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$15M valuation cap


Proven Traction: $20M in sales since 2018
Exciting Growth Outlook: $8M Revenue and 4k new retail doors in 2024 projected
Sold in Major Retailers: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and many others (in 13,000+ doors total)
National Visibility: Viral episode on Shark Tank (Season 10, Episode 4)

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Join our mission to help people breathe better.

Your nose is incredibly powerful. By simply breathing through your nose (vs. mouth):

  • You get more oxygen into your body (18% more on average)
  • You facilitate the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the tissues
  • You filter and humidify the air which maintains the health of your immune system

So why do we only think about our nose when it's clogged, runny, or when something smells bad?!

Why isn’t there an everyday product with clean and simple ingredients that you can use to support nasal breathing, help you feel refreshed, and that doesn’t remind you of being sick?

Stale Market

The global inhalation and nasal spray industry is estimated to be at $30+ billion. It's an old, boring, and sleepy category that hasn't seen innovation in years and is being dominated by legacy brands.

Oh, and most of the ingredients in these older products include harsh chemicals and drugs (ie. levmetamfetamine, propylhexedrine, and oxymetazoline).

Let's exhale that stale air and try something new.

That’s where BoomBoom comes in:

  • We are the daily-use nasal stick to help people breathe better and feel refreshed - it’s not just for when you’re sick!
  • We are the nasal stick that has multiple flavors/scents - each of our sticks contains a proprietary blend of essential oils + menthol that are perfectly formulated for your nasal passages. 
  • Trying BoomBoom for the first time is an experience. Most people are surprised and delighted by the invigorating cooling vapors and how much it can help with congestion.
  • FUN FACT: Your sense of smell is tied to memory! We have a growing list of customers reporting back how they’ve incorporated their BoomBoom stick into a daily routine to encourage nasal breathing so they can feel their best (athletes, professionals, Uber drivers, students, airplane passengers, medical providers, concert goers... and the list goes on).

Clean and simple ingredients are at the foundation of our business and principles. We believe in the power of plants and essential oils. We believe in living mindfully and harnessing the benefits of nasal breathing to feel our best.  

BoomBoom’s Bright Future

We’ve been head down creating an entirely new category and educating consumers for 10 years and the market's nasal breathing awareness has never been higher

Look no further than the New York Times bestseller "Breath" by James Nestor, where he delves into the new science behind nasal breathing and its profound benefits.

It's also worth mentioning the recent popularity of using mouth tape during sleep (big fans here at BoomBoom). This simple, yet highly effective tool, encourages nasal breathing while sleeping, transforming people's rest and wellbeing.

Our aspiration for BoomBoom is to emerge as the next prominent everyday carry item, serving as both an advocate for and a constant reminder of nasal breathing.

Think lip balm, gum, mints, or eye drops… but for your nose! We're on a mission to ensure BoomBoom finds a place in every retail store and drive our business forward towards this objective every day.

Our Breath-Taking Story

Growing up, our CEO John was a mouth breather. Literally.

John suffered from allergies and nasal drip in his youth. After a basketball injury to the face, he finally underwent nasal surgery for a deviated septum to breathe better. However, after years of habitual mouth breathing, the switch to nasal breathing wasn’t as automatic as he expected.

After trying a nasal stick for the first time, he was completely shocked by how it stimulated his neglected nasal passages and opened up his airway. To his surprise, the cooling and refreshing vapors made him feel more alert and present.

John was thrilled to introduce this product to his community. He collaborated with US scientists to develop an enhanced, safer, and more powerful version, BoomBoom, which he presented on Shark Tank in 2018.

With support from our team and incredibly loyal customers, BoomBoom is now the #1 reviewed nasal stick on Amazon and sold in ~13,000 retail doors across the US!

What our customers are saying:

The journey into retail has been exciting! We are working with some of the biggest retail partners in the world and have new opportunities coming our way each month. 

With a strong omnichannel sales model, we are meeting customers where they shop.

Over the years, we've uncovered that BoomBoom is a compelling impulse item which has driven our focus on retail expansion and getting "sticks in hands!" We know when people experience our product, they like it... they're intrigued and excited... and tell their friends about it.

We're driving meaningful incremental sales for our distribution partners and are on pace to nearly double our retail sales dollars again this year (2024 actual data is through Q1).

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We now have the infrastructure in place to scale and will continue building this company with a focus on:

  1. Profit 
  2. Growth
  3. Being the daily-use nasal stick category creator and leader
Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We view retail as the primary catalyst for significant growth in the upcoming years, leveraging our online expertise to attract new customers and get them to physical stores looking for BoomBoom.

Why are we opening up this investment opportunity?

The answer is simple: to accelerate our growth as a company and to share the upside of our success with our supporters by allowing them to invest and reap the benefits with us! 

We have a proven track record and process to expand into retail, but we need to add fuel to the fire and the time is now.

Historically throttled only by inventory financing, now is a perfect time to invest at a reasonable valuation with 10x potential.

What will your investment be used for?

  • Working Capital (inventory & sales expenses)
  • Marketing & Advertising (online & in-store) 
  • Key Sales & Marketing Hires

*See the "Details" tab for more info.

Why should you invest?

BoomBoom is an amazing tool that gets people to think about this “new concept” of nasal breathing in a unique way and encourages a daily routine.

Our company is proven and prepared to unlock massive growth in retail. We’re off to a profitable start in Q1 2024, with a net income of $22,605 and revenue at $1,506,594.

Being able to win on-shelf and continue to grow distribution is our focus right now. Your investment will ensure that we can execute at the highest level, deploy meaningful in-store merchandising initiatives, and get BoomBoom into as many hands as possible.

We hope you join us on our mission to help the world breathe better!