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Invest in Blue Gold Works Inc.

Blue Gold Works is a Safe Water Enterprise that delivers impact at scale


BGW is one of those rare enterprises that generates revenue AND big impact at scale.
Satisfaction that comes with taking action to fix the global water crisis
Peace of mind that comes with aligning one's investments with one's values.
Our team has more than 95 years of domain appropriate experience for successful management of Blue Gold Works Inc.
Confidence in knowing that women-centric, entrepreneur-led enterprises perform better than Aid-led ventures.

Our Team

Created a value chain improvement program at automotive giant and implemented US$640 million dollars of savings in 18 months. Lynn is a serial social entrepreneur, recognized "Water Hero", and advocate of earth-friendly sustainable solutions.
Safe water is the antidote to Cholera, gender inequality in education, and the downward spiral of poverty in developing nations. I want to make a difference in the planet that I pass on to our children.
Co-Founder Blue Gold Works Ltd Ng, Marketing
Born and educated in Nigeria, Co-Founder of BlueGold Ltd Ng, Alex is an extraordinary marketeer and innovator with broad and deep connections to Africa.
Dr Eva Roberts Director Sierra Leone Moringa Pilot Farm
Dr. Eva Roberts is a surgeon who specializes in chronic waterborne illnesses. For a decade she has also recruited and trained women Moringa farmers, expanding their income and reducing waterborne illnesses in her community in Sierra Leone.