Babe Kombucha

Invest in a Leading Kombucha Brand Expanding Nationwide

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 76 investors


Regional to national distribution, expanding from 500 to 1200 stores
Distribution partnership with UNFI & KEHE largest national distributors in US
Starting expansion into Sprouts and Grocery Outlet at a national level
We own our manufacturing facility capable of producing at a national scale

Our Team

We wanted to make a difference in the world with beverage products that we are proud to sell.


The Beginning

Babe started in 2016 with a small tasting room serving the community and offering a delicious, more approachable kombucha. The tasting room acted as our R&D lab, helping craft our brews to perfection and identify which flavors we wanted to focus on distributing.

After establishing our flagship flavors, we began packaging with a mobile canner in 2019 and successfully grew our southern California distribution. Having outgrown our modest space, we built an 12,000 square foot facility in 2021 with the capacity to produce on a national scale.

 Tasting Room in San Diego Back in 2016

First Production Tanks in Back of Tasting Room

Planning for Growth - The Facility

It was tempting to go all in on building the brand and leave others to make our products. But that went against our mission of making the cleanest, purest kombucha in the world -- we had to be 100% control of the process. We had to build inward before we built outward.

In 2021, we expanded into a new facility where we brew, ferment, package, and warehouse our products. The expanded space has led to co-packing opportunities -- companies are contacting us to make their kombucha now.

Production Tanks in New Facility

I Dare You to Find a Healthier Scoby Than This

Outside Our New Facility in San Diego

Regional to National in 2022

After building out our facility in 2021, we now had the capacity to expand nationwide. The goal was to expand our door count and distribution in 2022. We achieved this (and more) by securing nationwide contracts with Sprouts, Grocery Outlet, and Central Market. We also became established vendors with Kehe and UNFI, the two largest distributors in the beverage industry. 

In 2023, our door count will grow from 500 to 1200 stores!

Landed Two National Accounts for 2023 - Sprouts and Grocery Outlet

Distribution Map in 2023 - Expanding from just California to 18 States

What Comes Next - More Doors and New Product Lines

With our established relationships with the biggest distributors (Kehe and UNFI), we will continue to add new accounts and expand our door counts in 2023 and beyond. We are also expanding our product line into the yerba mate category, one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage industry.

Our yerba mate drinks are clean, healthy, shelf-stable, and are already receiving rave reviews. We expect this product to grow rapidly in 2023.

New Shelf-Stable Yerba Mate Product

Our Full Product Line (Kombucha + Yerba Mate)

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs and former professionals who wanted to build a clean, healthy beverage brand. Our founding and management team include a former founder with a successful exit, an architect, an attorney, and a super model. Our early investors include the founder of Jimbos, a very successful and established organic regional grocer. We also have the co-founder of Vizer, a healthy life style app, and a former Coca Cola executive leading this round of investment. 

Our Founding & Management Team

Come Join Us

With our new national accounts, distribution partnerships, and product line expansion, we are projecting our revenue to grow 300% in 2023. Our facility and team are equipped to handle this growth and the brand is ready to soar to new heights. Now's the time to get involved with a proven, healthy beverage company. Join us!