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A Global Network of Next Generation Floating Social Clubs

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Invested $75,000 this round
I grew up on a lake and it always been on boats on boats and the water. The idea of a social club that floats sounds like such a great fit for me. I also live in Miami part of the year so knowing that their 1st club will be so close is it another reason for the good fit. On top of that I am fascinated with renewable energy and solar power. I hope to one day own my own solar yacht! I see this investment not just as a way to Increase my bottom line in the future, but to also drive innovative energy solutions forward which is my passion. The tipping point for my decision came when I found out they were selling membership NFTs, I'm an early Bitcoin OG and love the crypto space. Not only am I an investor but I also bought a perpetual membership NFT :)

In the News

Memberships to a floating members-only club made of four solar-powered yachts docked off Miami's coast start at $5,000 a year - see inside
August 14, 2022
ArkHAUS is scheduled to launch in Miami by Spring 2023, with 360 memberships priced between $5,000 and $10,000 a year - check it out.
Lifestyles South Florida Summer Issue
August 13, 2022
The Lifestyles South Florida ultimate travel issue is filled with features on summer destinations, private travel clubs, and jaw-dropping cars to get you around. If your proverbial road is short this summer, making best of your time at...
Membership to a floating members-only club made of four solar-powered yachts docked off Miami's coast costs $10,000 a year - see inside
August 13, 2022
ArkHAUS is launching a floating lifestyle club with 360 memberships starting at $6,250 a year. Insider spoke with the company's founders about their Miami location scheduled to open in Spring 2023.
ARKHAUS Prepares to Launch Final Tier Applications for Pre-Sale Membership to World's First Floating Members-Only Social Club
July 19, 2022
MIAMI, July 19, 2022--ARKHAUS, an entirely revolutionary concept positioned to redefine the members' club of yesteryear, today announced that it is accepting presale membership applications to the world's first-ever floating members-only club. The floating social club is currently offering its second tier of membership presales and will soon move into its final Tier 3 membership level.
ArkHaus lets you spend luxurious days aboard a sustainable floating mansion - Yanko Design
June 13, 2022
One of my dreams is to be able to temporarily live somewhere near the ocean or any body of water.
Check out ArkHAUS - A modular, floating, solar-electric social club for members only
May 16, 2022
If you thought Soho House was exclusive, wait until you see this. ArkHAUS is an upcoming members-only social club that is as innovative as it is stylish, offering multiple solar-powered, electrically propelled vessels than can be connected to create large floating spaces to work, socialize, and enjoy the views - all while supporting local marine research cleanly beneath the vessel.
'World's first' $10K per year, yacht-flotilla lifestyle club comes to Miami
April 11, 2022
It would be in Miami... The "world's first floating, members'-only social club" is preparing to launch later this year in Miami before expanding to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Istanbul and beyond, announced a press release for the "Soho House-style" organization, ArkHAUS.
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