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Our goal is to be the #1 breath mint in the US with $375M in sales of 125M bottles at 400K stores


reserved of a $50,000 goal
Priced Round
$45M pre-money valuation


Our popping breath mints are the best breath mints ever. They're fun, flavorful, and functional.
Zinc helps NEUTRALIZE gas. Popping helps ACTIVATE saliva. Pieces help SCRUB mouth.
Previously, breathROX sold $3M on HSN/QVC/Facebook. We have the Facebook database of 30K customers.
We acquired breathROX during the pandemic to update the brand and launch to 500K+ retail locations.

Our Team


Pop Rocks.

You're smiling.

You can't help it. You instantly remember how fun they are.

The sound. The explosion. The flavor.

It's a party in your mouth.

breathROX are grown up Pop Rocks.

And just as fun.

breathROX make you smile.

And clean your smile, too.

breathROX are Pop Rocks with purpose.

Potent flavors + popping action = fantastic experience!

Almost everyone who tries breathROX immediately says:


breathROX are breath taking AND breath cleaning.

Our first 3 flavors:

  • Cinnamon Explosion
  • Mint Burst
  • Watermelon Eruption

Like the spice of Red Hots? The sweetness of candy canes? The refreshment of watermelon?

That's breathROX.

More flavors are coming.

Warning: breathROX are pretty addictive.

(which is great for sales!)

What makes breathROX "pop"?

Carbon dioxide.

What makes breathROX "blast bad breath"?


Good ol' zinc. Every “body” needs it.

It's the second most common mineral in the body.

It's found in every cell.

It's also found in some of the best oral care products on the market:

SmartMouth, TheraBreath, and breathROX.

But only breathROX is fun, flavorful, and functional.

The pharmaceutical grade zinc in breathROX works by neutralizing the hydrogen sulfide gas that causes bad breath.

No gas means no odor.

Bye bye, dragon breath.

So with breathROX, now you can actually eliminate bad breath, not just mask it like gum and mints do.

But unlike other oral care products with zinc, our carbonated crystals essentially turbocharge the effectiveness of the zinc. 

Here’s how: the addictive, effervescent action of breathROX causes your saliva glands to activate, which makes your mouth water, spreading the zinc around to coat your mouth with odor-fighting power. Plus, our popping phenomenon physically scrubs your teeth and gums with this zinc-suspended saliva, thus increasing the oral dwell time of the zinc.

breathROX are literally mouth watering.

As an added bonus, this flood of saliva also helps to combat dry mouth. Saliva includes minerals that keep your teeth hard as well as digestive enzymes that clean the surface of your mouth. Over time, dry mouth can cause serious oral health issues. Yes kids, now you can tell your mom breathROX helps your health.

You could say breathROX are Pop Rocks on zinc ;)

In 1922, Hans Riegel, a German candy maker, invented gummy bears because he was frustrated with his dead-end job working for someone else.

In 1997, Hero Nutritionals added vitamin C to this chewy treat and created the first gummy vitamin, Yummi Bears.

Now, gummies are fun + flavorful + functional.

The rest is billion-dollar history.

In 1956, William Mitchell, a food chemist at General Foods, was trying to create carbonated Kool-Aid to compete with Coke and Pepsi. His “failure” ended up as Pop Rocks. He aimed for the stars and landed on the moon. He also invented Cool Whip, Jell-O, and Tang.

In 2013, Lynn Hesson, a former executive with Pop Rocks, added zinc to this carbonated treat and created the first popping breath mint, breathROX. He also invented the process to add popping candy to chocolate, ice cream, and yogurt. You may have seen his collaborations with Dairy Queen, HERSHEY'S, Taco Bell, etc.

Now, "popping rocks" are fun + flavorful + functional.

Zinc isn’t the only ingredient that our partner Lynn Hesson is able to deliver via this popping platform. He’s pioneered carbonated crystals as a delivery system for several ingredients. This creates opportunities for breathROX to launch other products that take advantage of this fun, effective transmucosal approach.

First gummies went medical and now "popping rocks".

Some call this “candyceuticals”.

We call it progress.

And you can be a part of it.

For 35 years, Guthy-Renker has generated billions via infomercials.

Their Proactiv skin care product line alone generates over $1 billion per year.

Their handful of other beauty and fitness brands generate another billion.

Guthy-Renker knows infomercials.

Despite the challenges of selling large, expensive packages of bad breath treatment via home shopping informercials, a company backed by Guthy-Renker was able to generate millions in sales. However, they ultimately figured out they could not sell hundreds of millions in breathROX through infomercials.

They figured breathROX needed to be sold in small, inexpensive containers in stores to make it a home run.

They don't know retail.

So they sold it to us.

Their trash. (Y)our treasure.

Now you can be part of the breathROX explosion.

breathROX, and its predecessors, 32 Oral Care and ev32, were featured on Home Shopping Network (HSN) and QVC many times over several years. They were sold in large, expensive variety packs. Over $2.3 million in sales were generated on HSN and QVC.

Yes, pretty impressive.

Here are just a few of the airings for you to watch:

Yes, something so fun, flavorful, and functional was actually called "32 Oral Care" and "ev32".

Yes, not very retail or consumer friendly. But hey, at least you now know that humans have 32 teeth!

To be fair, they were branded by a very prominent celebrity dentist, so he understandably focused on the science, not the sizzle.

To help with the credibility of using popping candy to fight bad breath, they were referred to as "fresh breath crystals" and were sold in Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Fancy, but not the ideal positioning or market.

breathROX were never sold mass market to hundreds of millions of Americans.

Until now.

$750,000 of large, expensive breathROX variety packs were sold online via Facebook ads.

Yes, once again it's pretty impressive that 30,000 people paid for a big box of breath mints they hadn't even tried yet. In fact, over 1,500 of them placed multiple orders.

Yes, we have that database of customers and will invite them to participate in breathROX 2.0.

Yes, breathROX will still be available online in bulk.

But first, consumers need to try breathROX in an easy, inexpensive way.

That's why we're here with you.

After they love breathROX, they can stock up online.

We're unlocking the power of thousands of retail locations to give millions of Americans that easy, inexpensive first try.

So they can enjoy that "wow" moment.

We've helped launch several products. We also helped create some of them.

We've generated millions in sales with Cashel, Crest Whitestrips, Hydroderm, Ignite, Instant Green Tea, Muscleology, OHT Peptide 3, StriVectin, TanTowel, Vyotech Nutritionals, Zantrex-3, etc.

We're bringing that expertise to breathROX.

Mints and gum are sold practically everywhere.

There's a reason why the "Global Mouth Freshener Market" was $18.2 billion in 2022.

It's projected to be $33.4 billion in 2032.

There hasn't been a new national breath mint brand in 25+ years. The last one was Ice Breakers in 1996.

This market is way overdue for innovation.

breathROX plans to take advantage of this market explosion.

There are over 388,000 locations in the US that would be a great home for breathROX:

  • 41,000+ Liquor Stores
  • 57,000+ Pharmacies
  • 63,000+ Grocery Stores
  • 74,000+ Coffee Shops
  • 153,000+ Convenience Stores

Did you know Convenience Stores conduct 165 million transactions per day? That's the equivalent of 1 transaction per day for 80% of American adults. Think of all the bad breath breathROX could conquer each day when we're at the cash register.

breathROX are also a great addition at airports, Big Box retailers, bookstores, car washes, colleges, gift shops, kiosks, movie theaters, online retailers, tobacco shops, and in vending machines.

That's probably 500,000 potential locations for breathROX.

Bottom line: breathROX should be available anywhere mints and gum are sold.

And you can help.

We've joined "the leading product discovery, sourcing, and purchasing platform where retailers and suppliers discover, connect, and grow their business." This gives breathROX direct and efficient access to the category buyers at 15,000+ retailers, including these major companies:

We're shipping samples to these buyers. Imagine their reaction when they try breathROX. Our inbox might explode with purchase orders.

We'll also meet many of these vendors in person at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) tradeshow in August 2023, the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) tradeshow in October 2023, and the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) tradeshow in October 2023.

We've upgraded the branding to make it more Social Media and retail-friendly.

We've also increased the servings per bottle by 20%. By using a taller bottle, we've upgraded from 10 servings (10 grams total) to 12 servings (12 grams total).

Our target audience are high school and college-aged people.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube are ideal ways to reach them.

And an ideal way to spread the breathROX story.

breathROX are fun, unique, tasty, exciting, inexpensive, and shareable.

These ingredients make breathROX a potential viral sensation.

Sharing videos of people trying breathROX, kissing with breathROX, dancing to the popping of breathROX, etc. could generate millions of views and millions of dollars worth of advertising.

A couple YouTube videos for Harry Styles' "Watermelon Sugar" have over 500 million views. Match our watermelon flavor with all of that musical momentum and that's a recipe to blast breathROX into the stratosphere.

breathROX are perfect for the ASMR trend.

We have relationships with several people with large Social Media followings to help create the breathROX explosion.

Plus, having thousands of breathROX shareholders like you spreading the word on Social Media is also a powerful catalyst for tremendous growth.

That's what we're here to tap into.

We'll be the next Tic Tac with your help on TikTok.

Products manufactured oversees can have a lot of quality control issues. Plus, they're subject to supply chain issues that American-made products don't have.

breathROX are made in America. Wisconsin to be exact. This helps us control quality and safety. This also helps us manage the surge in orders we expect to have with your help. Plus, this helps our credibility with international markets, as they appreciate, and will pay a premium for, Made in the USA.

Our factory has achieved a prestigious, highest level Safe Quality Food (SQF) Site Certificate, which demonstrates we meet the rigorous requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This designation is essential for the majority of major retailers to carry breathROX.

Makes you want to sing "Born in the USA!" :)

Specifically, breathROX are primarily sweetened with isomalt, which is the only sugar replacer made from sugar beets. Isomalt is 100% sugar-free and even helps to prevent tooth decay. Isomalt is used in many food applications and is the #1 sugar replacer in hard candies. Lettuce turnip the beet on breathROX!

Our new website, is coming soon. When it launches, everyone will be able to order breathROX before we're at a store near them.

Please sign up for updates at

As shareholders, you should also know about our hurdles.

breathROX are not cheap to make because:

  • Our sugar-free sweetener, isomalt, is expensive.
  • The manufacturing process is time consuming and tedious.
  • breathROX must be stored in air tight containers to keep them fresh.

This means our MSRP is $3.75 per container.

Yes, this is higher per serving when compared to inferior products like mints and gum.

However, mints and gum are not as effective as breathROX and don't have the fun experience of breathROX.

We don't use camouflage like mints and gum do. We solve problems with chemistry.

breathROX are FUNctional.

We're selling effectiveness AND an experience.

Consumers will pay a premium for this combo.

Starbucks did something similar, which created a massive market for higher priced coffee.

Red Bull did something similar, which created a massive market for higher priced soft drinks

breathROX plans to do the same.

As we grow, our economies of scale will improve, which will help us lower our MSRP to make breathROX more accessible to more people.

breathROX for all!

You can help us with this growth.

And be rewarded for it.


Then Diet Coke.


Then Honey Nut Cheerios.


Coming soon: breathROX natural

Currently, the original breathROX is sugar-free.

breathROX are sweetened primarily with isomalt and some sucralose.

Some people prefer artificial sweeteners. Some prefer natural sweeteners.

So we're giving people a choice.

We're adding a new product to our family as part of this crowdfunding campaign.

breathROX natural is sweetened with sugar.

With only a 1/2 gram of sugar per serving, breathROX natural is just 2 calories.

Because breathROX natural is less expensive to produce, we're naturally passing on the savings to consumers. This helps overcome the high cost of isomalt in breathROX original.

Both products are the same price, but breathROX natural is 25% larger.

Talk about bang for the buck!

Or is it pop for the penny? ;)

Crest. Colgate. Listerine.

Old. Boring. Outdated.

It's time for better dental products.

After we conquer the checkout aisle, we'll expand to the oral care isle.

breathROX toothpaste and breathROX mouthwash will be a breath of fresh air to stagnant product categories.

Products build on our popping delivery system platform, such breathROX popping oral probiotics, will grow new markets with innovation.

Our unique product is a platform to improve oral care.

Fun. Flavorful. Functional.

Our popping breath mints are the Trojan Horse to bring more products to store shelves.

More products = more sales.

And as a shareholder, you'll benefit as we blow up the oral care market.

In March 2023, Emergen-C launched a new product: Emergen-C Crystals. They took their "popular effervescent powdered drink mix vitamin supplement and transformed it into a water-free popping powdered product!"

This is great news, as it adds credibility for popping products as a drug delivery technology to provide vitamins and minerals, like the zinc in breathROX, to our bodies.

When you see Emergen-C Crystals, you'll notice the "crystals" are smaller than the "rocks" found in breathROX or PopRocks. This is because Emergen-C Crystals are made with what the industry calls "fines", which don't explode like the "rocks" in breathROX, but rather have a gentler, sparkling effect.

  • PHASE 1 (Month 1): Manufacture sugar-free breathROX
  • PHASE 2 (Month 3): Launch crowdfunding campaign
  • PHASE 3 (Month 3): Launch distribution, e-commerce, social media ads
  • PHASE 4 (Month 7): Manufacture naturally sweetened breathROX
  • PHASE 5 (Month 9): Launch naturally sweetened breathROX
  • PHASE 6 (Month 12): Expand distribution
  • PHASE 7 (Month 12+): Launch complementary breathROX products

  • Inventory: $1.7M
  • Marketing: $1.1M
  • Operations: $800K
  • Management: $650K
  • R&D $150K
  • WeFunder $350K
  • Miscellaneous: $250K
  • TOTAL: $5M

Our accounting team, TaxDrop, and our legal team, CrowdCheck, have helped hundreds of companies with crowdfunding. They endorse our offering and will help keep us compliant each year. We're in good hands.

So what's in it for you if breathROX blows up?

We expect, but can't guarantee, that you receive a positive ROI with breathROX. Our goal is to eventually pay dividends, go public, and/or get acquired. Of course, there's no guarantee of success and there's a lot of risk.

We're raising up to $5M for 10% of breathROX, which equals a pre-money valuation of $45M.

However, our valuation has an important caveat: our investors get paid their principal back plus 200% before our co-founders receive their share. This is an uncommon benefit that should be factored into our valuation. We want to reward our investors by returning their investment first plus 200%, then equally sharing in the remaining funds. Even if we sold for half our crowdfunding valuation, you would still triple your money.

To accomplish this, you’ll receive preferred stock, which provides these benefits over the shares held by the co-founders if these situations occur:

  • Dividend: You'll receive dividend payments that equal your original investment plus 200% before our co-founders receive their dividend payments. When you recoup 300% of your investment, you’ll receive dividends based on your percentage of ownership.
  • Public Offering: You’ll receive a payment equal to your original investment plus 200%. You'll also receive ownership of the public company based on your percentage of ownership.
  • Acquisition: You'll receive a payment equal to your original investment plus 200%, less any dividends paid, and a payment equal to your percentage of ownership. For example, if breathROX is acquired for $300M and investors in this crowdfunding round still own 10%, then they would first receive their $5M back plus $10M and then receive 10% of the remaining $285M for a total return of $43.5M.

If we all do our part, maybe a company like Ferrero, Hershey, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, or Perfetti Van Melle will want breathROX to be a part of their family.

For as little as $100, you can become a breathROX shareholder. You'll share in our financial upside.

You'll also receive a 6-pack of breathROX so you can enjoy the experience of all 3 fantastic flavors.

Of course, we'll update you frequently on our efforts to build a national brand. It will be educational and entertaining. Hey, you might even be inspired to start your own business!

We want you to put the "share" in "shareholder"

breathROX might be one of the easiest products in history to share.

It's almost impossible to find someone who doesn't like Pop Rocks.

So who will say "no" to a chance to try some "popping breath mints"?

Almost no one.

They're fun. They're flavorful. They're functional.

Plus, they're sugar-free. They're calorie-free. They're allergen-free.

And they're cheap.

Almost anyone can afford breathROX.

Share breathROX and in 10 seconds your friend will say "WOW"!

One of the easiest sales in history.

Your passion for breathROX is more important than your money.

For many crowdfunding projects, there's not much a shareholder can do to really help grow the business. But with breathROX, every person is a potential customer and nearly every retail location is a potential partner. You just need to share the product and let the popping do the pitching.

Please email us at [email protected] if you know the owner/manager of a retail location.

Please share the breathROX experience so we can all share in the home run experience of owning a national brand.

breathROX are about to blow up.

You can join the adventure for as little as $100.

Come enjoy the explosion.

Imagine the potential of breathROX when we go from a few average channels to thousands of optimal channels with our updated branding.

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