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Brick Work

Brick Work is a single-source platform providing housing solutions

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🗺️Our digital map enables users to optimize the building of housing solutions in one simple click
💰 80% YOY revenue growth in a $6.5 billion target market
🏙️ Going to help homeowners utilize a new CA housing bill SB-9 to split lots and build duplexes
🌳 Our solution is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and sustainable in the long-term
🏆 Founded by serial entrepreneurs with 15+ years of land use consultation experience

Our Team

Affordable housing issues, homelessness and environmental impact is plaguing Los Angeles and other cities around the world. These problems require herculean effort with both the private sector and local government. We want to see if we can be helpful in any way.

Rapidly Growing Housing Crisis

We are undergoing a housing crisis with more than 580,000 unhoused people in America.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the population of unhoused people in California alone has increased 24.3% from 2018 to 2020.

The housing crisis is poised to worsen as massive conversational gaps exist between developers, real estate agents, and municipalities under the current infrastructure.


Zoning in on Real Estate Solutions

At Brick Work, we’re building a single source platform that provides environmentally friendly, cost effective, and sustainable housing solutions.


Our interactive digital map of major cities enables users to simply click on a property to figure out where one can and cannot build what.

We plan to offer developers actionable insights into how they can optimize land-use patterns and collaborate with real estate agents and municipalities to optimize the building of housing solutions in a $6.5 billion target market.

Our vision is for Brick Work to become the go-to platform when it comes to building housing solutions in all major cities.

The Foundation is Built

Our product has been adopted by public corporations such as CBRE ($32.61B market cap) and Marcus & Millichap ($1.69B market cap) alongside private companies such as Keller Williams and Compass.

Since 2020 We have experienced 80% gross revenue growth.

We Believe the Future of Housing Will Incorporate New Ways To Build Including 3D Printed Modular

Through the information provided by the Brick Work platform, our goal is to accelerate the adoption of new construction technology, which includes 3D printed modular buildings -- which we believe to be the future of housing.

Join Us On Our Journey

The last three years have allowed us to build our foundation and garner our proof of concept. Now, we seek to raise funds in the hopes of accelerating our growth and share in the success.

We believe the housing crisis is a shared concern for many people. That’s why we’re inviting you to get in on the ground floor by becoming a stakeholder in Brick Work.

This way, you can grow with us as we work together towards solving the housing crisis in America – together.