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The Global Employment Platform to Hire Manage & Retain World-Class Global Talent



raised from 123 investors
 $16M  $14M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $500K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $14M valuation cap
$500, $1K, $10K
I invested in Athyna because of their ambition to create employment opportunities for millions of people in developing economies, whilst reducing administrative burden and complexity for businesses as they shift to hire global teams. I’m impressed by Athyna’s capital efficient growth over the last 12-18 months, and I believe the team can achieve a leading position in market as the go-to platform for sourcing, managing and retaining global talent. Furthermore, I've known Bill personally for around 20 years. Over that time I've witnessed Bill acquire the life experience that many could only dream of. He's a born leader with a natural ability to attract quality people who share his drive to have a positive impact on the world. The caliber of the team that Athyna has assembled to date is testament to this.
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💥 Backed by angels from Google, AWS, Deel, YouTube, Uber, Xero and more
🥾 Bootstrapped & profitable at $3.9M ARR
🚀 15% MoM revenue growth for 2.5 years
📈 $627B TAM market opportunity
🌎 70k+ Global talent pool and growing 22%+ MoM
🌲 5% of net revenue committed to investing into climate tech startups
⭐️ Built global team from Ex-Amazon, Meta, WeWork, Uber, DiDi and more
🇺🇸 80% of customers based in the US

Our Team

I built my first startup, with a small, scrappy global team. I knew the massive benefits of doing so and also knew that even pre-pandemic, this was where the world was heading. At Athyna we are passionate to continue to provide employment to millions of people in developing economies while helping startups to build high-performing global teams.

Welcome to our Community Round. 👋

If you are reading this it's very likely you are a user of Athyna, a talent in our network or a member of our thriving online community. If so, this Community Round is for you. Like all startups today, community is huge. And we are super excited to open up this round to everyone who has believed in us and followed along the journey so far. In the following screen, you'll see our deck for our VC round that is currently under way, along with commentary fleshing out the areas a little more. Anyway, we hope you enjoy reading and would be stoked to have you join along on the journey. 🚀 

We're the one-stop shop for hiring talent globally. Payroll, benefits, taxes, and sustainability for your global team. In minutes.

Our Mission 🎯 

We partner with solo-entrepreneurs to decacorns (10X 🦄 ) but our real passion is in brand and culture. Business should be a force for good in the world and we pride ourselves on doing for-profit business the right way. Business by example, by way of caring about our people and by building impact into our business model. We aim to inspire and equip the next generation of founders to build great, meaningful companies

Our Vision ❤️ 

Through our products we are built a virtuous flywheel in which we are able to create a positive impact. We employ talent in developing economies, along with offering carbon offsetting solutions for teams. We also decided as an organisation in 2021 to pledge 5% of all revenue for investment into impact-driven startups and climate tech. 🌱 

The Problem 🤔 

The world is smaller than ever and access to talent is now a global undertaking. Hiring well in different regions can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. Building a high-performing local team is hard enough. Hiring a stellar global team is orders of magnitude harder again.

Our Solution 😍 

We have built a Global Employment platform in which you can find talent through our talent network, manage your own contractors and employ full-time employees without needing a local entity. Skip the bureaucracy and hold the subsidiaries, hiring with Athyna means growing your global team across 150+ countries in minutes, not months.

Market Size 📈

The market for global teams is huge, currently at ~$42B and expanding rapidly. As the market grows we will expand our products and services to command a larger portion of the opportunity, positioning ourselves as leaders in remote work & global teams

Our Story So Far 🙌🏼

We were founded in late 2018 by Bill Kerr, Drew Slater & Madeleine with the idea to 'be the best in the world at building global teams'. Here is the breakdown of what has happened since:

  • Jan 19 | First revenue came in the door 💰
  • July 19 | Grew fast for first 6-months 💨 
  • Dec 19 | After some stagnant growth Co-Founders exited the company 🚪 
  • March 20 | COVID hits and we lose 70% of our revenue 🦠 
  • May 20 | Rebuild begins 💪🏾
  • Feb 21 | Hire sales team and growth starts to accelerate 🚀 
  • Sept 21 | Start building new products 💥 
  • July 22 | Regain focus on core products and growth takes off again 🦄
  • Nov 22 | Hit profitability 🤗 

Traction 🚀 

Since we started rebounding we have bootstrapped our growth incredibly fast at around ~15% MoM. In 2o21 we grew by over 20% but knowing we'd be raising money in 2022, we started the new year with the mindset of growing 'better not faster' so that once we raised the capital we could put it to use more efficiently. 

Metrics 👀 

The standard growth metrics that you see when talking about sales & growth efficiency stack up really well for us. We have phenomenally low CAC and a very strong CAC:LTV and payback period. Usually, when efficiency metrics are this strong it means you should be investing more heavily in growth. Which we are excited to do.

We built a Global Employment Platform.

Product #1 - Talent 

Product #2 - Contractors

Product #3 - Employees

That's the product suite. 

Competitive Landscape 🏴‍☠️

We are really trying to solve the two biggest challenges in building global teams. First being talent acquisition and second, being compliance and hiring without a local entity. This positions us as a genuine one-stop shop for companies looking to build high-performing global teams.

Competitors 🧟

Competitors in the employment platform space don't own the talent acquisition piece and competitors in talent networks (and marketplaces) don't offer full-time employment opportunities to their talent. 

Next on the roadmap are machine learning, performance & engagement, crypto payroll, and more.

Roadmap 🗺 

Our key driver across our entire product suite is retention. We are looking to continually improve retention by improving the product experience on the side of both our customers and also our talent. 

We are also excited to release a new partner-enabled, talent financing feature in which ambitious startups can accelerate their growth with us and therefore within their company.

And we are also working on performance and engagement tools, giving customers the chance to manage their HR cycles within platform. This will improve stickiness of the product but also give us critical data about our clients and also provide lead indicators for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. 

Ecosystem 🧬

Our pillars moving forward will always be around our talent network and our EOR products but we are building out a full talent and growth ecosystem. 🌐

Future Opportunities 🔮 

There are a number of directions we can take once we scale. Two of which provide the most interesting opportunities are EdTech talent onramps, taking one of our largest profit centres, finding, onboarding, and assessing talent, and turning it into a profit centre. The next would be financial services for talent. Money is the biggest problem to solve in developing economies and we can help provide better outcomes for our talent. These are opportunities rather than agreed-upon points on our roadmap but definitely interesting for us to look at in the future. 

We have always invested heavily in brand and culture at Athyna. Believing that when you build a strong brand, you entice the best talent to come and work with you and if you foster a strong culture those talents are motivated to do their best work. We have 65 team members across 5 different companies with experience at Meta, Amazon, WeWork, Rappi, Darktrace, Accenture, DiDi and more.

Leaders 🦹🏽

Operators 🥷🏿

Advisors 🦸🏻‍♀️

Culture 💘

We have worked hard to create a strong culture at Athyna and are proud to have rolling 12-month engagement score (from Culture Amp) off 88/100. That's 'write a book on culture' high and we are excited to build upon it.

Diversity 🌏 

We have a diverse team spread across the globe and also have more than 50% female representation both at overall level and as leaders at Athyna. 

Impact 💥

Our model at Athyna works like an impact flywheel due to the employment opportunities we provide, the carbon offsetting we offer and the impact investment we have pledged. 

Investment Fund ☀️

Raise 💸

We are raising to invest into continuing to scale our Talent product while scaling our new Employees (EOR) product. This should put is in a great position to continue our fast growth en route to a Series A funding round in 2023.

Trajectory 🚀 

Once we raised our round we expect to hit some incredible milestones starting with $6.5m in ARR to close the year and with $40m ARR expecting to close out 2023 (not guaranteed).  

Distribution 🧩

The funds will be distributed in the following ways.

Thank You 🙏 

We'd love to have you jump on and join us on this journey. 🌈