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Aging at-home and telehealth solutions to keep seniors safe, healthy & connected

Last Funded April 2021


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$2M in recurring revenue. EBITDA positive. 5000 customers.
Planning to grow 4x next year based on existing agreements in hand (not guaranteed).
Veteran owned & operated. 14 Generals and Admirals on our advisory board.
Exploding telehealth market growing 64% this year.

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When I left the Navy, my parents, and my wife Maryellen's parents, were in their 70's, 80's, and 90's. My widowed aunt fell in her garage, broke a hip, and lay there for hours, and nearly died. The older generation is living longer-- what can we adult children do to make their golden years more golden? What is more important than our older parents?

Seniors are living longer. We want to make their golden years more golden.

The senior population is growing at five times the rate of the rest of us.  There are hundreds of cool new technologies to help them be Safe, Healthy, and Connected in their homes as they age. BlueStar provides a full suite of aging at-home solutions to help our beloved seniors stay in their homes, free and independent.  And now, those at-home solutions include remote patient monitoring, or RPM.

It all started when I was retiring from the Navy as a two-star admiral. Like everyone our age, my wife Maryellen and I were worried about our aging parents in their 70's, 80's and 90's. We were fortunate in that they were still around, and relatively healthy. But we worried about them, as they lived hours away. Were they safe?  Were they taking their medicines?  Would they have help in an emergency? Were they socially isolated?  So we decided to create a company to provide tech solutions to help seniors be Safe, Healthy, and Connected in their homes as they aged.

Maryellen with her parents Joan, 90, and Bill, 93 (WW2 Army vet).

We grew rapidly to 5,000 customers across the nation. We brought on lots of products and services to keep seniors Safe, Healthy and Connected. We grew our team. We developed sales efforts in DTC, in Retail, and through Channel Partners. We won the SBA Small Business of the Year Award in our region and an award for being the fastest-growing company in our industry. We were featured on local and national TV. We saved lives, and got letters from elderly clients saying, "you saved my life!".

For dozens of more customer testimonials, please see our "Team and Testimonials" PowerPoint, which is attached.

With BlueStar, you never need to worry that you or a loved one are unsafe or need help. Our top-rated monitoring center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide the highest level of safety. Whether it is a push of a button or an automated detection, our monitoring delivers help when it is needed.  In addition to these family-oriented products, we offer clinical remote patient monitoring, which is explained in more detail below.

We decided to make BlueStar SeniorTech a veteran-oriented company. My wife Maryellen's Dad was a World War 2 veteran, and my Dad was a Vietnam veteran. 21 members of my family had worn the uniform of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. So we decided to serve American seniors, and to be veteran-focused. We hired vets, and gave discounts to veteran families. We brought on 14 generals and admirals to be on our advisory board. We were certified by the Veterans Administration as a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Business. And we established an official IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity to provide free senior services to deserving elderly veterans and their spouses/widows.

Below is a one-minute video of Rob and Preston talking about founding the company.

Being a senior was tough before, but it's been tougher lately.  2020 has been about staying safe, avoiding nursing homes, and worrying about social isolation.  But it also meant relaxed rules about telehealth.

So we now focus on a particular form of senior technology in the home:  Remote Patient Monitoring, or RPM.  We provide hardware and software in a senior's home to measure health parameters to manage chronic conditions.   We can also monitor for Covid, and our nurse's interaction with at-home clients helps minimize social isolation.

We provide our remote patient monitoring under the brand name LifeLinx.  For more info, see, or watch the video below.

Below is a video describing LifeLinx.

Now we're growing faster than ever. And adding more value. Last month, we increased sales by nearly 20%.  Based on agreements in hand, we hope to quadruple in revenue next year, growing from $2 million to $8 million (disclaimer: forward-looking projections are not guaranteed). And our hypertension program is just starting up, which will add more fuel to the fire, because 100 million Americans suffer from hypertension, and only 50% of them have it under control.

We're seeking funding to help us take advantage of these opportunities.  We hope to raise $5 million in preferred equity in the spring of 2021, and are now raising up to $250,000 as a bridge to that round in convertible debt, which will convert at a discount.

Our goal: to grow to serve 100,000 American families with seniors-- to keep them Safe, Healthy, and Connected.  Seniors like your Mom and Dad, and ours.  After all, next to taking care of newborn children, what could be more important than taking care of our elderly Moms and Dads?

Below is a video with a 3-minute tour of our fabulous office.

Our mission is to keep American seniors Safe, Healthy, and Connected. Join us! Consider these 5 reasons why you may want to invest: 

1. Experience and traction.  5 years. 5000 customers. $2 M rev. Positive EBITDA.

2. The world is moving toward telehealth, and we're moving with it.  Specifically, RPM.

3. We're doing RPM under our LifeLinx brand, in two ways:  B2B, and DTC.  We have agreements in hand that we expect will quadruple our revenues in 2021 (although that can't be guaranteed.)

4. We hope to close a $5 M equity round in the spring to support these efforts.  We already have about $2.5 M pledged.

5. We seek your help in bridging us to that round, in the form of convertible debt which will convert at a 20% discount to that round.