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Last Funded June 2022


raised from 3,842 investors


🚀$125M+ Lifetime Revenue PROFITABLE business. 6M+ Highly Engaged Community.
🏆Equity Partners Include World-Renowned Doctors & Business Tycoons
📈Revenue growth of 74% 2022 YOY, 30% in 2020, and another 18% in 2021.
🔬PATENTED SCIENTIFIC products proven safe and effective in a peer reviewed and published study.
🎦POWERFUL BRAND recognition, OVER 1 Trillion unique media impressions in 7 countries.
💖 OVER 1M LOYAL customers with 55% average repurchase rate

Our Team

The brand is based on my lifelong struggle for health. Born with Juvenile arthritis, I sought better health solutions. After I developed a bone eating bacteria that robbed me of my hip and deteriorated my spine and almost took my life, I asked God to help me find a solution for my own health that I would share with the world. He did, and I am.


Before we delve into the specifics, we wanted you to hear from some of the millions of customers whose lives have been transformed by the Fascia Blaster. [Tap Photo to Play]

Unfortunately, people live with chronic pain or experience acute health or aesthetic challenges which they struggle to find solutions for. They have searched and experimented and were left unsatisfied until now.

Let's understand what their options have been up until now. They have a range of choices in different channels for different concerns and benefits.

Consumers are faced with non-invasive procedures (CoolSculpt) or fast-acting pharmaceuticals (Botox), which generally don’t offer a long-term solution, or to try something invasive (surgery) which may cause additional issues or may not actually alleviate the concern.

With FasciaBlasters, consumers have the solution they are looking for, one that involves them in their self-care and is both long-lasting and non-invasive. FasciaBlasting activates the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, improving results with every use. As a daily routine, you should brush your hair, brush your teeth, and brush your fascia.

Ashley was one of those people who was searching unsuccessfully for a solution to the crippling pain she experienced. She was unwilling to accept that there was nothing she could do aside from multiple surgeries or pain killers that were addictive. So, she began a journey to study anatomy all over the world, leading her to find fascia, a system of the body that has been widely overlooked in western medicine.

Based on her own experience, she knew how many other people were in pain and frustrated by lack of solutions or results. She determined that she could successfully treat people on a one-on-one basis, but wanted to systematize the solution in a way that put power in individuals’ hands.

Ashley is just of one of many in a long line of people and research who have studied and demonstrated the critical role fascia plays throughout the body. The widespread benefits of fascia manipulation have been demonstrated time and time again. And the science is still in its infancy, so the future potential upside is amazing.

Just so this doesn’t sound like magic, let us show you what fascia is, where it is, and how it works [Tap Photo to Play]

The results, from a data and visual perspective demonstrate dramatic, visible, change in the fascia structure and improved function. Now you can see the picture of what we can do and why we have been able to build this successful business.

So we have integrated our deep understand of fascia science, with critical and defensible patent protection, resulting in a portfolio of over 50 products with benefits across appearance, performance and health for over 1M customers.

The numbers tell the story of meaningful benefits, high value consumers, activated and engaged community and profitable revenue growth.

The foundations of the business are securely in place with clear opportunity areas for more products to drive revenue to solve more problems.

Bolstered by the first ever capital infusion in the seed round, the company will be able to fund important new areas of growth. The impressive growth in 2022 will lay the foundation for a larger Series A raise by mid 2023. Those funds will allow for new vertical integrations in plastics manufacturing and topical compounding, further reducing supply chain risk and stabilizing product costs.

We have already launched 2 of our most exciting growth initiatives which will catapult 2022 revenues and beyond, as well as establish the company’s longer-term vision.

In case you are not familiar with investing, we have tried to break down the basics here. 
Notes: We plan to put in place a Delaware C corporation prior to the Notes converting. Following the C corp conversion, the business should qualify for Sec 1202 Qualified Small Business Stock. Please consult your tax advisor.

Read more below on how we get the job done, how we have successfully protected our business, our experienced team, a deeper look at our customer profiles and more.

We have the leadership, the patents, the track record, the products and the customers!

Our core team and partners have been the driving force of this growth.

The patents have protected the company as it has grown.

When challenged to defend our products and technology, we have always emerged victorious.

Our engaged community also serves as a source of inspiration for new products to deliver more benefits.

Our customers are a unique asset and crucial part of our business. Not only are they enthusiastic promoters, but when given the chance, financial supporters of the vision!