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Last Funded April 2024


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Founder has started a previous company funded with $2M+

CEO sold last company Bebo to Amazon & has scaled companies to 1 billion users
Led by world-class ex-leadership from Apple, Oculus, Neuralink, Baxter Health with 1,000+ patents
Team’s track record includes bringing to market and leading iPhone, iMac, and MacBook teams
Team has deep experience in FDA and regulatory, successfully commercialized multiple medical devices

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Atom is my 4th company and hopefully my last company — my life mission is to end disability. After selling Bebo to Amazon, I wanted to return to big meaningful problems impactful to all of humanity. *No one* should have to live with a permanent injury or disability. We have reusable rockets and electric cars... it's time for artificial limbs.

Why Atom Limbs?

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Atom Limbs is on a mission to revolutionize prosthetics.

Backed by industry-leading investors at Moai Capital, J4 Ventures, Village Global, angels including Y Combinator cofounder Trevor Blackwell, Balaji Srinivasan, and Anthony Pompliano, and countless healthcare professionals, Atom Limbs’ pioneering approach to the world's first artificial human arm is on track to transform the $800B+ physical disability industry.

We're giving 100M limb-different people their limbs back. With Atom Limbs, prosthetics aren’t just functional, they’re transformational.

100M people in the world live without a limb, including 4M in the United States. 1.5M people undergo amputation every single year.

By 2050, instances of limb loss are projected to double. Yet only 5% of people with limb loss have access to prosthetics, many of whom still rely on the same hook dating back to 1912!

Despite the rapid technological progress in other sectors, the prosthetics industry lags far behind. Most attachments are still assembled by hand.

Furthermore, while entry-level hook arms are available for an average of $26,000, the few state-of-the-art myoelectric options that are available are unsustainably expensive, averaging $195,000.

Insurers rarely reimburse above the hook arm price level — that's exactly where Atom Limbs is aiming, to be as affordable as entry-level hook arms.

The average lifetime healthcare costs for an amputee patient exceed $500,000, not including social costs.

Beyond the outdated technology and prohibitive costs, usability remains a significant concern.

Only 1 in 5 people choose to use a prosthetic, apprehensive that wearing one will only exacerbate their disability. 

The prosthetics industry demands urgent innovation.

Our first and flagship product, the Atom Touch, will be the world's first artificial human arm.

This groundbreaking, non-invasive, neurally-controlled wearable robotic system emulates a near-full range of human motion and even provides the user with basic touch feedback.

The control is made possible by sEMG and machine learning, powered by proprietary non-invasive electrodes placed on the residual limb.

The incorporation of haptic feedback further refines the user’s overall control by providing touch sensations.

Users can train the Atom Touch in less than 5 minutes.

We’ve adopted modern apparel aesthetics and a lightweight design, making it perfect for all-day wear. 

Our design integrates an attachment system based in modern apparel and materials science, including a cuff and socketed shirt, offering the most natural look and feel on the market.

Moreover, we aim for our attachments to be durable, breathable, and machine-washable, with inclusive sizing.

At Atom, our view is that artificial limbs should feel near-indistinguishable from natural ones.

How it works: When a person moves, their brain sends signals down the spinal cord and out their peripheral nerves that innervate the muscles in their arm.

After limb loss, these nerves remain functional but lack a tangible output (part of the arm is gone).

Atom Touch’s innovative neural cuff, designed to be worn around the user's remaining residual limb, captures electrical activity from this neuromuscular communication.

And Atom's machine learning platform translates these signals into intuitive gestures.

Sensors in the hand and fingers provide users a basic sense of touch using haptic feedback relayed to their residual limb.

Touch feedback, not just visual, is one of the main inputs for better motor control.

We aim to give users more confidence and peace-of-mind in completing everyday activities.

The Atom Touch stands alone as the only artificial arm that enables individual finger movement, making actions like grasping and gripping feel natural again.

Our proprietary miniaturized motors, paired with our overall modular design, offers users both gross (elbow/wrist) and fine (fingers) control for human-like dexterity. (Provisional patents filed.)

Leveraging machine learning and AI, Atom Touch is near-biomimetic, ensuring an intuitive experience with minimal cognitive effort. Despite weighing under 4 lbs, the Atom Touch offers near-parity with the human arm, with over a 90% range of motion and all 26 degrees of freedom. The Atom Touch is also exceptionally responsive, nearly as fast as a human arm.

Our focus on balance within the shirt attachment aims to show a marked reduction in back pain and musculoskeletal issues, which are an almost-universal issue among people with limb loss, both those who do and don't prosthetics. Our shirt is designed to effectively distribute the weight and forces of the arm, using semi-rigid materials, stiction, and compression. Our goal is to redefine access without sacrificing comfort.

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Atom Limbs has gained significant traction, and we aren’t slowing down. 

We've received rave reviews from over 30 test users, and already have $180+ million in forecast revenue from over 9,000+ people who've pre-registered to buy an Atom Touch.

Our waitlist is consistently growing, showing a ~15% increase quarterly. Additionally, there's notable demand for leg products, with over 1,000 inquiries, despite having not announced a leg product yet. We're humbled by the overwhelming interest.

Strategically, we've built a solid customer acquisition engine geared for market entry and long-term competitiveness.

We're in active talks with major clinics, aiming to facilitate seamless transitions for patients to our innovative prosthetics, as well as a clear path to reimbursement.

Atom Limbs boasts a top-tier team, led by ex-leadership from technology giants such as Apple, Neuralink, Oculus, Zoox, and IDEO. Collectively, we have created over $1 trillion in value and have been named on 1,000+ patents.

Human lifespan expectancy has increased 200% — from 40 years to 80 years — in the last 150 years. As we live longer, the global demand for artificial limbs is also rising, with 50-100 million potential users worldwide. These individuals require a lifetime of artificial limbs, accessories, therapeutic services, and medical care.

Basic hook prosthetics make up 95% of the market. Myoelectric hands, despite their technological edge, are rarely adopted due to their high cost.

Even then, no myoelectric hand in the world offers individual finger control, and there is no fully-myoelectric arm offering all joints... at all. Passive hands, lacking in functionality, fail to compete beyond simple cosmetic appearance.

Atom is poised to dominate the market as we address this significant gap in prosthetic affordability and functionality. Atom has the potential to transform the lives of millions affected not just by limb loss, but by conditions like severe paralysis due to brain and spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, and mobility impairments.

What Tesla ($900B) did for cars, Atom Limbs can do for prosthetics. Our waitlist of pre-registered buyers LTV is already valued at $1B. The population of 100M suffering from limb loss represents an underserved market with an LTV of $2T.

Note: future revenue projections are not guaranteed.

We aim to launch the Atom Touch in 2025, after receiving FDA clearance and undergoing clinical testing.

As the Atom Touch makes its debut, its top-tier functionality and competitive pricing has the potential to revolutionize the prosthetics industry, with skyrocketing revenues.

Given that we aim for the same reimbursement pathways as today's prosthetics, and that insurance providers routinely cover prosthetic replacements every 3-5 years, our prospects for reimbursement are promising.

To date, Atom Limbs has invested in developing and testing prototypes. Our current round is geared towards getting our prototype ready for FDA filing and strategically positioning ourselves for a Series A round in 2024.

Capital raised will enable us to prepare our design for clinical trials, establish vital partnerships, and ensure we are ready for FDA submission, critical to our go-to-market success.

We've also partnered with a contract manufacturer — a worldwide leader in precision, industrial motors and control systems — to co-develop and manufacture our proprietary motor actuators and controls.

With a rising demographic living longer but grappling with chronic conditions, the demand for advanced artificial limbs has never been higher. 

Join us and invest alongside leading VCs including Moai Capital, J4 Ventures, and Village Global, and angels including Trevor Blackwell, Daniel Ha, and Anthony Pompliano.