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We're poised to disrupt the life science staffing market that is $3.8B in US and growing.
A wide range of companies from Fortune 200 to startups already use BioBuzz to hire top talent.
Our community of 30k+ already trusts BioBuzz to guide their careers & enterprises.
We've expanded to three markets this year & are poised to scale nationally to the top 25 markets.

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Why BioBuzz?

On-Demand, Flexible Hiring in Life Sciences

We’ve been building life science communities for 14 years because we believe in the power of personal networks and community to fuel career success.

Now we're ready to build upon our success to solve one of the greatest challenges facing the industry - TALENT.

Life science employers today are faced with challenging economic conditions, tighter budgets, the need to adapt to new technologies more rapidly and the need for a more flexible workforce strategy. This has also caused a huge disruption in the job market as hundreds of companies are laying off and realigning their workforce.

This is why we're building a more efficient, more flexible and more equitable way to for employers to hire great talent AND for talent to access great employers.

To deliver an unparalleled experience we are developing an AI powered platform, trained on our past 6 years of historical hiring data, 20,000+ current users, and our 20 years of unique proprietary insights and expertise.

The Current Model is Broken

We hear the challenges that our 50+ clients face each and every time they need to hire. Current systems limit access to talent, are time consuming and expensive.

Not unlike floppy disks, pagers, and Blockbuster... it's time to move on and adopt a better way to hire in life sciences. BioBuzz is ready to deliver the Netflix experience to today's life science employers.

Introducing - the BioBuzz Talent Lab

An on-demand hiring platform & career community

By fully integrating a community & hiring platform we will provide employers with:

  • On-demand hiring through a two-sided talent marketplace
  • Flexibility to hire full-time, part-time, on contract, or as consultants
  • Validated skills & vetted talent
  • Matchmaking utilizing predictive AI 
  • Access to a community of passive candidates.
  • Career resources for up-skilling & development
  • Brand exposure to talent around their regional biotech hubs to harness local talent.

The Honeycomb of Talent

Our secret sauce is a layered approach that enables us to continuously engage life science professionals and develop extensive profile data to deliver better matchmaking for three key segments of talent:

  1. Career Pathways is our workforce development and early hiring solution to foster new pipelines of vetted talent from trade schools or universities, transitioning military vets or under-represented populations for entry-level or translational roles.
  2. On-Demand Talent matches employers with vetted industry professionals for temporary, project-based, part-time or even reoccurring FTE roles that they regularly hire for.
  3. Expert Executive Network is our premier network of pre-vetted fractional executives and subject matter expert consultants to provide the leadership and expertise to move your company or project forward.

Delivering Better Outcomes

With the launch of the Talent Lab we will be able to effortlessly connect all employers and professionals directly with less friction and better outcomes.

BioBuzz has already built a community of tens of thousands of life science professionals and employers who we connect through our regionally-focused programming, recruitment events, training, and digital media.

Layering on top of BioBuzz's existing community platform, BioBuzz's Talent Lab will deliver a truly personalized career and hiring experience that delivers continuous engagement between employers and candidates across biotech hubs.

Jobseekers will get access to a personalized career network; with tailored resources, news, events, connections, and jobs delivered directly to you.

Employers (large and small) will be able to achieve greater workforce flexibility, and the ability to hire faster, at a lower cost, all while accessing a broader, more diverse talent pool backed by real skills data.

Our Community Growth to Date.

BioBuzz’s growth story has written itself because we've remained community-focused, community-forward, and community-driven, with:

  • A growing community of 30k+
  • A national audience of 400k+
  • An annual client roster of 50+
  • AND year-over-year revenue growth operating in 3 of the top 10 US life science markets: BioHealth Capital Region (DC/MD/VA), Greater Philadelphia (PA/NJ/DE), Research Triangle Park (NC)

Our foundation is firm and we are primed for this next stage of growth. And we're bringing our community along with us.

The Opportunity is Limitless.

The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace and work is no exception. 

We will be disrupting the $3.2B life science staffing market with a better way to recruit and hire.

The Work Tech product category is forecasted to approach $1 Trillion by 2026 with Hiring platforms expected to reach $244 billion.

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, TopTal, MarketHire Incredible Health have built successful talent marketplaces for other fields. It’s time that we bring this model into the life sciences.

Greater Value Over Traditional Methods

Similar models have shown to create greater value than traditional methods. Our expectation is that the Talent Lab will be able to deliver improved efficiency and cost reduction for our clients.

We have a clear path to new customers by selling into the thousands of existing staffing buyers and offering a better, cheaper alternative to traditional life sciences staffing, recruiting and job board services.

As an online recruitment platform, we've positioned BioBuzz with a clear product-market fit to sell into the top budgeted purchase categories for Talent Acquisitions departments.

See the attachment at the bottom for more info about the $40M revenue projection. Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

How We Make Money:

  • Employers pay a subscription to access our talent marketplace platform.
  • Employers can also pay a premium for additional advertising or recruitment marketing features.
  • Employers can hire and payroll contractors directly from the platform at a lower cost than staffing firms.
  • Jobseekers pay membership subscriptions to access premium career resources like coaches, resume writing, training, etc.

Building On Our Proven Success:

We've spent the last 14 years proving our model and are ready to scale! Our traction to date, includes:

  • A well-established brand and community
  • Paying customers & validated revenue streams
  • Proof of concept for the talent marketplace through recruiting events, target marketing and matchmaking.
  • Executed successful candidate acquisition & assessment campaigns
  • Piloted new market expansion
  • Created a continuous feedback loop of customer discovery

Our Clients [And Our Community] Love Us:

Creating exceptional client experiences, or what we like to call - the honey, is a core principle of BioBuzz.

We have the right team to deliver!

That includes our amazing BioBuzz Community Ambassadors, Board of Buzz, and our Industry Advisory Board who will be helping to ensure we're delivering the right product to meet industry's needs.

Don't Just Be A Member, Be An Owner.

An investment in BioBuzz is an investment in your career.

The Perks:

All investors will receive:

  • An invite to our investor-only BioBuzz community.
  • Inclusion on our “Meet Our Investors” landing page and subsequent shout-outs.
  • An exclusive ‘Investor’ Badge on your BioBuzz community profile. 
  • One-time, 20% off code to our BioBuzz apparel shop outfitted by NOVUS (good through 12/31/2024).

*Those investing above $25,000 will receive the greater of a 30% discount, or a $5,000 rebate, on a one-time purchase of BioBuzz services or products (good through 12/31/2025). For every $10,000 invested above $25,000, investors will receive an additional 10% discount or $1,500 rebate added; up to a maximum of a 50% total discount or $10,000 rebate.

Valuation and Market Insights:

We want you to feel confident in the valuation we are offering for BioBuzz Networks. We believe that this is an accurate value based on our long history and established brand, our existing record of sales and customer success, the market size and niche, as well as other similar comps in the market.

The hiring technology we're building is based on other talent marketplace platforms which have proven to be successful in other industries, but have not yet been applied to life sciences.

Companies such as UpWork, Fiverr,, Toptal, MarketerHire, TaskRabbit and others have paved the way in this market & give us great confidence in our strategy. BuiltIn is another relevant comparable that began similar to BioBuzz (Read their story). They operate both as a media site and a hiring platform, but they focus almost exclusively on startups in the Tech industry.

Grandview Research reported that the global freelance platforms market size was valued at USD 4.39 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5% from 2023 to 2030. 

Our goal is to build BioBuzz into the dominant community and hiring platform across the top 25 major US life science hubs over the next 5-10 years, and position the company for a 15-20X exit through IPO or acquisition.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in any other ways, please feel free to reach out to us.

Together, let's keep the life science talent market buzzin'!

A Note From Our Founder:

I want to thank you for bee-lieving in BioBuzz and in our mission.

BioBuzz started 14 years ago with what I thought would be just a networking event to help recently laid-off job seekers build their networks and connect with employers. Fast forward to today and we have become a vibrant community that is strengthening the life science workforce and building more connected regional biotech ecosystems.

In addition to leading BioBuzz, I have spent nearly two decades running life science recruiting businesses, working with hundreds of employers to hire top talent, and helping thousands of people get new jobs. I honestly feel that my entire career has prepared me for this important mission that we are out to achieve at BioBuzz.

With your support, I’m ready to take everything that I’ve learned to drive this mission forward with a passionate pursuit of seeing our vision become reality - BioBuzz will become the premier community and talent platform for the life science industry!

The basic truth that we all realize is, community matters… especially in life sciences where it takes a village of diverse people, companies, and ideas to advance medical innovation.

That's why BioBuzz matters. 

We matter to those who rely on us to help grow their networks and careers. We matter to the employers who rely on us to tell their story and match them with niche talent. We matter for all of the service providers and consultants in our community who look to BioBuzz to build awareness for them and their solutions so they can help companies to innovate and succeed.  And we matter to the biotech hubs who are stronger because of the buzz we create.

Most importantly - we matter for the patients who we are all ultimately working for.

Thank you for being part of our community and joining us on this mission!