A Live Interactive Trivia App where fans can win products from major Brands

Last Funded September 2023




The Quiz Daddy himself Scott Rogowsky is one of many celebrities that will host live events on Booji
Downtown Julie Brown, Former MTV VJ, is our Sr. Advisor for the Music and Entertainment Industry
We have partnered with iHeart Media, The US's largest media company
Price Waterhouse Cooper, expects revenues for the media & ent. industry to reach $2.6T by 2023.

Our Team


  • Brand and Influencer giveaways are difficult to perform at scale on current social media platforms due to their limiting features for live and post-event logistics. 
  • Currently, holding live streaming contests requires the use of many apps and third-party technology partners. Brands and influencers do not have the time and resources to pull together such technologies into a seamless easy-to-use platform in order to hold these live events.
  • Most streaming apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter do not have the necessary feature sets built into their platforms to conduct live interactive contests where skill-based tasks are given in order to ultimately derive at a winner(s).
  • Giving away products from a brand or brand sponsor poses post-event logistics which become unmanageable for many influencers. ex. Asics shoes is sponsoring a live event on Instagram to give away a 1,000 pairs of shoes in some sort of creative contest. Post-event, gathering the size, color & style from the 1,000 winners is logistically a nightmare using the DM feature on Instagram. 


Fan-centric experiential mobile gaming

Welcome to Booji — the premier mobile gaming platform that provides direct, gamified engagement opportunities between lifestyle brands, sports and music superstars; and their fans, enthusiasts, and aspirational customers.

Booji games are live-streamed and hosted by influential brand partners, iHeartRadio personalities, and trending celebrities. Players will be competing to win over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime VIP experiences and prizes — from private jet excursions to custom sneakers. Booji answers the call to anyone who can’t get tickets to a sold-out concert or game, doesn’t want to camp out for a hot designer sneaker drop, or dreams of a fabulous trip to Miami or VIP junket to Las Vegas.


The Booji app

Movie Trivia with Scott Rogowsky - aired live on 5/1/23

Video Game Trivia with Scott Rogowsky - aired live on 5/3/23

Star Wars Trivia with Scott Rogowsky - aired live on 5/4/23

We currently have a Beta iOS version of the app conducting live streaming events on select dates to the public. The app will be expanded dramatically to include an Android version with additional types of game play beyond trivia. features include a great UI/UX interface showcasing the world of “Booji”, and fresh culturally-relevant content hosted by guest celebrities and influencers in all genres. Led by best-in-class developers, Matchfire and world class live streaming experts from AWS/Twitch, we anticipate a full launch in June '23.

Future categories

Additional categories

Booji Perks & Rewards


We are ready to launch with incredible celebrity hosts, well known top brands and strategic partnerships

Brand partners


Brand-sponsored prizes offer compelling value

Brands are increasingly looking to the influencer community to endorse their products. What better way to connect with relevant fans (customers) then to have their favorite influencer give away products that the influencer is passionate about? The best endorsement of a product really comes through when the influencer, the brand, and the fan are all in alignment.

For example, you follow legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk because you are a skater at heart; for his upcoming event on Booji, his sponsor is giving away 100 pairs of Vans shoes to fans that can complete his Trivia contest. This is great for his sponsors as fans get to see the latest Vans shoes he is endorsing, and have fans have a chance at winning some great products in a live trivia contest that’s all about skateboarding.

Case study

Experiential Prize: Stacks cash giveaway including hotel and travel arrangements to Las Vegas courtesy of Resorts World and Allegiant Air.

Business model

Free-to-play games with a proven monetization model

Our live interactive mobile games are free-to-play and powered by micro-transactions. Every game has a grand prize that can range from thousands of dollars, to designer handbags, experiential events, VIP trips, celebrity meet & greets, backstage passes, and more. Additionally, in keeping with Booji’s credo that a player’s time is valuable, and every second counts, Booji will eventually reward users with Booji Tokens, a Crypto that can be earned based on their time spent playing among other activities. Further engagement will result in a player receiving daily digital prizes by simply logging in and playing.

While other free-to-play casual games give somewhat insignificant prizes for ad viewing or survey taking, Booji can offer stunning prizes due to the volume of play channeled by our best-in-class marketing partners, including Rogers & Cowan PMK, industry leading experts in branding, marketing, social media marketing, public relations and advertising. We are not a casino or a sweepstakes. We offer games of skill and real prizes that our 13 to 40+ demographic aspires to and craves.


According to the latest Newzoo study, the global mobile game revenue has grown to $68.5 billion and it is estimated that by the end of 2022, that number will approach $76.7 billion, a 12% increase. Other important industry statistics:

  • 15% of publishers on Apple’s App Store and Google Play are game publishers, approximately 108,000.
  • Mobile games account for 33% of all app downloads, 74% of consumer spend, and 10% of all time spent in-app.
  • By the end of 2019, almost one-third of the global population (2.4 billion) will play mobile games.
  • It is estimated by App Annie that consumers will spend 674 billion hours on mobile devices this year.
  • 50% of all mobile app users play games, making it as popular as music apps and second only to social media apps in relation to time spent.
  • It is anticipated that advancements in 5G and cloud gaming will enable massive expansion opportunities in the mobile gaming market. Also anticipated is that hyper casual and casual gaming will establish themselves as their own market segment within the mobile gaming industry.
  • Most importantly, 2022 was the year where studios began merging user acquisition and monetization strategies to have a deeper and better understanding of each individual user by adopting a unified, singular macro approach to game design and development. This convergence of marketing and strategy with user experience and product design makes for a more robust, all-encompassing gameplay experience for users who want more from their mobile games.
  • Given that many of Booji’s gaming elements provide both a hyper-casual gaming element for basic users and story-driven gaming elements for more dedicated fans who leverage the Fan Cave and Boojitopia experiences to their fullest, Booji is primed to take advantage of these emerging market trends of convergence and user personalization in a heads-on, comprehensive fashion.
  • Recent articles in Forbes explored the resilience of the gaming industry, including the casual and mobile aspects, through the last recession of 2008 and into the current pandemic. Relevant data points to increased ad revenues for games, increased conversion from free players to paying users, and an increase in the number of apps that mobile gamers are installing. As brands curb ad spending in other areas, they tend to increase it in the mobile gaming space.


  • HQ Trivia: Although HQ trivia was not designed as a user-generated content platform, it does attract a similar competitive end user. 
  • Jebbit: The platform creates interactive experiences that capture first-party data. The platform creates personalized consumer journeys that generate leads & increase sales for its brand partners.
  • Rocket Content: Ion is a code-free platform that allows marketers to increase results by creating interactive quizzes, calculators, ebooks, white papers, infographics, landing pages and other formats in a just a few hours.
  • CashQuiz: is a live game show app by Jyagdi LLC where you can play trivia quiz game show with Thousands of other users to earn money online.

Vision & Strategy

The Booji platform is intended to be an incentivized gamification app that grows organically due to brand partner ad promotions and fan galvanization, and in so doing, produces opportunities within the ecosystem for new revenue streams. We anticipate that some of these new sources of revenue for Booji could include artist merchandise sales, VIP fan pre-sale event ticketing, and evolving gamification that can create new ad delivery mechanisms. Beyond the typical revenue drivers, Booji has planned to slow build into a fully convergent immersive app that will involve micro-betting on its own independent blockchain sportsbook, as well as full integration into AR/VR and digital ecospheres.

Booji will focus on our core revenue drivers per our roadmap, but we will always remain opportunistic with respect to the shifting market and new opportunities that will naturally result from engagement and interaction within the robust Booji ecosystem. This especially includes anticipating the acquisition or creation of patented or patent-pending technology that makes our tech offering unique from potential competitors, now or in the future.

In Q4 of 2023, Booji plans to launch BoojiGO, an ongoing live-streamed series of play-to-win games/events featuring top tier iHeartRadio talent hosting trivia-based games/events. BoojiGO Players/ users will be playing to win VIP experiences at our AEG managed venues, featuring our Live Nation managed talent.

In Q1 of 2024, BoojiGO will be expanded to include enhanced fancentric experiential play-to-win opportunities featuring SoFi Stadium as well as concerts and games at all of our brand partner related venues. 

With the continued success of the platform, Booji live experiences will continue to evolve through partnerships with A-list creatives, immersion in the multi-verse and the AR/VR community, expansion into immersive original programming, such as visual albums and short-form pop-ups, as well as embracing 5G technology as the industry continues to evolve.

The key differentiator in our platform is to staying true to rewarding the fans with connectivity and gamified immersive fancentric experiential opportunities to win awards fans can’t get elsewhere, all centered in finding unique ways to merge the physical and digital worlds.


Past seed funding rounds;

  • February 2020 SAFE Round 1, Total Raised = $704,000
  • June 2021 SAFE Round 2, Total Raised = $740,000


Booji is an innovative, fancentric, immersive casual mobile gaming content app focused on providing experiential, prize-winning value to entertainment, music, sports, and casual gaming fans. These prizes range from basic free items to once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the broad world of entertainment.