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Invest in Ashley Black Experience

Innovative Beauty E-Commerce, Tightening and Smoothing Skin, Relieving Pain


đź’°$125M+ Lifetime Revenue PROFITABLE Self-funded, 6M+ Highly Engaged Community, Celebrity Endorsed
🏆Equity Partners Include World-Renowned Doctors & Business Tycoons
🎦POWERFUL BRAND recognition, OVER 1 Trillion unique media impressions in 7 countries
🔬PATENTED SCIENTIFIC products proven safe and effective in a peer reviewed and published study.
🚀REVENUE growth of 72% Q1 2022 y/y, 30% in 2020, another 18% in 2021
đź’– OVER 1M LOYAL customers with 55% average repurchase rate

Our Team

The brand is based on my lifelong struggle for health. Born with Juvenile arthritis, I sought better health solutions. After I developed a bone eating bacteria that robbed me of my hip and deteriorated my spine and almost took my life, I asked God to help me find a solution for my own health that I would share with the world. He did, and I am.


Ashley Black has spent her entire life overcoming physical challenges. From Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis to a deadly bone infection in her late twenties, she was left crippled, in raging pain, and both doctors and holistic practitioners were out of answers.

Ashley believed she would have to heal herself to have a normal life. Ashley searched for both traditional cures and alternative therapies. Her journey led her to discover the little-known system of the body called “fascia”, or connective tissue, and how to regenerate it in her own body.

Her ideas were so revolutionary that her self-healing modalities became a methodology and launched a 25-year career on the cutting edge of the health and beauty industries. She brought her methodology to famous celebrities and professional athletes, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Derek Jeter, before deciding to bring her products and methodology to the masses.

Ashley was trying to recreate the celebrity treatments she provided with her hands, so that she could expose the everyday person to her health and beauty hacks. This lead her to invent her inaugural tool, The FasciaBlaster. In the process of launching, it was discovered that using the FasciaBlaster could reduce or eliminate cellulite and dramatically impact the quality of the skin. This discovery catapulted the FasciaBlaster from the small elite circles into mainstream America.

Cogent Journal of Medicine

“Conclusions: The present study provides evidence that fascia manipulation techniques (FMT), through use of the FasciaBlaster® devices (FBD), can decrease subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT), and the appearance of cellulite in adult women over 12 weeks. Evidence also shows improved collagen remodeling and the overall safety of fascia manipulation and the FasciaBlaster® devices.”


A digitally native, self-funded, purpose driven brand, innovating in health and beauty within a virtually untapped sector. Backed by science and driven by customers’ life changing transformations, shared in an active and massive community.


The Ashley Black brand is a disruptive company in the powerful pain and beauty industries. We gained momentum very quickly after launch, catapulting us into the mainstream. Our "overnight success" brought about incredible positive social media and press attention. It also brought about competitors and trolls that wanted to “cancel” us by using false FDA filings, fake news, and baseless lawsuits. For more on this experience, see our FAQs.


Over 93% of current revenue stems from sales on the branded eCommerce website in the US with most traffic driven through paid and organic social media ads. The growth plan for the next 24 months will expand the distribution channels to include international websites, US and International marketplaces, and boutique retail. The source of customer traffic will expand to increasingly stem from affiliate networks and professional partnerships.


(DC, PT, LAT, YOGA, LMT, Trainer)

Launching in Q1 2022, the Company has partnered with one of the leading Chiropractic instructors from Parker University to offer board certified live and virtual training programs for professionals using the products and methodology, co-led by Drs and Company trainers. The classes facilitate market expansion and add to brand awareness and credibility.

The Company will offer Professional Distribution via boutique retail and drop shipping options.

Launching in 2022, an internally developed APP (think Bumble meets SpaFinder) will connect the millions of followers in the Ashley Black US community to their local certified professional service provider. The Company drives traffic to certified professionals, helping to expand their business, who in turn become the brand ambassadors, an “Army of Ashley’s” to educate the market and sell the products along with their services. The app will offer gift cards and a rating & review system initially, with additional functionality for community connection and education coming online in future periods.


Ashley Black launched the bootstrapped business in 2015 and has achieved over $120M in revenue solely through the Company's own website and limited exposure on Amazon. Lean, agile, and fiscally responsible, the Company is ready to capitalize on significant growth opportunities in both DTC and BTB global health and beauty markets.

2022 revenue is projected below at just over $26 million, with strong year to date sales performance looking to potentially accelerate growth even more.


Branded website revenue attributed to affiliate sales will grow from 1% in 2021 to 29% in 2023, reducing reliance on costly digital prospecting ads, reducing marketing from 20% to 14% of revenue over that same period. Coupon or discount sites and certified professionals comprise 75% of the affiliate sales channel.

Marketplaces revenue from Amazon and other US sites is projected at 70% in 2022, dropping to less than 50% by 2024 as additional global markets are launched. The marketing expense necessary to launch new markets and grow the channel is budgeted at an average 20% of revenue for the first 12 months.

Retail channel costs are budgeted at 38% COGS, 10% commissions, and 10 - 20% in store and offsite marketing.

Professional revenue from live and online classes grows to over $2.5M in 2024, while the product sales growth for onsite retail and drop shipping is forecasted at $24M in that same period. The estimated churn for the FasciaFinder app monthly subscription for professionals is 8%.