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Last Funded January 2024


raised from 80 investors


300 podcasts; 130M annual downloads; 500 hosts and creators.
State-of-the-art content studio at the Wynn Las Vegas.
$12.6M investment raised to date.
On track for projected $8.4M in revenue in 2023; Growing at a CAGR of 104% last 4 years.

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Our Team

One of the fastest-growing businesses in podcasting

Blue Wire was founded and built around the concept that independent podcasts would be more successful as a network.

Today, Blue Wire is a top 20 global podcast company, as measured by monthly unique audio downloads and number of contributing shows.

Over the past two years, Blue Wire has grown by 68% in revenue and more than 100% in network size. 2023 has been a year focused on efficiency and optimization to reach profitable growth in 2024.

Note: future projections on the slide above aren't guaranteed

We work to empower our creators and allow them to focus on the fun -- creating content -- while we focus on the business of monetizing their shows. We believe that financial and creative independence are the core metrics of success for creators.

Who we work with

Our Podcasters

Our diverse network of creators with varying backgrounds is what makes Blue Wire unique.

  • Athletes and celebrities choose us to go to market with their content and generate net new revenue while maintaining their independence.
  • Full-time content creators partner with us to grow their small businesses.
  • Creators whose secondary business is podcasting work with us because we provide them a deeper level of support than they get elsewhere.
  • Side Hustlers work with us because we consistently monetize and legitimize their content, which has allowed them to upgrade their recording equipment or travel to events they otherwise would have missed.

Our sports coverage is robust, but our content extends into business, wellness, and pop culture. We have strong coverage in the top content verticals: NFL, NBA, NCAA and Fantasy & Gambling.

Our creator retention is also unparalleled. Since 2020, we have less than 2% podcaster churn.

It is this full-circle relationship and service Blue Wire provides that has us encouraged for the future of our business and podcasting.

Our Advertisers

Brands, like creators, return to Blue Wire because of the positive experience they have working with us.

Advertisers spend with Blue Wire because of the scale and diversity of content we offer as a “one-stop-shop” for media campaigns. We leverage our cross-platform media network ecosystem to deliver results for our partners.

Blue Wire is the connection between brands and creators, to customize, launch, and operate campaigns to ensure success.


  • 104% compound annual revenue growth rate (CAGR) since 2020.
  • 82% EBITDA margin improvement forecasted in 2023.
  • Positive EBITDA expected in October 2023.
  • Revenue growth rate forecasted at 25%+ per year post profitability.

Note: future projections on the slide above aren't guaranteed

We are a strategic asset

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing media forms and Blue Wire is a leader in the sports podcasting vertical. We are strongly positioned to be an alternative for old media.

Our content is digitally consumed across the top podcast platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. We provide a method for brands to reach consumers who are no longer consuming media in traditional forms.

Company History

  • 2018: Company was founded by Kevin Jones.
  • 2019: Built a localized network of 40+ independent creators.
  • 2020: $1M seed round in February; $4M Series-A round in December.
  • 2021: Wynn Resorts invests $3.5M, builds Blue Wire Studios, signs three-year partnership.
  • 2022: Surpassed 200 podcasts and 100 million annual downloads.
  • 2023: On track for $8.4M in revenue, 130M annual downloads, and profitability in 2024.

Use of Funds

Blue Wire is turning the corner toward profitability. This next round will fuel efficient revenue growth via team and software expansion.


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