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🔥 Top Selling Ready to Drink Cocktail, #1 Fastest Selling Single Serve Wine
🚀 $18M in revenue in 2021. Up 160% from 2020 & 350% growth from 2019
💸 $1M investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank
🏪 Selling in 23,000+ stores in the U.S. - Walmart, Kroger, 7-Eleven, & many more

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9 Reasons to Invest in BeatBox

Reason #1 - BeatBox continues to outperform our competition in the Ready To Drink (RTD) cocktail & single serve wine categories. RTD's are currently the fastest growing category in alcohol and BeatBox is at the forefront with unprecedented growth.

Reason #2 - We've more than doubled our revenue every year for the past three years. In 2021 we grew our revenue by over 160% to ~$18 million. In 2022 we are projecting $38 million in revenue, with a clear path to $100 million by 2024.

Reason #3 - Mark Cuban invested $1 Million in BeatBox on Shark Tank. Invest alongside other famous investors, celebrities, & musicians; from TV personalities like Rob Dyrdek (MTV) to international musicians like Louis the Child, Party Favor, G.T.A. and many more.

Reason #4 - We grew our retail distribution by +102% in 2021. BeatBox sells in over 23,000+ stores across the United States. In 2022 we plan to double our distribution for the third year in a row thanks to our amazing sales team & wholesale partners.

Reason #5 - Our brand awareness is at an all time high! In 2021 we experienced massive growth on social media, outpacing Truly Hard Seltzer, Twisted Tea, Four Loko, High Noon, BuzzBallz, June Shine, & many more. This year we have even bigger plans to further accelerate our brand awareness online.

Reason #6 - Our BeatBox Influencer Network has massive reach of over 100+ million people. We've partnered with some of the biggest names on TikTok & Instagram to rapidly accelerate BeatBox's brand awareness.

Reason #7 - BeatBox achieved profitability in 2021 thanks in large part to our explosive growth this past year and industry leading +60% gross margins. With our current model we can efficiently scale up as our product demand grows.

Reason #8 - We have a world-class team from Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Founders Brewing, Red Bull, Guinness, Tito's, Deep Eddy, & Juul Labs. In 2021 we doubled our team and this year we plan to double our team yet again.

Reason #9 - BEATBOX TASTES AMAZING & our consumers can't get enough of it! Available in 11.1% ABV Party Punch & 6% Zero Sugar. 7 delicious flavors! BeatBox truly is the World's Tastiest Party Punch!

BeatBox is Mainstream

BeatBox received the second largest investment in Shark Tank's history; $1 Million from Mark Cuban. BeatBox has been featured in Forbes, TMZ, AdWeek, Business Insider, Thrillist, Complex, Brewbound, Beer Business Daily, & hundreds of other mainstream media publications.

BeatBox is a Digital & Social Media Marketing Machine

BeatBox is one of the fastest growing social media brands in the alcohol industry. With 128K+ followers across our social media channels we generate over +32 Million Impressions annually. We also received over 600,000+ Store Locator searches & 1.2 Million Unique Web Visitors in 2021.

Our Community of 21+ Gen Z & Millennials

BeatBox reaches millions of 21+ Gen Z & Millennials at festivals & events across the United States every year. This year we are stepping up our brand awareness by sponsoring over 100+ Festivals & music events throughout the U.S.

BeatBox Reaches Millions of Fans at Music Festivals

BeatBox Has Eye Catching Packaging & Displays

BeatBox has eye-catching best-in-class packaging & Point of Sale displays. Our product's look, feel, & TASTE resonates with 21+ Gen Z, Millennials, Party Parents, & many more demographics!

Our Mission: Be the Most Eco-Friendly Alcohol Brand

Next generation drinks want more from the brands they consume. They want these brands to be more socially responsible. BeatBox has been on a mission since day 1 to be the most eco-friendly, sustainable, & socially responsible alcohol brand in the industry.

Investor Perks, aka Even More of a Reason to Invest in BeatBox

6% Zero Sugar BeatBox is Going Nationwide!

Our consumers asked and we listened! This year we're launching our new 6% Zero Sugar line Nationwide in the U.S. Our Zero Sugar line has the same great flavor as our 11.1% Party Punch, but with lower alcohol by volume, less calories, less carbs, and less guilt! Compared to a Hard Seltzer our 6% ABV is the obvious choice.

We're Launching 6-Pack Party Boxes Across the U.S.

This year we are launching brand new 6-Pack Party Boxes in our classic 11.1% ABV Party Punch & in our new 6% ABV Zero Sugar. Both 6-Pack Party Boxes will be available at retail stores nationwide!

NEW Juicy Mango is Hitting Shelves Nationwide in March!

Meet Juicy Mango, our latest flavor innovation at BeatBox! Juicy Mango is inspired by the most popular fruit in the world. This new flavor delivers a fresh burst of flavor. Available in both 11.1% ABV & 6% ABV Zero Sugar!

BeatBox is Expanding into Bars, Restaurants, & Music Venues!

There is a HUGE opportunity for BeatBox to expand into Bars, Restaurants, & Music Venues nationwide. BeatBox currently sells in only 500 of the 240K on-premise accounts in the U.S. BeatBox can be sold as-is, mixed with champagne for brunch, used as a "floater" on liquor, as a BeatBox Fish Bowl, or served as a Slushee.

BeatBox Has Strong International Demand

Just like music that connects us all globally, BeatBox is positioned to be a global brand! We have strong international demand & a uniquely efficient and scalable production model that allows us to launch our brand in countries throughout the world.