Aristotle Spirits

Gold Medal winning distillery building whiskey operations

Last Funded December 2022


raised from 39 investors


🥇 Awarded 2022 best gin and double gold at John Barleycorn
🥇Awarded two gold medals at San Francisco World Spirits Competition
🧪 Utilizes founder's experience as a chemist to create the finest-crafted spirits
⚡ Your investment earns interest that converts to ownership

Our Team

Our founder discovered his passion for the process and art of distilling while working in pharmaceuticals and saw a great space to operate in the local market and beyond with an industry that is ready for a major disruption from craft producers.


The Age of Breweries

When customers sit down at a bar or restaurant and open the drink menu, they no longer select the big brand name labels. Customers want something special - a craft beer brewed locally, a wine hand-picked by a sommelier, or a spirit distilled in small batches.

When it comes to craft beer, the choices seem endless. There are increasing numbers of local breweries, all serving up their own take on brews, as well as interactive experiences at their locations.

However, the options are significantly more limited when it comes to spirits, with far fewer local distilleries listed alongside larger name brands.

If you don’t want a large-scale brand, and you instead want a quality drink with traceable origins, you may find yourself asking:

What's the refined drinker to choose?

Aristotle Spirits: for the refined drinker

Modern consumers are looking for something with a great taste and a great price, but also for something with soul, and Aristotle Spirits does just that with our small-batch craft spirits.

We make each batch with a combination of passion and scientific precision, infusing our mission into each spirit. Aristotle Spirits will not just make a great product; we will be an integral part of our community, embracing the responsibility of promoting a healthy relationship with alcohol. 

Who We Are

Aristotle Spirits creates unique craft spirit products distilled in Garner, North Carolina, and sourced from local products. The team at Aristotle Spirits brings the precision of a pharmaceutical background to the complex process of creating spirits: from brewing and fermenting, to distilling and aging.

Craft drinks are increasing in popularity as consumers no longer want to choose between hardly distinguishable larger brands. Aristotle Spirits approaches the liquor-making process with passion and curiosity, using experimentation and unconventional ideas to create a memorable and quality drink.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and unique spirits using locally sourced ingredients to the public.

We value quality, sustainability, community, innovation, and great taste.

Our Products!


  • Our vodka was available at the grand opening
  • We added our Philosopher New American Gin after one month
  • Discovery Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Apple Cider Casks launched in December 2021, 3 months of concept development to finished product via a 3rd party manufacturer
  • We launched our Philosopher Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin in January 2022
  • Our Explorer Navy Strength Rum launched April 1, and had a very successful first weekend!
  • Launched Habanero Flavored Vodka for our 1 year celebration

We've received Gold Medals for our Vodka and for our first batch of Philosopher Gin made in 2021. (John Barleycorn Awards 2021), Two more Gold Medals at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for our Philosopher Gin and Philosopher Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin, and DOUBLE GOLD for Barrel Aged Gin and Bourbon including 2022 BEST GIN at 2022 John Barleycorn. Entries pending for American Craft Spirits Association Awards.

Financial Traction!

With $100k in revenue in our first 6 months and now $143k in 1H 2022, we are building a strong revenue trend for the next steps for the company.

This graph includes forward looking projections, which are not guaranteed

Moving Forward

As we launch single malt whiskey in July 2022, we look forward to even more opportunities to expand that brand and increase our barrel operations for the future.

Our Team!

By the Numbers

Why Invest?

Aristotle Spirits values quality, integrity, sustainability, community, and innovation – live the Golden Mean!

We have unique products: our selection features multiple award-winning spirits that are unique to Aristotle.

Aristotle Spirits produces responsibly, using locally-sourced ingredients, and builds community ties all while encouraging a healthy relationship with alcohol.

We craft with precision, bringing pharmaceutical industry level quality to the entire process of creating the craft spirits.

Invest in Aristotle Spirits to be one of the most reliable and innovative names in the craft spirit market in North Carolina.