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Last Funded September 2022


raised from 116 investors


🐝 Beetexting is built & ready to fly! Customers using it are happy; $27,000+ in product ARR!
💵 Previously raised $280,000. Our early investors are founders of other successful tech companies!
📈 $500,000+ in revenue from consulting services funded the development of Beetexting SaaS product!
💪 Strong development team; 20+ developers in our wholly-owned subsidiary in Hyderabad, India!

Our Team

Beetexting is a SaaS offering operating in the $76B A2P SMS telecom industry. We believe we will capture at least 0.025% of this market ($19MM ARR) within 2-3 years primarily through strategic integrations that we intend to pursue. These are forward-looking statements only. Investors should read all legal disclosures before investing.

Invest in the future of advanced telecommunications! Beetexting operates in the massive and growing $75B+ A2P SMS telecom industry with an experienced team and a B2B app with over 50+ features!

Who We Are

In everything we do, we hold that inspired communication builds better relationships that move more value and ultimately make the world a better place.

We build software that helps business people do what they do best: develop an empathetic mindset for their customers so they can serve them better than anyone else.

Our highest aim is to transform simple everyday communication tasks into experiences that build personal bonds, increasing the depth of trust and level of service a relationship can reach.

If this sounds like something you believe in, I think you’ll love being a part of Beetexting!

-Nageswar Bijivemula, CEO at Beetexting

Technocentra Group is a software consultancy and we are launching our own software-as-a-service (SaaS) product to help teams communicate with their customers thru text messaging; it's called Beetexting!

We've been helping our clients with their custom software development needs for 3+ years.  At the same time, we've been searching for the perfect product to build.  While working with our clients we found that there is so much texting going on in business but on personal lines.  This can be clunky, so we started testing a purpose-built solution for teams to text with their customers and prospects in a personal way.  Our clients loved the idea so we started building Beetexting in the background - methodically working with our Beta users to listen to what they wanted in a communication app and build it for them!

Emails & Phone Calls Aren't Always a Great Option.

We all know that phone calls and emails are good for some things but so much is better done with texting.  That's why we all text so much in our personal lives!  Beetexting helps take the texting we're all doing with customers anyway, to the next level.  

Taking a Beeline to the Customer!

Adding business-grade team-centric features to texting gives companies the confidence they need to know they can keep things organized, compliant and secure when texting with customers. This means teams can now benefit from the reason we all text; it's easy, convenient, personal, and helpful! When your customers can text your team, your customers are happy!

A Winning Solution for Teams!

Beetexting team-centric features are easy to use.  Our customers tell us they love Beetexting's user experience.  That's why they reach for Beetexting when they're looking to delight their customers and prospects with timely personal communication.  Automations extend their reach and help them do even more for their customers!

The Communication Advocate.

While Beetexting can help companies blast out marketing texts to targeted customer segments, create automated marketing sequences, appointment reminders, pay-by-text, and collect online reviews by text, the core of Beetexting is in the power of texting; personal communication that helps build deep relationships.

The Communication Advocate has been met with rave reviews!  Our customers love how these features balance pausing for reflection with the need for responsive communication.  Branded reflections help organizations stay on brand as a team! 

Honey in the Bank!

Technocentra Group has a fully-owned subsidiary in Hyderabad, India with a team of 20+ developers (including 17 full-time employees). From the beginning, we built our consultancy using the same offshore development model used by the fortune 500. 

Our team started small, took on just over $280,000 in capital, and has grown to break-even operations through our custom software work for our services clients (our services revenue funds service delivery and a portion of Beetexting's development).  At the same time, we've grown Beetexting to over $27,000 in annual recurring revenue (ARR) thru our 40+ customers!

Busy Bees!

We've been working diligently to build Beetexting with our customers.  To date we've had no full-time salespeople and done little marketing, most everything has been word-of-mouth. Now that customers are happy, it's time to invest in a sales and marketing team for Beetexting and grow! 

A Beeline to the Market!

Our plan is to continue to grow our services business thru strategic partnerships and word-of-mouth. The margin from this work will continue to underpin Beetexting's development team.  This means the majority of investment dollars go straight into growth through sales and marketing! 

Some of our early investors are founders of other tech companies. These companies have over 150+ customers who range from local small businesses to Fortune 40 companies.  Our plan is to continue to work with these customers to find industry verticals that we can develop deep integrations within.  These deep integrations can position Beetexting as a go-to option in these industries.  From here our direct sales team will work to add new customers within these verticals.  We've already found a few great industries with this strategy for our direct sales team to call on.  

That's a Big Pot of Honey!

The A2P (application-to-person) messaging market is projected to grow at a compounding annual growth rate of 4.32%.  The COVID-19 pandemic has, and we expect will continue, to increase the adoption of A2P  texting within organizations.  The Total Available Market (TAM) represents the size of the global A2P market while the Serviceable Available Market (SAM) represents the opportunity in the US and Canada; our current target market.

A Strong & Experienced Team!

Our plan is to raise this seed round of $1M to validate our ability to deploy capital efficiently thru planned sales and marketing channels. Our current business goal is to reach 350 paying subscribers by Oct 1st, 2022 acquired at a ratio of at least 4:1, CLTV:CAC (customer lifetime value to customer acquisition cost), on a rolling 30-day avg. We believe meeting this goal will allow us to attract capital for a second seed round of $5M, which will be used to scale. From here our plan is to seek further growth capital thru series A, etc to IPO.*

*These are forward-looking statements and projections only. Investors should not rely on forward-looking statements when making investment decisions. Investors should read all legal disclosures including the risks contained in the Form C before investing.

We'd love for you to invest in Beetexting and join our team!  Please visit to learn more about the product or check out these quick promotional videos:

Why we Built Beetexting?

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What is Beetexting?

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