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📈 Uninterrupted month over month growth for the past 18 months.
🤖 6 million+ datapoints collected: gaining unrivaled insight of how the world makes music.
🎶 475,000+ audio tracks recorded to date.
🎧 Over 600 hours of music recorded each month on audiobridge.

Our Team

Our CEO spent a decade in L.A. as a songwriter, producer and performer. After stumbling through remote collaboration sessions with musicians around the world, he sought a solution that would work for people of all technical skill levels. When finding that nothing intuitive yet existed, he began the process of building audiobridge.

audiobridge is building the simplest yet most powerful music creation tool ever.

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The problem - It is too hard for the world to make music 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

The software that people use to record professional music looks like this:

Extra credit for the first person who can tell me how to start recording (hint, it's not as easy as just pressing the red button on the top...). On top of this, this software's user manual is 1,200 pages long.

What happens when someone has an amazing musical idea in their head and they want to quickly record it and get it out to the world before the moment of inspiration is lost? The answer...they can't.

Directly from a forum about the above software:

Only after my ideas are feeling solid will I begin to record that song into [this software], because the minute I stop to think "How do I do that again?", my creative idea I had in the first place gets lost.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. When making music, technology is making our lives harder.

The solution - audiobridge

audiobridge is a mobile music recording and collaboration platform where users can record full professional songs and collaborate instantly with anyone, anywhere. It is currently available for free on iOS.

audiobridge is the next generation in music making.

Our beautiful music-making platform, audiobridge

Bonus extra credit for anyone who can tell me how to start recording on audiobridge (hint: it is the gigantic red button).

To watch a product demo, scroll to the bottom of this page to view a video!

Made by musicians for everyone 🎸

The audiobridge team has spent our lives in and out of recording studios, touring the world and writing songs with musicians from a variety of genres. We have been fortunate to have access to top class musicians and facilities that have enabled us to make professional music that has been played for audiences globally.

We know there is a better way for everyone to make music.

CEO Matt Miller & Product Partnership Manager Andrew Perusi

Our initial raise, launch and growth 📈

In September 2018, after a year-long beta testing and R&D period, we raised our initial $500,000 and released our app to the world. Since this time we have seen a steady growth in our user base and the amount of music being made. One of our favorite statistics is the amount of audio tracks recorded per month. This shows us the direct impact our simple, yet powerful platform is having on creativity around the world.

Not only is our user base growing but our rate of user activity is growing every month. Users love audiobridge.

But don't take our word for it

Musicians love audiobridge

A unique crossover of music and tech 🎵🤖

Nine years ago, our CEO Matt Miller moved to the Bay Area and founding the software consultancy, Miller Media. Miller Media has organically grown from nothing to over $1M in annual revenue and a team of ten software developers and business associates. They have built and maintain websites resulting in over 2 million e-commerce orders worldwide and launched worldwide mobile applications. Their previous contracts include work for Amazon, Hyatt, Redbox and UBM amongst many others. 

Our team's experience in the music industry and Matt's deep experience in technology uniquely positions us to not only fully understand the solution, but also be able to effectively implement it.

While we retain several tricks up our sleeve, a major part of our success will be through the use of the most modern technology to create the smoothest music recording user experience ever. Artificial intelligence is in the forefront of our vision. The brains of an experienced audio engineer is coming to life within audiobridge and will ultimately provide a fully guided recording experience for users of all skill levels.

No more paying for expensive studio time.

No more fumbling through costly and complicated software.

Just hit record and leave the rest to audiobridge.

Coming in December 2020, the launch of the audiobrain will ring in a new era of music making.

Two years of hard work 👨🏻‍💻

In the past two years, we have put ourselves directly in the trenches and have an incredibly deep understanding of the musictech industry and trends that are emerging. audiobridge fits squarely into the future of music.

The audiobridge team has participated and graduated from two accelerator programs, BRIIA, an exclusive AI-focused accelerator in the Bay Area and Project Music, a music/musictech accelerator program based out of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

We've presented our vision at winter NAMM (Anaheim), summer NAMM (Nashville), the NOLA Musictech Conference, the Nashville Songwriter's Association, the Music Tectonics Weekly Websday Series, BRIIA Demo Day, BMI, SESAC, the Music Business Association Webinar Series, Pitchforce and many others.

Hundreds of calls, pitches and panels later, we are ready to take our well-developed product and turn it into a highly scalable business.

Life's a pitch.

The world is changing...incredibly fast ⏩

A product is only as great as the market it serves. Not only has audiobridge proven to be useful to our current users but we are on the cutting edge of several diverging trends in both the music and technology industries.

An outlet for creative energy during the pandemic

audiobridge has seen unprecedented growth during this unfortunate time in the world. Users from America, Europe, Asia and Africa have been in contact with our team to not only help us understand how to continue to improve our product for the changing times but also to thank us for the value audiobridge has brought to them.

Music making is on a massive upswing

From "Factfulness" by Hans Rosling (2018)

Mobile music hardware on the rise

Major music hardware manufacturers, such as Shure, Blue, Line 6 and IK Multimedia have begun investing in and selling professional mobile equipment. They understand the emerging trends.

Mobile recording devices from IK Multimedia, Line 6, Shure and Blue

Mobile creativity is on the rise

The world's top producers have begun making music directly from their smartphones. Multiple Grammy-award winner Billie Eilish and her brother and Grammy-winning producer Finneas O'Connell regularly use their iPhone to record audio for their songs. Grammy-nominated producer Steve Lacey used his iPhone while recording tracks and producing music for Kendrick Lamar ('iPhone' is listed as one of his primary instruments on his Wikipedia page!)

Mass adoption of smartphones continues to rise

By the end of 2020, 6.1 billion people will be using smartphones; over 70% of the world. (source: Ericsson Mobility Report)

The majority of internet usage is now on mobile

Mobile devices are now where the majority of internet and network usage happens; 54% as of April 2020. (source: statcounter GlobalStats)

5G = Greater speeds and higher quality media

With the 5G infrastructure being built worldwide, the future of data transfer is realistically 5x faster than what it is now (with a theoretical limit of 66x). This means high quality audio and video more quickly enabling sharing of large media files.

The line is blurring between mobile and desktop

At Apple's 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference, they announced that they are transitioning their Mac desktops to using their own silicon chips. For the non-technical, this means that "...for the first time, developers can make their iOS and iPadOS apps available on the Mac without any modifications" but not vice versa. (source: Apple announces Mac transition to Apple silicon)

This is a huge step in blurring the lines between mobile and desktop and proving the audiobridge team's long-time vision that the entire world is moving fully mobile. With this change, audiobridge will be available for desktop computers without any modifications needed. This is another example of how our team's foresight is saving us time and money and building a product for an inevitable future.

Add this all up and you can see that the only way forward for music creation is mobile-first and mobile only.

Our next step - Revenue 💵

Our product has seen consistent growth and our team has validated that there is an optimistic future for our vision. Due to this, audiobridge is now entering Phase 2 where we are shifting our primary focus from R&D and product development to monetization.

The success of our product development is directly correlated to our consistent, direct conversations with our users. We have crafted a series of questions that has enabled us to build the product as a combination of our future vision along with the features that users most want to see.

We will take this same process to developing our monetization model. It is important that we fully understand what our users are willing to pay for rather than guess. To this point we have run pricing experiments and studied what our competitors and like-minded companies have done but know it is now time to take the final step of confirming or denying our hypotheses with the users.

We will be rolling out monetization over the next six months, with an initial goal of converting 1% of our user base to paying customers and then driving towards 5% thereafter.

Additionally, we have built a robust pipeline of several dozen potential partnership opportunities including startups to top companies in the music-making software and hardware spaces. We are currently building a product partnership team of musictech veterans with decades of experience in the industry. We have opened many doors and will work with these companies to build partnerships that not only drive user growth but bring in scalable sources of revenue.

In closing...

The audiobridge team has been highly encouraged by our last two years and we see a seismic shift in the music creation process coming in the next five years. We envision a future where people, of any technical and musical skill level, will be able to make professional quality music and be creative with nothing but the mobile devices they already own and the audiobridge application. 

audiobridge is at the nexus of the rise of mobile technology, improved worldwide data networking, artificial intelligence and the rapid growth of music recordings.

Success is the freedom to be creative.


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