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Invest in Biodel AG Inc.

We Naturally Restore Soil Health to Capture CO2 and Help Reverse Climate Change


Sequester Naturally Rebuilds Soils to Boost Crop Yields, Green Lawns, Capture CO2, & Fix Nitrogen
Revenue up 151% Year Over Year
Raised $2.8 + Million from 42 Investors in prior rounds
5 Awarded Patents and 12 Patent Applications In Process
Market Urgency - Demand is NOW with water and fertilizer shortages
Broad Market Use - Homeowner to Large Farmer. Worldwide Market.

Our Team

We believe agriculture is the best and most economical option for sequestering large volumes of CO2 and other GHG's from our atmosphere. We love agriculture and want to be part of the greater solutions to sustainability and climate impact. We want positive outcomes for our communities and families. We have the tools to economically succeed.

Biodel Ag is focused on restoring sustainability and resilience to our food supply while facilitating the sequestration of GHGs to rebalance our atmosphere.

We envision a world where agriculture experts create grower & consumer friendly products to:

  • Push Higher Crop Yields & Replace Synthetic Fertilizers
  • Rebuild Soil Health & Manage Soil Salt Build-Up
  • Deploy Sustainable Regenerative Agriculture Practices
  • Drive Soil Storage of GHGs to combat Climate Change while Building Farm Revenues

Meet Biodel Ag and Our Primary Product, Sequester®

Biodel AG manufactures Sequester®, a unique product used to restore soil health and transition AG Lands to regenerative practices. Biodel AG is raising capital to expand production capacity and market Sequester® on a broad scale in 9 Western States and Northern Mexico totaling 30 million acres of degraded soils. Sequester is marketed online, as well as through a network of crop consultants, AG Retailers, and AG Distributors. An initial emphasis on this market area is expected to generate product awareness that will open significantly greater sales opportunities. Please see the Sequester® website at

For landowners of all sizes...

Biodel Ag Investor Spotlight: Alan L. Boyce

"Biodel Ag, led by agriculture life sciences and farming expert Ben Cloud, has harnessed biology to develop the proprietary Sequester formulation. I’ve seen Sequester help turn dirt back into soil by adding it to every irrigation over a year. It removed 80% of salts from the ground. Less salt means plants are more efficient at water and nutrient uptake, more crop per drop. Healthy soil absorbs and stores atmospheric carbon, which improves water holding capacity and helps soil bacteria and fungi thrive. Healthy soil ensures that we have an abundant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables in our supermarkets. Farmers, by following regenerative agriculture practices, can now get bigger crops with fewer scarce resources and be a part of the solution climate change. Healthy soils use less water, less fertilizer and absorb carbon from the atmosphere. That soil carbon reinforces the cycle. It’s an opportune time for Biodel Ag."

 Feeding People While Mitigating Global Warming

We are focused on the growing shift to regenerative practices by AG Landowners and operators. Today, less than 5% of 450 million intensively farmed acres in the USA is operated under regenerative practices. That is approximately 22.5 million acres. Yet in order to effectively sequester large volumes of CO2 annually and comply with the Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050, we need to shift the balance of acreage. There are some economic predictions that Trillions of dollars will be spent to incentivize the transition of farmland to regenerative practices. Biodel AG is well positioned to benefit from this transition.

Cyanobacteria – A Key Regenerative Agriculture Tool

Cyanobacteria are natural soil microbes that:

  • Are Autotrophic (Photosynthetic) & Nitrogen Fixing
  • Improve Soil Structure & Water Use Efficiency
  • Drive Exchange of Soil Salts to Less Harmful Compounds
  • Build Soil Capacity to Sequester Atmospheric CO2
  • Use root exudates for food (heterotrophism) when deeper in soil profile

    Biodel AG will expand marketing efforts towards the residential, landscape and small farm users with a focus on carbon sequestration to reduce water and fertilizer applications. For commercial AG producers, the emphasis is improved water use efficiency, greater nutrient uptake, salinity management, and carbon sequestration that is measurable with annual analysis of Soil Organic Carbon and bioactivity.

    Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

    As an Investor in Biodel AG:

    1. You are making a strong contribution to restoring soil health and sequestering carbon. YOUR investment drives the introduction and sale of Sequester® to an expanding market that must rapidly shift to regenerative practices.

    2. You will receive a gift of Sequester® product to use on your own soils – lawn and landscape, with the option to purchase additional product at a discounted rate as an investor. Discounts will apply to large commercial AG producers who are investors as well.

    3. Your investment will have an impact throughout the world as individuals, landowners, governments, NGOs and major CO2 emitters seek economical ways to sequester atmospheric carbon back into the soil.

    4. Finally, the board of directors and management team of Biodel Ag are highly experienced individuals from business and agriculture who have contributed capital, time, and expertise to establish Biodel AG and develop Sequester®.

    As you consider joining Biodel AG as an investor, our interests are aligned with a noble cause of restoring sustainability and resilience to our food supply while facilitating the sequestration of GHG’s to rebalance our atmosphere. 

    Forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed.