Biodel AG Inc.

Raising $1.5M for Climate Smart Agriculture

Last Funded January 2023


raised from 133 investors


Sequester Naturally Turns Dirt Back to Soil Boosting Crop Yields, Fixing Nitrogen, & Captures CO2
Revenue Up 144% to $561K+ Past Year. Projections for Growth $4M+ for 2023; and $68M+ for 2026
Raised $2.8+ Million from 42 Private & Angel Investors
Our Team: AG Biologics Rockstars with 5 Patents and another 12 Patents Pending

Our Team

We believe agriculture is the best and most economical option for sequestering large volumes of CO2 and other GHG's from our atmosphere. We love agriculture and want to be part of the greater solutions to sustainability and climate impact. We want positive outcomes for our communities and families. We have the tools to economically succeed.

We develop and market microbial soil products for regenerative agriculture with a clear pathway to global scale

The planet depends on us transitioning to regenerative farming before it’s too late. Depleted soils could diminish farmer’s profitability, limit yields and fail to store carbon in the soil instead of the atmosphere.

Biodel AG develops, makes, and sells two products (and is developing more!):

  • Sequester®, a soil amendment and fertilizer that restores soil health to build higher crop yields and profits. Sequester® is sold directly to ag distributors, ag consultants, and consumers at 60% margins to Biodel
  • Isoprenoid Amino Complex® (IAC), a patented fertility and biostimulant plant extract under a strong License Agreement with 80% margins to Biodel

Sequester® is available at and Sequester on Amazon

Agriculture as an Industry Contributes More Than $1 Trillion to the US GDP Every Year

Biodel Ag Inc plans to capture a significant portion of the market with Sequester and new products.

As an Investor in Biodel AG:

1. You are making a strong contribution to restoring soil health and sequestering carbon. YOUR investment drives the introduction and sale of Sequester® to an expanding market that must rapidly shift to regenerative practices.

2. You will receive a gift of Sequester® product to use on your own soils – lawn and landscape, with the option to purchase additional product at a discounted rate as an investor. Discounts will apply to large commercial AG producers who are investors as well.

3. Your investment will have an impact throughout the world as individuals, landowners, governments, NGOs and major CO2 emitters seek economical ways to sequester atmospheric carbon back into the soil.

4. Finally, the board of directors and management team of Biodel Ag are highly experienced individuals from business and agriculture who have contributed capital, time, and expertise to establish Biodel AG and develop Sequester®.

As you consider joining Biodel AG as an investor, our interests are aligned with a noble cause of restoring sustainability and resilience to our food supply while facilitating the sequestration of GHG’s to rebalance our atmosphere. 

Forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed.