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The Fintech platform that connects independent auto dealers and lenders

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Jason interviewed Automatic on March 18, 2021. Play Video
Jason Levine
Founder @ Spirited. Stanford, NYU, Peerspace. Working move our economy and ways of living in a clear, ethical, sustainable direction.
says, "An experienced team tackling a market they know well with traction in dealer partnerships, and an industry in transition from analog/in-person sales to a much more robust digital buying and financing experience."
says, "Explaining the experience of the people involved (used car buyers, salespeople, finance mgrs, etc.) and how the solutions you're bringing to market are serving them better can put the more complex financial story in a human context."

What Investors Say

Co-Head of Venture Capital
Invested $25,000 this round
We're investing in Automatic because its a highly compelling opportunity that checks the box on market, team, product and traction.Market is $1.3 Trillion (with a T) that hasn't evolved since 2004. There is over $7 Billion/year in fraud, 30% in revenue lost due to inefficiencies and 2 hours of paperwork is required today in order to process an auto loan!  Auto loans make up 10% of all household debt. Team is led by CEO, Eric Burney, who has 18 years of experience in the auto industry and who is a close friend and partner of our fund that we've known for many years.  John Liu, CSO has 19 years of strategy and Fintech experience.  The Loan Automatic Product results in a 87.5% reduction in approval time and 75% reduction in data entry time. Traction - the company currently has 400 dealerships using the system and they are quickly expanding dealerships on a week by week basis.
What People Say