Patek Myself by Ard Adz

Famed UK Rapper Ard Adz Offers Participation in his Music Rewards!

Last Funded April 2022


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Participate in UK rap heavyweight Ard Adz and get a share of his music rewards.
Ard Adz has enjoyed over 100M streams, fueled by his career as a fiercely independent artist.
This is a rare opportunity to participate in his single 'Patek Myself'.
Music rewards are accumulated every time the single is streamed across all the major platforms.

Our Team

We believe in a future where musicians keep complete control of the music they create, express creativity without limits, and forge even deeper connections with their fans.

A New Way to Participate

MFT stands for Music Fungible Token. The token represents fractionalized shares of future rewards earned from an underlying copyright. Whenever the track is streamed on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you get paid! Currently, we are the only platform that offers SEC-compliant music royalty crypto-tokens, and we are proud to have pioneered the concept.

Opulous uses fungible tokens as the basis for all our MFT sales since they are divisible and can be easily traded for another asset of like kind. As such, MFTs allow us to participate in the rewards generate from the music.

Ard Adz Bio

Ard Adz is a UK rapper hailing from the Brixton rap scene in London. He is one of the most influential artists of the last decade to emerge from London, combining the lyrical style of hip-hop's golden age with the sounds and flows of his home city.

After finding success alongside childhood friend and fellow MC Sho Shallow, Adz embarked on a solo career, releasing his debut album Adam in 2018. It landed on the Official Indie Album Breakers Chart.

In 2019, Ard Adz took streaming platforms by force with his notable singles "Saudi" and "Habibti" (which went viral) before being featured on AJ's hit single "Bad & Boujie."

Currently, Ard Adz’ music generates millions of Youtube views. In addition, he has released multiple hits independently, enjoying over 100M streams to date – 70M from Spotify alone.

"I like this idea because it’s fresh! And not really been done before in our country. I also care about this project because my fans mean a lot to me and knowing they can benefit from this makes me happy." - Ard Adz

Exclusive member perks

Along with the Ard Adz S-NFT sale, Opulous introduces its very first Generative Artwork Collection, which comes fully loaded with amazing perks!

Generative artwork NFTs are designed to take each fan’s journey to a whole new level by fusing unique digital art with immersive VIP experiences for the entire music industry.

In total, there will be 500 unique pieces of generative art based on the participation amount and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Check out some of the amazing perks these NFT packages offer:

Common NFTs:

Common level art NFT for the first 150 people who spend $200.

Rare NFTs:

Rare level art NFT for the first 30 people to spend $500.

Super Rare NFTs:

Super rare level art NFT for the first 10 people who spend $2,000.

Ultra Rare NFTs:

Ultra rare level art NFT for the first two people who spend $5,000.

Member economics

You will get a share of potential profits generated by the master record: Patek Myself. Profits include music rewards generated from streaming, neighbouring rights, and sync rights of the single Patek Myself.

Patek Myself, LLC has obtained 50% of the Master rights to Patek Myself Song, which entitles it to receive 50% of potential future rewards payments generated by the Master rights.

How you get paid

Patek Myself, LLC plans to distribute reward distributions quarterly in OPUL to token holders' digital wallets. The Company reserves the right to change the frequency of distributions.

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