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Last Funded March 2023


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Invested $75,000 this round
I grew up on a lake and it always been on boats on boats and the water. The idea of a social club that floats sounds like such a great fit for me. I also live in Miami part of the year so knowing that their 1st club will be so close is it another reason for the good fit. On top of that I am fascinated with renewable energy and solar power. I hope to one day own my own solar yacht! I see this investment not just as a way to Increase my bottom line in the future, but to also drive innovative energy solutions forward which is my passion. The tipping point for my decision came when I found out they were selling membership NFTs, I'm an early Bitcoin OG and love the crypto space. Not only am I an investor but I also bought a perpetual membership NFT :)

In the News

New floating Miami social club coming to Biscayne Bay
October 11, 2022
Miami residentsare familiar with Arkup's boxy " floating house," a modern, $5.5 million houseboat often seen around Biscayne Bay. Now, two New York entrepreneurs have teamed up with the same designer and commissioned four vessels that they will combine into a floating social club in the bay.
September 22, 2022
While there is no shortage of members’ clubs around the world, have you ever been to one that’s floating in the middle of the water? Until now, this concept was nonexistent. ARKHAUS (@arkhausmiami) plans to change this as it sets out to introduce Miami’s first-ever floating members’ club, redefining the notion of a truly exclusive member experience. Set to open in 2023, the club will feature four multistory luxury villas that boast outdoor decks, a protected saltwater pool, fitness facilities and rooftop lounges. Combining innovation, exclusivity and luxury, ARKHAUS’ introduction is poised to shake up the scene. While floating in the water and soaking in the deep sun rays lends itself to serenity, the club also ensures that its members are provided with fun and entertainment, creating a 360 hospitality experience. With only 350 memberships available plus 10 NFT memberships, ARKHAUS promises an intimate and bespoke oasis. Designed with solar awnings, electric propulsion and sustainable architecture, ARKHAUS beautifully embraces futuristic design with a luxurious edge—a perfect fit for Miami.
How Four Floating Mansions Got Turned Into Miami's Newest Members-Only Club
September 12, 2022
Miami will soon be home to the world's first floating members-only club-if Arkhaus has anything to say about it, that is. The company, helmed by Sam Payrovi and Nathalie Paiva of New York's CSTM HAUS, plans to open a ritzy new overwater oasis for the city's elite in just a few months.
Memberships to a floating members-only club made of four solar-powered yachts docked off Miami's coast start at $5,000 a year - see inside
August 14, 2022
ArkHAUS is scheduled to launch in Miami by Spring 2023, with 360 memberships priced between $5,000 and $10,000 a year - check it out.
Lifestyles South Florida Summer Issue
August 13, 2022
The Lifestyles South Florida ultimate travel issue is filled with features on summer destinations, private travel clubs, and jaw-dropping cars to get you around. If your proverbial road is short this summer, making best of your time at...
Membership to a floating members-only club made of four solar-powered yachts docked off Miami's coast costs $10,000 a year - see inside
August 13, 2022
ArkHAUS is launching a floating lifestyle club with 360 memberships starting at $6,250 a year. Insider spoke with the company's founders about their Miami location scheduled to open in Spring 2023.
ARKHAUS Prepares to Launch Final Tier Applications for Pre-Sale Membership to World's First Floating Members-Only Social Club
July 19, 2022
MIAMI, July 19, 2022--ARKHAUS, an entirely revolutionary concept positioned to redefine the members' club of yesteryear, today announced that it is accepting presale membership applications to the world's first-ever floating members-only club. The floating social club is currently offering its second tier of membership presales and will soon move into its final Tier 3 membership level.
Arkhaus Reveals a Social Club That Literally Floats - SFBW
July 14, 2022
Is Soho House a little heavy and earthbound for your taste? In that case, here's some good news: ArkHaus, the world's first floating, sustainable, members-only social club is coming to Miami, followed by stops in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Paris, Istanbul and Dubai. ArkHaus...
Sustainable Floating Mansions
June 13, 2022
The 'ARKHAUS' has been designed by Sam Payrovi and Nathalie Paiva as a sustainable floating architecture example imagined for Biscayne Bay in Miami. The floating mansion maintains a solar-powered construction thanks to a series of solar awning across the deck areas, which would power the electric propulsion system.
ArkHaus lets you spend luxurious days aboard a sustainable floating mansion - Yanko Design
June 13, 2022
One of my dreams is to be able to temporarily live somewhere near the ocean or any body of water.
Check out ArkHAUS - A modular, floating, solar-electric social club for members only
May 16, 2022
If you thought Soho House was exclusive, wait until you see this. ArkHAUS is an upcoming members-only social club that is as innovative as it is stylish, offering multiple solar-powered, electrically propelled vessels than can be connected to create large floating spaces to work, socialize, and enjoy the views - all while supporting local marine research cleanly beneath the vessel.
Floating private club ArkHaus planned on Miami waters (Renderings) - South Florida Business Journal
April 15, 2022
Miami is known for fun clubs and its majestic bodies of water, and a new project aims to provide the best of both worlds. ArkHaus is planned as a floating members-only club. The project, at a cost of $3 million to $4 million to launch, would consist of four house boats tied together while docked at the city.
The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy Right Now
April 14, 2022
InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips In this article rather than just focusing on one single equity crowdfunding platform, but a mix of investment ideas on various platforms like StartEngine, SeedInvest, Wefunder, and Republic are presented.
'World's first' $10K per year, yacht-flotilla lifestyle club comes to Miami
April 11, 2022
It would be in Miami... The "world's first floating, members'-only social club" is preparing to launch later this year in Miami before expanding to New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Istanbul and beyond, announced a press release for the "Soho House-style" organization, ArkHAUS.
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