beer and wine were flat), Bud Love is rooted in the large overarching trends shaping the preferences of today's consumers, as well as the unmet needs of cannabis users.

Introducing Bud Love

Bud Love Premium Herbal+ Mixers are designed to be combined with cannabis flower and enjoyed together, like the mixer in a cocktail - only for flower. Bud Love is made from marshmallow leaf, an ancient medicinal herb; the mother cannabinoid, CBG; and rich natural flavors, including terpenes.

Bud Love IS Cannabis Mixology

Bud Love won’t give customers a buzz on its own. But when mixed with cannabis, it complements it, bringing out its best qualities and moderating undesired side-effects.

Driven by major consumer trends and satisfying the unmet needs of cannabis users worldwide, Bud Love is the breakthrough innovation that the massive cannabis market has been waiting for!

Customers love Bud Love!

Two blind studies in April & May of 2022 gave resoundingly positive feedback, proving Bud Love’s strong market fit.

To watch a video of the blind studies, visit budlove.com/blindstudies.

And customers are being vocal in their appreciation.  

Visit budlove.com for more customer testimonials.

Bud Love Is Available In Stores And Online

Bud Love is available in 8 flavors designed to complement different cannabis strains - from classic to more fruity, natural, and even tobacco flavored (nicotine-free) for those who enjoy a spliff. It’s manufactured in the US using a proprietary, solvent-free process that ensures consistency and quality in every batch.

Bud Love can be purchased in dispensaries, smoke shops, and convenience stores, as well as online (depending on state laws). Sales are supported by extensive in-store collateral, awareness campaigns and on-the-ground promoters.

Watch the Bud Love explainer video below:

A Vast Market Waiting for Bud Love

Millions of people worldwide consume cannabis, and this vast market continues to grow as young people increasingly prefer cannabis over alcohol. Cannabis consumers are looking for high quality, innovative products to give them their own personalized experience – and Bud Love has answered their call!

A Compelling Business Proposition

Bud Love appeals to all cannabis users, from those wanting to enhance their experience or have fewer unwanted side-effects, to the curious searching for something new. And since it’s FULLY LEGAL, Bud Love can tap into the entire global cannabis market of $400bn, without any of the difficulties of being a cannabis business.

With expected marks ups of 75-400%, a scalable and defensible business model, early-mover advantage, and a REVENUE target of $100M in 2026, Bud Love is a highly compelling business proposition.

Quick Path to Market

Bud Love can be sold direct to consumers or wholesale to pre-roll manufacturers. Our US rollout began in September 2022 and we’re now poised for rapid growth.

Strong Leadership Team

We walk the talk. Our leaders have spent decades innovating at the intersection of technology and business, by building, growing and selling companies. Through our previous company we pioneered the production of the mother cannabinoid, CBG, using scalable, cutting-edge technology. We’re now bringing the benefits of this amazing ingredient to cannabis users through Bud Love.

We’ve done this before and have the team to do it again, with Bud Love!

Blue-chip Shareholders

Bud Love's existing shareholders include some of the most respected cannabis investment funds, industry veterans and ultra-high net worth individuals. 

Invest in Bud Love

We’re raising $1.235M on Wefunder to quickly expand the reach of Bud Love. Our investment proposition is clear: Bud Love uniquely satisfies unmet consumer needs in a vast and growing market ready for innovation.

Join us today as Bud Love blazes the way for a new product category:  Bud Mixers. Together, we can fundamentally transform cannabis use the world over!

For more information, see our investor presentation

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* Tobacco is commonly mixed with cannabis, as are certain herbs occasionally. However, the Company believes that Bud Love is the world's first mixer specifically designed and formulated to be mixed with cannabis and consumed together, to enhance and improve the experience and buzz.