Bible Smugglers

Impact culture through investing in the first movie about Bible smuggling

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Match your investments to your values.
You will impact culture through film. Helping people grow closer to God and His Word.
We have distribution and marketing that we hope will make Bible Smugglers a world wide success.
The conservative /family /christian /action film market has been radically expanding and reaching millions who would never go to church.

Our Team

I want to partner with people who want to invest in making the Bible better known and showing that freedom is the best way vs socialism. You and I will make a great movie that makes a ton of money for the investors and also does a positive spiritual work in the hearts and minds of our audience.

One of the most illegal smuggling jobs in history, for all the right reasons.

1 crew - 1 night - 1 delivery - 1 million Bibles

The true story of tugboat captain Bill Tinsley and the underground Chinese church who smuggled 1 million Bibles into communist China in 1981.  

Nathan is the Writer and Director of 2 successful films:

UGANDA MAN (2011). With a budget of $5K, the film earned over $250,000 to eradicate the water crisis in Rushere Uganda helping to save thousands of lives.  

THE CHALLENGER DISASTER (2019). With a budget of $175K, the film grossed over $400,000 and helped inspired many people in public service where human life hangs in the balance.  


4 step process

1) The film is produced, marketed and released

2) People pay to watch the film

3) Money flows back to the production company

3) You get paid Quarterly



State to state rolling theatrical release.

        We will release the film in theaters and run marketing to drive ticket sales.  Like big budget films do with a world wide release, releasing in 1 country and then the next.  We will release the film state by state in larger cities where we can make sure our marketing budget is creating a profit.  Starting in Texas we will release the film in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.  We will use paid social media ads, which is what my marketing agency does, to sell tickets.  We will then scale to other states where the content will thrive, Florida, California, etc.

       This will take at least 90 days.  The more profitable the theatrical, the more time we will put into scaling.



Amazon Direct

        We will also release the film on iTunes and Amazon and run marketing to drive purchases (no rentals yet).  With our other film The Challenger Disaster Amazon and iTunes were our best sellers and even then Amazon out performed our expectations.  with about $20K for marketing we were able to drive $250K in sales.  Once we release the film for about 90 days.


- After a 9 month process and release you will receive quarterly income from Bible Smugglers Movie Production LLC.

How Does The Payback Process Work

- Waterfall repayment

- Money flows back to the production company Bible Smugglers Movie Production LLC

1) Investors make back their investment + 20% (30% for early bird investors)

After this is completed;

2) Investors receive 40% for the lifetime of the film


We are wanting to raise at least $600K to produce the film and release the film worldwide.  The funds will go to locations, boats, trains, props, travel and lodging, hiring a real crew, hiring great actors, costumes, background extras, camera gear rentals, effects, sound, editing, and all of the other hundreds of thousands of components it takes to make a movie like this come together. 

Intended Budget:





Post Production$75,000.00


  • When you generously give any amount we have some awesome perks but these are the 2 we are most excited about.
    • 25% of everything the movie makes when its release will go to deliver more Bibles to people who need them.
  • Perks for contributing;
    • The MOVIE
    • Bonus Features
    • Invitation to the Premiere
    • T-shirts
    • Signed Posters
    • Signed Scripts
    • Personal messages from the set
    • A personal Q&A with the cast and crew
    • IMDB credits as a Producer.
    • The EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where you can watch the daily BIBLE SMUGGLERS show of making the film.

If the film is not made then all of the funds will be returned.

The Impact

The Bible is not allowed in many places around the world RIGHT NOW.  The 10-40 Window is a term used for location between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator where it is generally dangerous, illegal or impossible to own a Bible.

The internet is highly monitored and the Bible is not available like it is here.  You cannot go into a store to buy one and you cannot download one.  For example, China has banned websites that are common to us including Facebook, Google, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc.

When you contribute, 2 things happen:

  1. We shine a light onto this crisis worldwide.
  2. Real Bibles get delivered to real people.

1. Together we will shine a light on this crisis of religious persecution.  I have talked with many of our persecuted brothers and sisters and it means a lot to them that people are aware of their story and that they are not invisible.  You and I know there's nothing worse than feeling alone when you are going through something.  

2. Real Bibles will get delivered to real people through Bible Smuggling organizations we work with.  These are secret organizations that use modern methods to get Bibles to people who desperately want them and need them.  

Why This Story

If you champion the Bible and the underground persecuted church then this is the project for you.

“HERE AM I LORD, SEND ME.” This is our attitude when it comes to this project and we want everyone who joins us to have the same.  We want this to be the biggest film in the world, that reaches more people than we could ever imagine and makes more money that we thought possible to get Bibles to EVERYONE on planet earth that wants one, but isn’t allowed to have one.

A story about WOMEN who put their faith into action.  Mei-Ling and Lili are 2 women who lead millions who are a part of the Chinese underground church.  They don’t have access to Bibles so they request 1 million Bibles.  Mei-Ling and Lili are in a cat and mouse game with the Chinese police (PSB) to try and include thousands of people in this mission but keep it a secret.

A story about MEN who step up.  Captain Bill and his crew come from all over the world (US, Africa, Australia, Austria, Philippines, Canada, etc) to risk their lives to get the Chinese underground church the Bible’s they need.

A story of ADVENTURE.  You will see motorcycle chases, blind spies, storms at sea, life and death stakes, and real people pushing themselves to the limit to accomplish this impossible task.  We have a NO CHEESE policy with Bible Smugglers. Characters and actions are motivated by their goals rather than us wanting to preach a message.  Bible Smugglers is a non-preachy movie that will entertain the whole family while keeping the fun and excitement front and center.

A story of VALUES.  This is your chance to support the film the shows, not tells, how important the Bible is.  These real-life people were willing to risk their lives to help strangers.  Captain Bill, his crew and the Chinese people are shining examples of how love motivated them to show up for other people.  They were all selfless people who loved God and were willing to stand in the gap for their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Bible Smugglers Supporters

Glenn Gordon - Austin Ridge Bible Church: Associate Pastor

Keith Rushing - Ministry Leader / Film Producer

Eric Hanson- Actor / Film Producer

Tony Ward- Southcrest Baptist Church: Associate Pastor