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Last Funded November 2021


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CEO's third venture; Co-founder serial entrepreneur
Bootstrapped - Founder invested $360K of his funds
2,000+ patients and 80+ med assistances at facilities that have used or are using our Adherence Apps
Healthcare facilities are reducing costs and increasing their sales with our Adherence App Suite

Our Team

The venture came from my own experience in behavioral care facilities and clinics, coupled with my father's stay at a transitional care facility. Witnessing the inefficient management of my father's care uncovered the need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to managed care in facilities.

Post-Acute illness Adherence & Compliance

Behavioral Facilities | Transitional Facilities | Skilled Nursing Facilities

Invest in Arum Health!

If you have a friend or a loved one who has spent time in a behavioral care, transitional care, or skilled nursing facility, you will understand the value our Adherence App Suite brings to practitioners, patients, and their families.

Arum Health is a B2B SaaS digital healthcare company that develops software solutions for managed care facilities; behavioral, transitional, and skilled nursing. 

We identified the key elements of care a patient will experience at a hospital and have made them the core of our technology. Our App Suite allows practitioners to Communicate, Comprehend, and Collaborate amongst themselves and the patient’s family.

We provide an Amazon Web Services (AWS) HIPAA compliant cloud platform with four main Apps. which supports higher quality care for patients who need to adhere and comply, not only to their medication, but their exercise and diet prescribed by their medical practitioner. Our Apps collect all the data (medical, diet, exercise, behavioral) necessary to create value reporting that assists health care providers in giving the highest quality care at a lower cost and creates avenues for new revenue streams.

After hospital discharge, patients are left alone without the same support infrastructure they had at the hospital. This lack of support results in frequent and costly hospital readmissions. 

The managed care program industry is growing to meet this need. A $97B market and growing. This growing industry is struggling to find the suitable tool suite to support their operations. They have struggled because most practitioners are independent businesses with a patchwork of technology apps, if any. Their challenge is the lack of tools that allow them to work together efficiently so that the hospital environments support their patients.

The managed care facilities ecosystem in behavioral, transitional, and skilled nursing are leading to reducing post-acute hospital visits. But they need help!

Arum Health assists managed care program facilities and their practitioners, ensuring their patients/residents receive the care they need. Our data collection and its communication methods allow for a 360-degree collaboration. Exercising its key elements Comprehend, Collaborate, Communicate, ultimately reducing the cost of patient readmission. 

Our apps provide additional revenue to the healthcare practitioner, allowing them to offer an enhanced evaluation based on the information we collect a billable service. . 

Our suite of applications includes four access points - Dashboard, Adherence, Case Manager /Caregiver, and Family. Our solution is to focus on "we the patient" considering doctors make ALL requests, including diet and exercise, not just medication.

Example of a patient profile summary that residents receive as part of the data gathered during adherence and compliance.

Our Apps Suite solution fulfills the need for value-based care in the growing managed care facility market.

We provide an increased financial benefit to healthcare practitioners. The information gathered via our app suite allows doctors to provide an enhanced evaluation. They ultimately provide better patient care and simultaneously better manage costs. This technology no longer weighing down on expenses. Most importantly, data shows that the patient receives better care and lowers the possibility of hospital remittance.

Holistic Patient Engagement
We believe we are the first to provide an enhanced cloud suite of applications that focuses on the patient. Our app suite allows all medical and facility contributors to improve quality care for patients collectively.

                                              We are EHR agnostic

These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

Return On Your Investment

The goal is to reach a $1M in annual recurring revenue (ARR) with this initial funding request. We hope a subsequent round of funding will allow us to achieve our financial forecast of  $20M ARR. Once we reach our financial projection, we want to be bought out at 4 to 5 times our ARR (close to $100M); these projections are not guaranteed.

What we will do with your investment

50% of the funds will be used for marketing and sales, while 40% will be for software development and 10% will be for admin costs. 

Sales & Marketing targets

    • Behavioral Facilities
    • VA Hospitals
    • Expanded partnerships

    Tech Development 

    • Expand the tech offering to additional markets and platforms
    • Add additional features in line with our technology roadmap


      • Hire sales and marketing team
      • Hire tech staff