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Organizing products that turn into furniture and also into moving boxes



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I won a pitch contest to Jason Calcanis and he said the box was an "Ikea killer"
Recession-resilient, BOOMING, $19.5 billion dollar organizing products industry
Solving a real world, physical problem with an innovative, utility patented solution.
Can start generating revenue and prove the concept with only $25K

Our Founder

Previously I was an interior designer and a professional organizer. I had the idea for Muvo Box when I was in college and moving a lot, and wanted a better solution than what was available. I designed and developed the products over time to meet my needs through many moves and cross-country relocations. I believe this product will change lives.

The ultimate organizing system

Lots of people are disorganized, and organizing products are a big industry. In the US alone, $19.5 billion per year is spent on organizing products. ($44B globally) But there is no market leader, and the industry is highly fragmented. The top companies, including Sterilite, California Closets, and Closetmaid, have less than 25% market share combined. Unlike many industries, there is no dominant player or product line. This is the opportunity at hand.

As a former professional organizer and interior designer, I noticed a gap in the marketplace for a product that would multi-function and work in any room of the house. The majority of products on the market are designed for specific rooms or uses, and cannot be repurposed when needs, priorities, or space allocations change. What's more, they often add to people's clutter. Lidded storage containers, although portable, stack top to bottom, so contents are inconvenient to get to. A recent article published by the International Home and Housewares Association (IHA) sums it up best: Today's multi-tasking consumers want adaptable, responsive, and flexible organizing solutions."

The Muvo Box® is a novel, utility-patented innovation in pulp and paper boxes. With a core of paper honeycomb, it combines compressive strength (with double-butt joints in the corners), and tensile strength (with a folded joint at the bottom), so it is uniquely strong, lightweight, and sturdy.

The patented design

Actual crush test

When placed on its horizontal side with the opening out, Muvo Box® crush tested over 2,000 pounds. On its vertical side it withstood over 3,000 pounds, and with the opening at the top it took over 4,000 pounds before giving out. Yet the box itself weighs less than 5 pounds. As you can imagine, there are many applications for this invention outside of the realm of furniture. But let's start there, because there's an obvious need for a product like this that blends the lines between organizing products, furniture, and moving boxes.

The competitive landscape illustrates the need

Better Boxes work together in one simple, multi-functional system:

The pieces go together to make contained boxes for moving

Whether for clothes, files, office supplies, stationary, hardware, tools, toiletries, or everyday household supplies, Better Boxes are strong, versatile, and economical enough to use anywhere. Visit to see tons of photos of their many uses. 

In a side by side comparison with other products, Better Boxes' features check all the boxes.

Organizing products are HOTAccording to a recent article published by the IHA, "Home storage continues to be among the hottest housewares segments after a pandemic-fueled sales surge that has lifted the value of responsive, flexible organization solutions."“The home storage category was off the charts in 2020 versus 2019, especially with consumers at home during the height of the pandemic, and 2021 continues to be steady," notes the president of a manufacturer of household storage products in the article."Now is a good time to start a brand," according to experts in the consumer product space who were consulted for a recent Crunchbase article. One venture capitalist in the article pointed out that they are specifically looking for e-commerce plays in lower price points. In other words, follow-on funding for this venture, once the model is proven, should be strong.

Domestic production is needed

Better Boxes will be manufactured in the USA. With a supply chain crisis wrecking havoc, and container costs skyrocketing 30X since 2019, retailers are scrambling to deal with the crisis. Products that are made domestically suddenly have a huge competitive advantage. In a June article from the IHA blog, the author points out, "Domestic inventory is still king, and that figures to benefit...domestic manufacturers that can ramp up production and delivery on demand." In an August article, the author states "there is no end in sight to the shipping turmoil facing shippers." In a September article titled "Port Congestion Going from Bad to Worse," the author concedes that, "Fixing the antiquated US infrastructure is the only real solution. Unfortunately, improving the US infrastructure requires long term solutions which will take years to implement." That means there is great opportunity to meet the rising demand for organizing products domestically.

Sustainability is on everyone's minds

Sustainability is also at the forefront of people's minds, and Better Boxes are well positioned. Not only are they recyclable, they are compostable. Their coating is made from a plant-plastic (PLA) coating that's sourced from corn. How important is sustainability to consumers? According to a 2021 report by Draper's, "Sustainability and the Consumer," in the last six months, nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers surveyed say they have made a conscious decision to be more sustainable."

D2C business model

The Better Boxes business model will be omni-channel, starting with e-commerce D2C that maintains strong enough margins to allow for keystone pricing when it's time for brick and mortar. That means ~3X COGS, with 60-70% gross margins. Product will initially be bundled in kits to streamline fulfillment and control costs, and as processes are established and volume increases, more SKUs will be offered and sold a-la-cart. The financial models (available on request) are built assuming 50% of orders will be $200, 35% will be $100, and $15 will be $400. This first seed round of funding will be to prove the model. The next round will be at a much higher valuation and will outline a growth path to $50 million in revenue within 5 years. This is your chance to participate and get in early on the ground floor of the next big thing.

Marketing strategy

Better Boxes will prioritize inbound and word-of-mouth tactics, and position as a lifestyle brand. The strategy and budget allocations were formed by consulting with experts in digital marketing and youth marketing.

The marketing budget will break down roughly like this:

  • 50% SEO/content/PPC
  • 30% Paid social/influencer
  • 20% PR/events  

A seamless and simple online user experience will also be part of the marketing, with A/B testing different landing pages, CTA's/messaging, and channels for different markets using Hubspot marketing automation software. 

The 4 key target market "personas" for the initial launch will be:

  • "Dorm Dwellin' Danielle"- an incoming college freshman who's super excited about decorating her dorm room and shopping for stuff to outfit it with her mom
  • "City Livin' Chris" - a career-focused bachelor who could care less about furniture shopping and just wants something that's quick, easy, and done
  • "Home-makin' Heather" - a crafty young mom with lots of art supplies who loves to organize and nest in her home
  • "Nomadic Nolan" - an influential and adventurous recent college grad or young adult with a minimalist, nomadic, eco-friendly lifestyle

There are many other possible target markets, but these were chosen for their alignment and need for the unique value proposition of the product line. 

Looking to the future 

Computer generated images (CGI) and virtual reality (VR) will help customers visualize how the products will look in their rooms. Imagine drag and drop mass-customization tools that encourage user engagement, self-expression, and increase conversions. A "personal inventory" app for both web and mobile can help customers manage and locate their belongings among different homes and storage units, as well as plan out their moves.

This approach falls right in line with trends pointed out by Pat Robinson of Circle Up which invests in early-stage consumer brands. In a Crunchbase article, he says, "Personalization is everywhere...This has been a trend we have talked about a lot; having one company tailor and customize its products to unique consumer needs.”

Collabs and partnerships - a great way to market and drive revenue

The possibilities for creative collaborations, partnerships, and custom designs are endless. Better Boxes can be made in any color, pattern, or finish. Imagine metallic foils, holographic effects, and embossing. 

Value of the home organization market in the US (in Billions)

The home organization products industry is expected to reach sales of $19.5 billion in the US in 2021, according to Packaged Facts. It's highly fragmented, with no market leader. The industry is not well-signaled, there is little innovation, and it is replete with plastic. The time is ripe for a new entrant with an innovative, domestically produced, sustainability-focused product line. Historically, organizing products have done well in recessions* because they help people feel a sense of control in their lives. (*Source: Packaged Facts The Home Organization Market in the US) Also, the impact of covid has advantaged brands whose products "reduce anxiety," and certainly that would include organizing products. There are many rising tides to ride with this venture. Looking at the big picture, it has become exponentially easier in the last couple of years to expand into other countries because of the proliferation of online marketplaces. 

A Global Vision

The mission of Muvo is to serve those who wish to build lives rich in freedom and adventure. Being organized and mobile is empowering and gives you a foundation to live from that lets you tackle more and live bigger. I truly believe these boxes and the team we will build to sell them will impact the world as a catalyst for change and transformation.