Ashley Black Inc

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Last Funded April 2024


raised from 4,727 investors



Profitable for prior 3 months and expect same in future

$20M+ Revenue

Earned over the last 12 months

54% REVENUE GROWTH after WF raise (22/23 vs 20/21). $170M+ Lifetime Revenue PROFITABLE business.
OVER 1.7M LOYAL customers with 58% repeat customer repurchase rate. 9M+ Highly Engaged Community.
PATENTED SCIENTIFIC products proven safe and effective in a peer reviewed and published study.
POWERFUL BRAND recognition, OVER 1 Trillion unique media impressions in 7 countries.

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The brand is based on my lifelong struggle for health. Born with Juvenile arthritis, I sought better health solutions. After I developed a bone eating bacteria that robbed me of my hip and deteriorated my spine and almost took my life, I asked God to help me find a solution for my own health that I would share with the world. He did, and I am.


Before we dive into the business of Ashley Black Inc and the impact of the FasciaBlaster products and system, let us show you what fascia is, where it is, and how it works.

With the first profits of the product sales, Ashley decided to invest nearly $2M to study the safety and efficacy of FasciaBlasting and the results were amazing. Not only did participants see visible results on the surface but the ultrasound images showed a dramatic remodeling of the fascia layers after only 90 days of regular use. To dive in deeper on the science, visit FasciaBlaster Research

There are other products and procedures in the market that address the issues tackled by the FasciaBlasters and here is how we stack up:

With FasciaBlasters, consumers have the solution they are looking for, one that involves them in their self-care and is both long-lasting and non-invasive. FasciaBlasting activates the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, improving results with every use. As a daily routine, you should brush your hair, brush your teeth, and brush your fascia.

We have integrated our deep understand of fascia science, with critical and defensible patent protection, resulting in a portfolio of over 100 products with benefits across appearance, performance and health for over 1.7M customers.

Our newest hero product is going to be the most exciting yet! Introducing Next Generation Fascia NEXCIA (tm) with our VersoForce (tm) Technology. We are aiming to launch this product in 2025, revolutionizing the health and beauty industry. This non-invasive product will be the first and only mechanical device that can remodel fascia tissue. Part of this raise will be used to fund the first round of these devices. Investors will be given priority on our waitlist for the launch.

Bolstered by the first ever capital infusion in the last round, the company was able to invest in the foundation of important new areas of growth.

In addition to bringing our Series A investors on board officially, this round (and a follow on debt financing) will be used to expand the new channels that we launched with FAA and SPA, increase the features of our Fascia App, pursue a new regulatory path with the FDA, and invest in vertically integrating our supply chain to improve our margins while we also do our part to improve the planet.

The funds raised on WeFunder will be combined with a follow on Series B that we anticipate to be mostly secured debt backed by our IP asset portfolio. We have held off on this debt while the interest rates were extremely high, but this will become a more attractive addition to the capital structure as rates start to return to a more normal range. We expect that process to begin in Q2-Q3. The timing of the debt financing may change the timing of the results projected below beyond the current year.

Here are a few details of the investment, but please read the subscription agreement for the full details. If you invested in our last round, look for an email with information on the convertible notes conversion.

The mission we are on, to provide the education and tools needed to restore the fascia health of every person on the planet, is not an easy one but we will continue to work tirelessly to see it through. We are also committed to running a stable and responsible company that provides immense value to every customer, every owner, every community and our precious planet. We hope you will join us on this journey.

Here is a message from our lead investor, Joe Saporito. (Apologies for the quality but we filmed with an AI notetaker. Every little savings helps!)

One of the most important aspects of any successful business is a team that is dedicated to the mission.  We do not outsource any of our departments.  We have our own warehouse team, customer service, social media, marketing, supply chain, accounting and more. We drive both cost savings and high quality by keeping everything in house.  The Ashley Black team works together across the globe to ensure every person learns about the importance of daily fascia care.