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5X revenue 2019-20. Currently over $590K+ in ARR with $0 marketing budget.
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SaaS Software continues to transform the world and this has become more apparent with COVID.
Bloomstack can now be given away for FREE and can be upgraded to cloud version when needed.

Our Team

Cannabis helped my dying father and countless others. Regulations & complex software are choking the industry. In 2017 I discovered the mess that was happening in the growing cannabis industry & knew I could deliver a solution helped cannabis operators thrive and help millions more people worldwide.


Invest In A Revolutionary Enterprise Software On Track To Disrupt The Industry.

Why should you invest in Bloomstack again?  This round is an opportunity for you to be a part of the next phase of our journey to disrupt enterprise software.  We need your support to take it to the next level.

SME Entrepreneurs face challenges to manage processes besides growing their business! Albeit an apt solution, access to Enterprise software is their major struggle. Its exorbitant cost and misleading per-user pricing model allow access only to highly-funded firms or large corporations. Also, any customization required, such as features to align with the internal workflows, solicits extra development costs. It would even take years to get a simple feature enabled. Again, if they ever want to avail servers or additional services, it will further increase the cost. 

The leading enterprise software companies do it primarily to ensure profits. Owing to that, entrepreneurs have to deal with ambiguous hidden charges, besides the hustle to grow their business. 

An alternative is to cobble together multiple software solutions and still pay $7k+ per month. 

Entrepreneurs should be given the chance to focus on their success more than the operations. Software solutions should help them in that process with no strings attached. 

Exploring any platform at their own pace, for even months, is their right. It would give them the headspace to discover the relevance or value of the software for their business. It will also help them understand the simplicity and ease of customization, thereby giving them more control. 

Bloomstack intends to give entrepreneurs that opportunity they truly deserve. We will offer them the software for FREE in the onboarding stage to help them evaluate the software before they spend money on it.

We have a new system ready in its final stages to be released. This new system uses Entity-Component-System (ECS), an advanced architectural pattern used in modern video game development, to ensure stability, performance, and simplicity so that the platform can go faster. It also reduces the cost of running the system. 

Accessibility. Flexibility. Performance. That is what makes the new planned update of Bloomstack awesome!

Eight months since the last round, with your help, we were able to address flaws in the original system. While we wanted to go to market and sign up clients, we found a challenge that we couldn't scale with it. 

We are excited to announce to our investors that we have been fixing those issues through the new system and are at the tail end of development.

Our goal is to give a million entrepreneurs access to enterprise software. It will help them thrive with Bloomstack and overcome the major complexities of enterprise software. Above all, it will be the only all-in-one suite that an entrepreneur will ever need to manage their business processes. 

We need your help to buy us the time required to complete rearchitecting the platform to make it the most revolutionary software solution ever!

Invest in us!

Our Progress In The Last 8 Months

OK… For our non-technical readers, this may be a bit geeky but bear with me, and the benefits will be clear. For our technical readers, we think you will be astounded by what our small team has delivered and by what we have more to come soon.

One quick definition to help everyone understand our recent detour: 


Wikipedia describes it accurately as…

“In software development, technical debt (also known as design debt or code debt) is the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy (limited) solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.

Analogous with monetary debt, if technical debt is not repaid, it can accumulate "interest", making it harder to implement changes. Unaddressed technical debt increases software entropy and cost of further rework. Similarly to monetary debt, technical debt is not necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes (e.g. as a proof-of-concept) is required to move projects forward. On the other hand, some experts claim that the "technical debt" metaphor tends to minimize the ramifications, which results in insufficient prioritization of the necessary work to correct it.

As a change is started on a codebase, there is often the need to make other coordinated changes in other parts of the codebase or documentation. Changes required that are not completed are considered debt, and until paid, will incur interest on top of interest, making it cumbersome to build a project. Although the term is used in software development primarily, it can also be applied to other professions.”

So, our detour was to REPAY the technical debt IN FULL with the  following advancements: 

1) We transformed the development environment.

It results in a 10X–30X improvement in development velocity. 

It was a MAJOR blocker to our scalability. As Bloomstack intends to be a very large platform with adaptability to client workflows, a key feature, the pace at which developers can work on the system, deliver new features, and fix bugs is critical.

Additionally, because TIME=MONEY, by saving 10X in time, we reduce costs by 10X as well. If Bloomstack had to quote $10,000 to deliver a feature 6 months ago, now we can deliver the same feature for $1,000 — a 90% reduction in cost!

Finally, this massive change will make onboarding new developers and those interested in our open source project much easier and with a lower learning curve.

2) The new architecture is based on ECS.

Entity Component Systems, which most modern, multiplayer video games are built on, offers higher performance and the greatest amount of flexibility.

It is a paradigm shift in how we code and manage our platform. Legacy systems’ usage of inheritance increased complexity for coders and restricted simultaneous addition of entities into the system. 

With the new architecture now, Bloomstack or our users can create custom solutions 10X faster.

3) The system can be distributed and installed on your personal computer.

The benefit is Bloomstack can allow companies to explore the system first before they pay for our services. 

Installing an enterprise platform cannot get any faster. Imagine installing the software in less than 15 seconds! Compare that to legacy systems that take anywhere between 1 hour to 15 days; also, system requirements can add to the complications.

This ease of installation will help Bloomstack increase the number of downloads globally. Now developers and entrepreneurs alike can install our platform on their systems regardless of operating system or configurations!

4) Users can build applications with no codes using the app builder. 

It’s a tool that will allow people to make mobile and desktop applications for their business without a developer.

DIY apps aren’t really new. But what’s new is the ability to create bespoke enterprise applications for one’s business. That’s what Bloomstack can do with the new app builder. 

Now, users can modify their Bloomstack system to suit their business needs and workflows. Above all, non-coders can do so without worrying about coding like magic. 

5) Launched new technologies that only exist only in Bloomstack. 

Technologies such as: 

  • Mycelia for developers networking
  • Bouquet for packaging apps 
  • Florist for building apps 
  • Stylesheet for CSS styling
  • BBscript for UI coding runtime script execution
  • Bloomstack bundler for compiling/bundling JS distributable
  • Real-time debugging for fast debugging of issues
  • New WebSockets for the frontend to backend communication and vice versa.

It might sound techy, but the bottom line is that the system makes it a robust all-in-one suite.

These innovative technologies will give Bloomstack an edge and make the lives of entrepreneurs and developers easier. 

6) We can now develop industry-specific features faster.

The new system will allow us to spread out to other industries immediately and give tailored solutions faster. 

Bloomstack can now create new features or release an industry-specific solution 100X faster. 

It will increase the partnership opportunities, thereby generating a regular revenue stream. 

We Are Open To All (Not Cannabis-only Anymore) 

We pivoted our strategy to open our platform to all industries now, though we initially focused on solving problems for a challenging, regulated, and ever-evolving niche of cannabis. 

As an investor, we are helping you gain access to other industries with massive potential. For example, you'd benefit from the event industry alone is expected to reach $1,552 Billion by 2028 compared to the cannabis industry of $20 Billion. Now envision the growth potential with all the other sectors combined!

We also learned that while a lot of people are fine with legal cannabis, many people aren't. We have received push-back because they perceived Bloomstack as a cannabis company though we are only a software company that supported cannabis operators. Now, we are relaunching Bloomstack's brand as the platform for all domains.

Ready To Invest and Help Us Build a Unicorn to Make History?

Bloomstack is on the verge of launching a revolutionary product with its new update due for launching soon.

Invest in us to help us get the extra runway and resources required to finish developing it.

Our History: Before Bloomstack, A Seed Was Planted... 

5 years ago, I was hired to build an integrated cloud platform to replace many other systems for Jerry Harvey Audio. During that project, the seed for Bloomstack was planted.

As the #1 manufacturer in the world of custom in-ear monitors for superstars like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Mick Jagger, the company needed a better system to serve their clients' special requirements and complex workflows.

At the time, their website, shopping cart, manufacturing operations, inventory management, procurement, production planning, shipping, warranty claims, sales and support, accounting, team communication, and more were carried out on many different systems that did not communicate with each other.

They used QuickBooks for accounting, Salesforce for CRM, Ubercart for e-commerce, Drupal to run the website, a custom Flash app to configure products, FedEx shipping software for shipping, and countless Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and printed paper to manage everything. They had stacks from floor to ceiling of file boxes filled with paper.

As the business grew, things got worse and worse with lost orders, unknown inventory, missing shipments, manual data entry between systems, and accounting books that couldn't generate the tax reports they needed. It was a frustrating mess!

It took a while but we built a robust, integrated solution built on new, advanced open source technologies. We replaced all of the other systems they had been using and paying for with ONE. 

The benefits were massive. Sales improved. Customers were happier. Suddenly they could grow, and the file boxes disappeared.

Today, that seed has grown into the Bloomstack Cloud Enterprise Platform, which can run virtually any company with the features they get only by combining several software and services together that usually do not communicate with each other.

What Do Companies Do Without Bloomstack Now?

Most companies are patching together several software systems, often spending over $5–7K+ per month on license fees alone. Software like QuickBooks for accounting, Salesforce for CRM, Shopify for a shopping cart, Fishbowl for inventory, Slack for team communication, and others.

What's worse is the full-time employees (FTE) cost because they need staff only to deal with manual data entry, compliance, reporting, and reconciliation among multiple systems!

Once they reach a certain scale north of 25+ employees and $5 million in revenue, these systems start to be a bigger hindrance to growth than help to it.

Companies use these different software platforms only so that they can compete with the competitors who do. 

Why Bloomstack?

We bring everything under one, modern, all-in-one cloud that now has all the company tools, data, and systems in one place.

We take all of the systems and platforms these companies already use and migrate their data into one single integrated platform on our cloud-hosted

You can check out a demo of the entire platform at this link:

Invest in us today!