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🐕 Our mission: Safe, healthy & holistic pet goods to proactively protect pups from teeth to tail
💰 Massive market opportunity: $100B industry poised to triple by 2030
🚀 Early sales successes: From $5K/mo to $4M/year in sales in first 30 months of business operation
🚀 2022 Successes: Gross Sales of over $5.1M. Operating Income positive for FY '22

Our Team

Why Bow Wow Labs?

Bow Wow Labs is creating a platform for the 45 million homes that consider their dogs part of their family, with their innovative line of life-protecting safety devices and products that promote and support a dog’s overall health, wellness and happiness

In a post-pandemic world where more Americans than ever are proud pet parents, the market for our products is in great demand and rapidly expanding. The industry reaching over $100B in 2021, according to a Morgan Stanley study, is expected to exceed $300B by 2030. Bow Wow Labs, founded on the promise of protecting pet's health and safety, was launched in 2018, with a Kickstarter proof of concept where we came in a top 10 out of 600 pet companies in the previous decade.

The company launched shortly thereafter and in 30 straight months of double- digit growth rapidly expanded from $5K per month in sales to $4M in the next 30 months following the Kickstarter campaign. In August of 2022, we were awarded Best Emerging Pet Brand at the SuperZoo trade show. We exceeded $500,000 in monthly revenue in October 2022, and monthly revenue exceeded $600,000 in both of November and December.

Here's a few stats to explain why:

In addition to our own Direct to Consumer channel, we’re already leveraging,, the Meta channels and a growing wholesale channel through America’s independent and small chain stores.

In time for the 2022 holiday buying season, we launched our first International sales channel live in Canada, and we plan to expand into additional internet and wholesale channels, including big box stores, throughout 2023.

Our goal is to build a multi- $100M dollar company by the end of the decade and we are well on our way.

Founded and built by a team of passionate pet parents, we are on a mission to develop and provide dog owners with safe, healthy & holistic pet goods to proactively protect their beloved pups from teeth to tail. Just like you, our team members are among the 45+ million homes across the U.S. that consider their dogs to be family.

Our company started after Finn, our founder’s border collie, choked on a bully stick end. That led to the Bow Wow Buddy, our champion product, developed solely to protect dogs from this all-too-common incident in fact, over 200 thousand dogs experience choking incidents each year in the US alone due to bully sticks!

We knew that other pet owners would want to know about the potential danger posed by their dog’s favorite chews, and hot dog we were right! From there, we’ve spent countless hours in product development, testing, and working with pet nutrition experts, veterinarians, and dogs of all shapes and sizes to create a line of pet products focused only on the holistic safety and well being of our most loyal companions.

Pet owners worldwide can relate instantly to our love, passion, and ever-extending mission to create new and better products to promote your dog’s safety, physical health, and emotional well being. We’re thrilled to bring more passionate pet parents into the world of Bow Wow Labs!

As far as our plans for the future, the Bow Wow Buddy is only the beginning. As more pet owners discover our mission, and become aware of the potential health and safety issues our pets face with some popular mainstream products, the faster we can grow our mission, and our company. Our team is leading the way in pet product innovations, including nutrition-based treats, pet-specific safety products, and much more. We're moving fast, and we're thrilled to be able to take you along with us.

Dogs and their humans alike love Bow Wow Labs! 

The following 4 key metrics evidence this and are off the chart!

Few companies, let alone pet companies, achieve these types of results. Customers are barking for more products - and we're listening. Our launch product, the Bow Wow Buddy™ (formerly known as the Bully Buddy) is a life protecting safety device that protects dogs from choking and swallowing whole, that last inch of a dog’s favorite long-term chew, the bully stick. Bully sticks are an $800M segment of the pet consumable market and the hazard of choking and intestinal obstruction impacts over 200,000 dogs each year.

This is a real risk that occurs every time you give a dog a bully stick, unprotected.

The marriage of the Bow Wow Buddy safety device and bully sticks form the foundation of our device and consumable model, think razors and blades and printers and ink.

To expand on that model we are upgrading the Bow Wow Buddy to securely and safely hold other long-term chew options. Most importantly, we are launching what we believe can be the #1 chew in the world, the Epic Chew™.

Epic Chews mimic the properties of bully sticks in duration, nutrition and taste—but better. They are a highly digestible manufactured chew made from whole foods, that are gluten and grain free. They also fit perfectly into the Bow Wow Buddy for safe chewing.

Like bully sticks, Epic Chews are highly palatable, higher in protein and low in fat. Epic Chews also have a similar chew duration as bully sticks taking approximately 20-25 minutes for most dogs to chew.

Unlike bully sticks, we can produce Epic Chews on demand, avoiding the supply chain issues that we are seeing globally.

Epic Chews will be available in multiple varieties, each infused with supplements, vitamins, and antioxidants to address and support different bodily systems including the nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system and more.

After nearly 18 months of R&D, the Epic Chew is ready to come to market. We have filed the patent and are ready to order the production molds. If the bully stick market is approaching 1 billion dollars we believe the Epic Chew market could be as large.

The Benefits of Investing in Bow Wow Labs:

With projected revenue of over $100 million by 2027, by any measurement, Bow Wow Labs is considered a hot startup. Most individuals never get the opportunity to invest in a company like ours, at this stage of growth and with so much potential. The time to invest in Bow Wow Labs is now!

Bow Wow Labs has tens of thousands of customers that swear by our products, and preach the importance of our line of safety devices. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and 4.6 stars on Google, the reviews speak for themselves.

Bow Wow Labs has been featured in some of the biggest media outlets out there, including:

Dental Products: Our recently launched patented toothbrush and toothpaste gel will be a gateway to a full array of dental products, supporting oral health and our overall mission.

Supplements: Being an amazing long-term chew, the Epic Chew will also be our first step into the $800M market of pet nutraceuticals. Supplements are no longer just for humans. This opportunity is huge and we are already in development for a whole line of dog-specific supplements. All of this falling under our wellness umbrella and supporting our mission as a company.

Wags to Wellness: Our educational platform, via a newsletter, provides pet parents information about nutrition, offers health tips, training advice, lifestyle recommendations, recipes and more. This newsletter also highlights interviews between our Clinical Pet Nutritionist and a variety of holistic, integrative veterinarians, dog trainers and other professionals in the pet space. This platform will be the springboard to our launch of the Nutrition and Wellness Center that will be an interactive database and resource center for pet parents.

Expansion of Long Term Chews: To compliment the Bow Wow Buddy, we are developing an entire line of long term chews that fit securely within the safety device. Our first branch of this product expansion, Collagen Sticks, was launched in September 2022. Epic Chews will be the next addition with yak cheese sticks, antlers, and more planned to follow in early 2023.

Bow Wow Now: Bow Wow Labs offers a subscription service for all of its consumables which drives significant recurring revenue, and will be adding numerous additional benefits to membership in the future.