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AI platform linking sustainability to profitability



of a $250,000 goal
 $15M  $12.5M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $250K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $12.5M valuation cap and 10% discount
W. Walker Brock
BetterWorld fills a vital need for CPG companies endeavoring to scale their operations and customer base, while simultaneously providing investors an opportunity to generate real returns while make a real environmental impact. As a CPG investor and former operator, I know first hand the need for this platform. BetterWorld is poised to capitalize on a market-wide shortage of venture equity and has the team and capacity to provide its significant pipeline of growth-stage CPG companies better debt and equity capital solutions, better product and packaging solutions, and better marketing and customer creation. I have vetted many of these pipeline companies. Most make excellent products, products as good as or better than the household names we all know. BetterWorld identifies these companies and provides a suite of services and solutions that enables these brands to transform from "alternative" consumer product options into the household brand names of a rising generation of consumers more concerned with their own health and the health of the planet than any prior generation.


2x Founder has 5 exits and was head of M&A for a $4B payments company: knows how to build/sell
Backed by angels from top VCs firms including Walker of Canongate, and Sumeet of VHS Ventures
Provides AI and capital for companies + influencer-fueled discovery of BETTER products for consumers
Developed proprietary Impact Data Profile, a Nutrition Label equivalent for environmental impact
Onboarded 3,400 SKUs since Q4 ‘22 and growing 10% MoM
Projected profitability in 2024 with 70% gross margins and pipeline revenue of $1M (not guaranteed)
Partnered with top emerging financial providers such as Ember, Enduring Planet, and Yardline
Partnered with Future Earth, and WE ARE GUARDIANS produced by Fisher Stevens and Leo DiCaprio

Our Team

Making Climate Change Profitable

The solutions to climate change exist, and BetterWorld drives their adoption by helping companies to monetize the green revolution.

33% of global emissions come from the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

BetterWorld is building an AI platform that makes Consumer Packaged Goods companies more profitable through solutions to be better for people and planet, and provides financing options for that transition.

The platform collects 200 data points and provides an impact report detailing alternatives in supply chain, material, end-of-life, impact (better carbon credits) which make both company and product better: when companies make these improvements, revenue increases by an average of 47%. 

  • We have launched our Alpha product, onboarded 3400 products (SKUs), and achieved early product market fit working with close to 100 companies from SMB to Enterprise, generating over $140,000 in three quarters on an average platform fee of $2500 annually.
  • We developed a pipeline for lending fees of close $1M in less than a quarter
  • We have developed a partnership with Panasea, to launch triple-impact Blue Carbon Credits, funding oceanic carbon sinks and Asparagopsis seaweed which negates methane emissions when fed to livestock. These credits appreciate in value as more carbon is sequestered, allowing companies to trade them profitably.

Carbon Crediting is a $968B industry with a 24% growth rate: BetterWorld helps businesses achieve immediate impact through Blue Carbon Credits, allowing companies to profit from investing in positive impact

At scale, we will sell insights: We aggregate valuable impact data on each company/product (biodegradable, diversity owned, plastic free, etc), and append it to consumer purchase data, creating meaningful insights on how to better target and sell to newer Zennial consumers. We sell this to media, 1st party data providers, and shopper marketing companies.  

We are making climate change profitable, proving that better for people and planet, is better business.

This reduces emissions from the CPG industry, and creates a billion dollar opportunity in B2B SaaS fees, lending fees, and insights sales. 

Join us. We are building a multi-billion dollar business that helps make products, companies, and the world, BETTER.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), such as household items, clothing, makeup, etc) are responsible for 33% of global emissions.

Solutions exist that replace almost every negative facet of the industry and value chain, but remain undiscovered and unused by consumers and companies alike:

  • Examples such as biopolymers instead of plastics, circular supply chains to reuse materials otherwise wasted, natural ingredient substitutes for soaps and detergents, marine ingredients and plant based solutions for clean beauty, and thousands of others.
Imagine if we could produce and package all consumer goods with a zero carbon footprint

Originally started as a podcast in 2016 to highlight Net Good companies, BetterWorld began working with CPGs. We helped several CPGs become better for people and planet by implementing solutions and communicating improvements to the consumer through impact data profiles and reports: one company sold after major growth resulting from becoming better, and others increased revenue by 47%.

Better for planet is better business.

To capitalize on the Green Revolution, we recognized the need for a platform.

BetterWorld has worked with close to 100 companies to prove that the transition to Net Good products is profitable.

  • We collect and scrape over 200 data points.
  • We produce an impact report detailing exact changes that can be made in Materials (replacing plastics with biopolymers), Supply Chain (manufacturing products cleaner, with circularity and reuse), Impact (we facilitate the purchase of carbon offsets), and other areas.

  • We then create a consumer facing impact report for the brands to market.

We increase company revenue by as much as 47% and grow margins.
  • We also provide financing options to fund this transition, paying for new packaging, product, processes, ingredients, and end-of-life.

Our lending partners are some of the most scalable in the space, offering a variety of different alternatives to lending, during a time of transformation especially for the Venture Capital markets. Formerly, many CPG companies thought to be venture companies were given large amounts of capital which led to massive burn rates and failures; there's a better way. Venture Capital no longer invests heavily in Direct To Consumer (DTC), but DTC is growing: this is a major opportunity.

Through Revenue Based financing and great experience, practices and processes, CPG companies can double or even triple smaller tranches of debt capital into revenue, while not giving away large portions of their company, and creating shareholder value.

It's capital, but Better.

  • We receive fees for successful capital referral AFTER the funds have been returned to the lender. This incentivizes all companies to participate in the growth and success of the companies, rather than simply to optimize for fees. The average deal size looks to be around $1,200,000 in capital loaned, where we are given 1.5% of that total, as well as 10% of Warrants, which are equal to 4% of the cap table on average.
  • The model is predicated on loaning funds in tranches, as revenue based financing, funding mostly inventory and marketing in order to convert it into a multiple of revenue in three months, and then reissue additional debt: ex. $400,000 into $1,200,000 in revenue by servicing existing wholesale and retail channels or increasing doors and customers through marketing.

  • This model of lending creates outsized returns, and has proven to be extremely profitable.

We have achieved early stage product market fit through close to 100 customers, and have identified a scalable B2B SaaS sales model.

After considerable testing, and $140,000 in revenue, BetterWorld discovered that we can acquire businesses incredibly efficiently at scale, through a network effect that starts with improving a group of brands, promoting them to consumers, increasing revenue through solutions, and leveraging data to drive further growth.

We have developed a sales cycle which we will scale over the next five years, which will produce a projected $11M in revenue in year 2.

For every brand that we helped to increase revenue, four to five more brands joined our platform.

Our vision is for companies to increase revenue by capitalizing on existing consumer demand by making products that are better for people and the planet, and capitalize off the purchase and trading of credits in the $968B Carbon Credit Market.

Our goal is to two fold:

  • 1. Provide Value Chain solutions to companies to be better and more profitable through our Platform
  • 2. Create Impact through appreciating carbon credit assets that are able to be purchased by companies and traded for greater impact and greater profit.

BetterWorld developed a multi-sided platform:

1. BRAND PLATFORM: An AI platform to help companies make better products to reduce global emissions, and finance their transition. We have built a data set with all solutions/alternatives around supply chain, end of life, materials, ingredients, and impact, which creates an impact report as an exact recipe for the company to improve product AND revenue.

Our revenue includes:

  • SaaS Fee: $2500-$10,000 annual platform fee. We have over $140,000 of subscriptions in 6 months. Estimated $2.5B opportunity with a Total Addressable Market of 500k businesses
  • Capital Referral Fee: (LendingTree model) percentage of total capital referred to Brands. We have over $45,000 in fees earned to date and a $1M pipeline. Estimated $5B opportunity

2. CONSUMER PLATFORM: A marketplace for consumers to identify these Better products, and tools to illustrate how good they are for people and planet. Creates network effects and viral acquisition of Brands (brands sign up to BetterWorld at exponential rates).

By analyzing and gathering brands, we are able to build the next Green Amazon, empowering consumer discovery.

Consumers can find every net good product available in the market, sort these products by values, certifications, and other data points that illustrate how good the products are for people and planet.

3. INSIGHTS PLATFORM: We sell Big Data: An insights platform from the 200 data points gathered from each brand to help media and shopper marketing companies better promote these products, and governments to subsidize them. Anticipated Revenue of $150,000 average order value, $4B opportunity.

AI Product Impact Analysis

We use an AI analysis to generate an impact report for how to make the company better. Typically, this requires financing, as excess inventory especially in packaging, requires investment in the development and production of new packaging and materials, and a transition period.

Impact Data Report - A first of its kind industry solution to end greenwashing.

We created the equivalent of a Nutrition Label for CPGs, showcasing materials, supply chain, end of life, impact -- everything about the product.

It is also in part a demand generation tool. When tested, this was part of the solution that increased revenue so substantially for our companies: if you are net good, the more transparent you are with consumers, the more value is created, the greater the sales.

BetterWorld has partnered with ClimateTrade to integrate their carbon marketplace directly into our platform in order to provide direct impact solutions.

There are challenges which many companies have as they transition which must be offset. For example, a company transitioning from plastic packaging to sustainable packaging likely has a large inventory of remaining plastic packaging that cannot simply be thrown away: it has to be sold through, and offset. Most delivery options are not sustainable yet in the short term: they have to be offset to achieve better sustainability.

Our integration provides the resources to calculate and then purchase offsets for all of this related activity. We then are able to include this in our Impact Data Profiles and Impact Reports of the brand.

Blue Carbon Credits

Imagine if we could produce Carbon Credits that compound in value and impact

Carbon credits are one half of a cap-and-trade program created to help companies offset their pollution by paying for measurable activities that remove carbon from the atmosphere by the ton (Ex: planting trees or cover crops as carbon sinks, resorting mangroves or wet lands, etc).

The carbon credit market is a $968B market, with a 24% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR): it is bigger and faster growing than many industries, and is likely one of the fastest remedies to climate change, through rapid innovation, funding, and deployment of solutions at scale.

While it is often criticized for greenwashing, allowing companies to continue polluting and supporting ineffective solutions, there are now game changing solutions companies can support:

Blue Carbon Credits allow companies to finance true Impact (rather than bogus carbon credits or offsets), such as carbon sinks, aquaculture reforestation, or seaweed that negates methane emissions in livestock.

Many of these solutions have triple impact:

  • Seeding seaweed or sea cucumbers has an initial impact
  • Where the seaweed/cucumbers are placed -- the area of cultivation -- has an impact which INCREASES over time: the seaweed/cucumbers make the area healthier, and each square meter of ocean begins to sequester more carbon
  • The USE of the product has an impact: seaweed is fed to cows to reduce methane emissions, SeaCucumber is used as collagen or food to replace animal based solutions

As more carbon is sequestered over time, the value of the credit improves in impact and thus in price: our goal is to create appreciating assets that are able to be traded for greater impact and greater profit.

By implementing solutions and providing Blue Carbon Credits to businesses, we can reduce 20% of global Carbon emissions at scale.

We are undergoing a massive transition, not seen since the industrial revolution: the Green revolution is introducing massive innovation to energy, supply chains, materials, impact strategies, and other areas. We can drive this change together.

Example Solutions We Recommend

Algenesis: plastic made from plants

Biodegradable biopolymers are now able to be used in processes like injection molding to create common products like shoes and cases. This can expand to thousands of other categories as we drive adoption and use.

The product will degrade harmlessly over the course of one year, degrading most efficiently when placed in soil.


SuperCircle developed processes to simply turn old goods into new goods by developing materials that could be reused and converted. Did you know that there is a sufficient amount of cotton in circulation to never have to grow cotton again? We could simply make all of our new cotton garments from old ones!

SuperCircle currently does so with shoes and some clothing, breaking down and reusing all components of old products to make new ones, in a subscription model which benefits the consumer. Partners such as Loop, TerraCycle, and others help them to re-manufacture goods at scale, which can be done across almost all of fashion.

Buy a shoe -> wear it -> return it for a discount on a new shoe


BetterWorld provides our companies with access to the best Impact Solutions purchasable as offsets. PanaSea grows sea cucumbers and seaweed in partnership with GreenGrazing to produce revenue through aquaculture farming, but also Blue Carbon Credits to provide companies the ability to offset their negative impact in a meaningful way. Many Carbon Credits are bogus, offering limited solutions.

Aquaculture production of sea cucumbers is environmentally restorative rather than destructive. In the process they prevent harmful algal blooms (algae growth explosions that suffocate surrounding sea life), release calcium carbonate essential for coral growth, and increase the water’s pH which counteracts harmful ocean acidification.

Ground-breaking research at CSIRO and James Cook University has revealed that cows and sheep fed small amounts of a red seaweed called Asparagopsis taxiformis produce virtually no methane during digestion.

Our case studies proved that we can increase revenue for these businesses, and that is where our virality lies: we have the ability to attract more companies based on our increase to their performance. Further, we are targeting companies who are ABOUT to transition to greener more sustainable practices, which opens up our Total Addressable market considerably to roughly 500,000 companies.

There are over 50,000 businesses with some signaling of sustainability: certification, commitment such as vegan or plastic-free, or otherwise. We are starting with these companies, but will expand to the other companies who can be given the compelling argument to invest in becoming Net Good, for which we have the capital and the solution.

BetterWorld's Environmental Impact Data, collected and scraped across over 200 data points in materials, supply chain, labor, end of life, impact, and certifications is incredibly valuable. Governments are in the process of mandating it, media companies are willing to purchase it, and shopper marketing companies need it to survive over the long term, providing an understanding of the values by which the new consumer is shopping.

“Given the state of the world we are seeing consumer goods becoming more regulated in many ways. It would be foolish not to believe environmental impact data will have to appear on every consumer product in the same way nutritional labels appear on food packaging today. The fact that we are building this capability ahead of any legislation is stultifying when you consider the potential value in a world where those classifications will become mandatory.”   

                               -Jason Snyder, CTO, Momentum Worldwide

While we remain incredibly early in our development, we believe that our company has a number of potential exit targets including Amazon, Walmart, or one of the larger data companies such as JD Power or Axiom. We further believe in our potential for a successful public offering given the market's favorability toward big data in recent cycles.

We have developed a strong amount of platform technology, including our stacker interface for companies, data collection/automation, basic scraping and impact report development, marketplace, and BetterStores. We require more capital to fulfill the product roadmap.

We are at the forefront of the next revolution in products, not seen since the advent of plastics in the 1950s. Material and supply chain innovation are already creating massive opportunities for growth in this industry. BetterWorld is the partner that can drive it, and capitalize on it for our investors.

Join us. Help make the world Better.