The AI solution to remove 33% of Global Emissions

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2x Founder has 5 exits and was head of M&A for a $4B payments company: knows how to build/sell
Backed by angels from top VCs firms including Walker of Canongate, and Sumeet of VHS Ventures
Provides AI and capital for companies + influencer-fueled discovery of BETTER products for consumers
Developed proprietary Impact Data Profile, a Nutrition Label equivalent for environmental impact

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Revolutionizing Consumer Packaged Goods for a Sustainable World

BetterWorld is positioned to become a $2.5 billion company by using AI to drive and finance Consumer Packaged Goods companies through the Green Transition.
BetterWorld is the solution to removing 33% of global emissions from the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

We've developed a revolutionary AI platform for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to help brands make better products, reduce global emissions, and finance their transition towards sustainability. 


Our AI platform offers precise recommendations for sustainable alternatives:

From how it’s made to what it’s shipped in - we connect businesses to the best eco-solutions and promote their sustainability journey resulting in an average 47% increase in revenue.

We set out to solve a problem

In 2016, we launched our podcast, driven by our passion for addressing climate change. Through extensive research, we researched how companies were transitioning to sustainable practices, embracing alternatives like bioplastics and renewable energy to benefit our planet's ecosystem. We uncovered that these solutions already exist, and there's a strong consumer desire to support brands with sustainability at their core.

The CPG industry is undergoing a significant shift away from fossil fuels, fueled by regulatory changes like the SEC's climate disclosure rules

These regulations mandate public companies to incorporate specific climate-related financial metrics into their audited financial statements, reinforcing the need for comprehensive ESG initiatives.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs), being the largest contributors to carbon emissions at 33%, stand at the center of our mission to transform this industry and make a substantial impact. 

There is a huge gap in the market for brands to capture new revenue by creating Net Good products. We’re making decarbonization profitable. 

As consumers pivot shopping habits and industries shift away from fossil fuels, BetterWorld leverages the growing demand for eco-conscious products and the trillion-dollar potential of the Green Revolution.

The BetterWorld Ecosystem - How it Works 

From how it’s made to what it’s shipped in we connect businesses to the best eco-solutions and promote their sustainability journey resulting in an average 47% increase in revenue.  

  • Better Solutions - We connect brands to better solutions across materials, ingredients, and carbon impact 
  • Funding - We help finance the transition so brands can switch to sustainable solutions 
  • “Green” Marketing - We provide brands with the platform and marketing materials to show consumers their green values. 

AI Platform & Brand Impact Analysis: The AI analyses our brands' products, and offers recommendations for materials, ingredients, and ways to offset their carbon emissions. We help brands by funding the transition from harmful products and processes to better ones for the planet

Consumer Platform 

Consumer Marketplace: Our consumer marketplace is the core of our growth strategy, connecting eco-conscious consumers with sustainable brands. Brands share their sustainability journey and earn a green label, akin to a "Nutrition Label" for CPGs.

This integrated approach creates a win-win scenario: businesses become more sustainable, consumers make informed choices, and our ecosystem thrives, ultimately contributing to a better world.

Platform Fee

We profit from the platform fee and the referrals to sustainable solutions in materials, supply chain, carbon credits, and lending.

Priced less than comparable SAAS solutions, our $2,000 annual fee gives businesses an Impact Analysis, a Sustainability Report, and Green Label. 

Total Addressable Market

We’ve seen results 

In collaboration with companies like Blind Barber, One Ocean Beauty, Awakening Spirit, Ellie & Becks, Happy Luxe, See Kind, For Sea and Oats, and more, we've seen substantial positive outcomes, including up to a 47% increase in revenue. This growth is driven by consumer demand for brands that align with their values and prioritize sustainability. Why? Consumers want to shop for brands that uphold their values and are working towards sustainability. 

BetterWorld’s Traction

Viral Growth

When companies join our platform, they receive sustainable solutions and funding, which drive revenue growth when coupled with our marketing efforts. This success triggers a network effect, as these brands refer 4-5 more businesses to us. We generate income through platform and referral fees, all while building a valuable insight database for future scaling. This is a win-win situation for the environment, our brands, partners, and us.


We've cataloged 20,000 companies with notable conversions. Successful fundraising will fast-track our product roadmap, enabling us to onboard 5,000 brands. Our target: $11 million in revenue by year two, including X million in ARR. We'll drive this through automated sales and an expanded sales team.

Strategy: As we develop advanced technology for selling to enterprises, we'll adopt a "land-and-expand" model, which means our average order value (AOV) will rise as we charge on a per-seat basis.

At Scale we're a billion dollar business

Our Solutions & Partnerships

Our Solutions

The alternatives to supply chain and packaging already exist, and working with these vendors and partners has a major upside for our brands. 

  • Notpla - made from one of nature's most renewable resources, brown seaweed. The packaging is designed to replace single-use plastic and is biodegradable, renewable, and microplastic-free. 
  • Newlight - Newlight’s technology captures greenhouse gases from the atmosphere to make plastic. AirCarbon is a “carbon-negative” alternative to plastics made from fossil fuels. It’s a natural, regenerative, ocean-degradable material.  
  • PanaSea - PanaSea aims to promote sustainable marine aquaculture in Panama's Caribbean coast by cultivating, harvesting, and repopulating sea cucumbers. This approach restores the environment and meets the global demand for sea cucumbers. Unlike traditional fishing, it prevents harmful algal blooms, aids coral growth, and helps counter ocean acidification.

Lending Platform 

Our lending partners are some of the most scalable in the space, offering various alternatives to lending during a time of transformation, especially for the Venture Capital markets. Venture Capital no longer invests heavily in Direct To Consumers (DTC), but DTC is growing. This is a major opportunity to invest in smaller and more sustainable ways.

It’s Capital, But Better - Leveraging Revenue-Based Financing 

Revenue-based financing allows companies to get capital to grow their business without selling large portions of their company. Rather than borrowing all at once, they borrow smaller amounts. For example, turning $400,000 into 1,200,000 over the course of 3 months through inventory and marketing. They use some of their profit to repay the borrowed money as their profit grows. Businesses can keep most of their company and make it more valuable over time.

Debt Equity Model: This model creates a stable return on principal investment, with additional upside, which creates venture return. We receive fees for successful capital referrals after the funds have been returned to the lender.

Impact - Blue Carbon Credits

With the carbon credit industry valued at $968 billion and experiencing a 24% annual growth rate, BetterWorld leverages Blue Carbon Credits to enable businesses to achieve immediate, tangible impact.

Traditionally criticized for greenwashing, where companies continue polluting and support ineffective solutions, we offer a game-changing alternative. 

Blue Carbon Credits enable companies to finance genuine impact. Many of these solutions deliver a triple impact: 

  • Balancing our ecosystem: First, we plant seaweed and sea cucumbers in the ocean. This helps the ocean and makes the area healthier over time, trapping more carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Feeding Livestock & Useful Products: Seaweed can reduce harmful gas emissions from cows, while sea cucumbers can be used for collagen and food, replacing animal products.
  • Value Grows: These plants trap more carbon over time, making the Blue Carbon Credits more valuable and can be traded for profit. 

By implementing such solutions and providing Blue Carbon Credits to businesses, we can scale down global carbon emissions by 20%. 

We are currently in a profound transition comparable to the Industrial Revolution. The green revolution is driving innovation across energy, supply chains, materials, impact strategies, and various sectors. Together, we can propel this transformative change.


Henry and Puneet have etched remarkable footprints in the startup and tech landscape. 

Henry, a multiple-exit founder, has showcased his ability as a sales leader and team builder at hypergrowth companies such as Bentobox,, and Latchel. His ventures like Dash, Cameo, and Plate IQ underline his knack for innovation and scalability. Together, their combined expertise positions them as stalwarts in the startup ecosystem, with a proven track record of crafting success stories.

Puneet, serving as the CTO, has been a transformative force at Google. He was the driving force behind the monumental growth of Google AdWords, helping grow the business from $100M to a staggering $30B annually. His blend of tech acumen and growth strategy positions him as a standout visionary in the digital domain.

Join the Mission

Although we are in the early stages of development, we see potential exit targets in Amazon, Walmart, or larger data companies like JD Power or Axiom.

We have developed numerous platform technologies, such as our AI platform for businesses, data automation and collection, GreenLabel, and Marketplace. 

We need more capital to achieve our product roadmap. We are at the forefront of the next revolution in products, not seen since the advent of plastics in the 1950s. Material and supply chain innovation are already creating massive opportunities for growth in this industry. BetterWorld is the partner that can drive it, and capitalize on it for our investors.