Blender Bombs

The Superfood Smoothie Booster. Creating A Brand New CPG Category.

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 1,399 investors


Female owned and led; Founder. Helen Hall-Leland has 1 prior CPG exit.
$13MM+ in total revenue with zero outside investment.
62% customer retention rate, 24% conversion rate and 24% of revenue is reoccurring subscription.
60 day customer value of $86.

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Our Team

When I was a personal trainer in 2017, my clients had no problem exercising, but when it came to eating healthy- now that was a problem. Smoothies are time consuming! So I developed Blender Bombs to simplify the addition of superfoods to their daily routine. It changed their lives, and I made my mission to impact more lives & change communities!


Brands that solve customer dilemmas have the ability to motivate purchase, deliver TRUE incrementality and create NEW categories.

The Blender Bombs Journey Has Been A NATURAL Progression:

Blender Bombs founder Helen Hall-Leland began her health and wellness journey as a personal trainer. She realized incorporating superfood smoothies into your daily routine was a tasty and convenient way to manage weight, maintain health, and provide the body with the proper nutrition needed to fuel a healthy lifestyle.

Helen noticed the smoothie industry was dominated by lifeless, non-filling, powdery substances, often made with questionable ingredients. Plus, making smoothies at-home was a daunting task for most people. She solved this problem by rolling Blender Bombs in her kitchen and selling them out of her home. Shortly after, she expanded to e-comm and opened Hustle Smoothie Bar.

The love and knowledge for superfood smoothies rapidly grew in the community. Helen quickly learned consumers NEEDED a whole-food, At-Home Smoothie Solution.

Many products and companies add value to categories but true category creators are wholly accretive. It's important to understand the difference between adding value and being 100% incremental.

Our consumers have significant purchasing power, along with a strong desire to eat healthier and more convenient food, without sacrificing taste.

Very, very few companies have created a TRUE Omni Channel business model. The coffee industry is the bellwether. Led by Starbucks, coffee owns consumption points on-site (coffee shop, hotels, etc.), at retail (grocery stores, gas stations, etc), and on web-based platforms. Most brands and categories will never have the customer acquisition potential of Blender Bombs!