Boyish Records

Experimentation hub of art and tech focused on artist ownership and education

Last Funded July 2020


raised from 62 investors


Building a hub for the intersection of the arts and tech, based in Oakland.
Building software that connects artist and audience in an immersive way that's not been done before
Building a record label from the ground-up, built for the empowered artist of the future.
Be a part of an album launch - ASTU's debut album in Fall 2020.

Our Team

We believe in the power of artists to create positive change in our culture - strengthening empathy and community within society. This is needed more now than ever. However, we find artists are in need of more tools to create sustainable career pathways for themselves. We're here to help empower more artists and strengthen our communities.

We need more well-fed artists.

Artists weave the cultural fabric of society.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley reflect the most powerful entrepreneurial infrastructure in the world; artists are entrepreneurs, yet lack the startup infrastructure to have more well-fed artists than starving artists.

Boyish Records is the bridge between artists and technology, based in Oakland.