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Track and manage your anxiety in real-time

Last Funded October 2022


raised from 24 investors


🏆 World-class team with a proven track record (4 exits/3 IPOs; 10-yr IP)
🩺 Assessed >490,000 hours of our members' mental health; analyzed >7M health data points
🔥 >13% free-to-paid conversion of AQ™, our consumer app (industry average: ~3%)
⌚ Proprietary, patent-pending technology backed by research from leading global scientists

Our Team

Anxiety disorder is the #1 mental illness in the US, affecting 1 in 5 adults. 2/3rd never get treated. Globally, 1Bn people suffer from a mental health disorder; anxiety & depression alone cost our economy $1Tr each year. We're democratizing access to quality mental healthcare that works, while building the future of preventive medicine.

We're re-imagining anxiety management.

😭 Let's face it. Our mental healthcare is broken.

With sky-high anxiety (the #1 mental illness in America), opioid deaths (the #1 cause of deaths in America), and rampant depression (the #1 cause of disease globally), our mental healthcare is evidently failing. 

It is failing for a few reasons:

  • Limited access to treatment: Too costly (>$100/therapy session), takes too long to find help (>3 weeks, on average), limited pool of therapists (6 out of 10 U.S. counties do not have a therapist)
  • Wrong treatments: Focused on symptom reduction instead of understanding the exact cause of the issue. Changes are therefore temporary.
  • Lack of 1:1 personalization: Failure to tailor treatments based on each person's background, preferences, and learning style

The result is:


🆕 Mindwell Labs presents a new vision for mental healthcare

Our science and measurement-based approach to psychological intervention includes:

  • Integration of Eastern and Western philosophies of mind: We nurture strengths rather than focus on the removal of a perceived deficit
  • Real-time monitoring: Ongoing, passive assessment of mental activity based upon advanced pulse diagnostics
  • Dynamic hyper-personalization: Treatments tailored using each person's unique biomarkers and further adjusted dynamically based upon real-time impact while undergoing the treatment 
  • Self-empowerment: Tools and Insights for people to understand what is happening in their mind at all times

We believe that your mind is too important to leave to someone else.

By understanding how factors in your environment influence your mental states, you gain understanding.

Intrinsic motivation based on understanding of one’s self creates lasting change.


🪷 Transforming anxiety 

Our first focus is to fix our epidemic of anxiety, the #1 mental illness in America. We're re-imagining anxiety management from diagnosis to cure. We're bringing data and measurement into the process. And removing the prevalent disease model of anxiety.

There are no "anxious people." There are life events which at times make us anxious. As we understand what makes us anxious and what makes us calm in our life, we can adjust. We can cut down the activities which make us anxious and increase the activities which make us calm. And build our capacity to better manage anxiety-provoking activities we cannot avoid.

🎯 You cannot improve what you cannot measure. 

🚀 Our Product

Innovation #1: Industry's first fully automated, closed-loop anxiety management system, from diagnosis to care delivery (Patent-pending)

Our anxiety management system analyzes your heart and brain activity throughout the day. It utilizes your vitals passively collected by your smartwatch. Our proprietary, patent-pending technology shows when you're anxious and when you're calm in real-time at all times. We then provide you personalized care when you need it. Furthermore, we check the impact of the care in real-time while it is being delivered. This allows us to adjust your care regime so it fits with your unique needs throughout your journey.

⌚ Key technology breakthrough: Real-time anxiety monitor (Patent-pending)

🧠 Innovation #2: An objective global metric for mental health (Patent-pending)

Our AQ™ metric combines existing measures for mental health into one, scientifically-proven quantified number based on neuropsychology. 

Our study shows that people with high AQ™ also score better in the cumulative in the three major categories of problem-solving, memory and mindfulness. And those with low AQ™ perform poorly in each of these three categories.

The AQ™ test takes four minutes, and is available for free to anyone with a smartphone. Human mental abilities are measured in relation to those of others, instead of at an absolute, individual level. As with IQ (Intelligence Quotient), the popular measure for human intelligence, we measure each person's AQ™ in relation to the AQ™ of others. We use a global comparative group that currently includes people from 97 countries, and growing in real-time. Our goal is to make AQ™ an industry standard (the "Nielsen for the mental health industry"). So we plan to license our AQ™ technology for free to third parties across the industry (therapists, hospitals, other mental health apps, etc).

✅ All key technology components backed by existing research

🌼 A creative solution to anxiety. Transform it. Put it to use.  

AQ™ provides interventions in real-time when you need them. They're targeted to help with your specific mental state at that moment. Our drug-free interventions use proven techniques based on mindfulness, cognition-based therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and neuropsychology. The interventions include guided classes, skills and music. They teach you to transform your anxiety into clear thinking and creative action. 

👍 Our differentiation: Industry's only end-to-end, closed-loop, clinical-grade digital health system

💬 Member testimonials: Rated 4.9/5.0


📈 Traction: More than 5x of Industry Average


🏆 Team: Multi-disciplinary, with proven expertise 

Our team includes experts in entrepreneurship, clinical neuropsychology, product development, digital technology and consumer marketing.

🥇 Advisers: Global leaders in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, business and AI


💯 Our long game: Unlock each person's full potential

We're not stopping after fixing the anxiety epidemic. We will use our deep IP portfolio, developed in specialized, high-end clinics for over 10 years, to:

  • improve our sleep, a key component of our wellness, 
  • improve our complete mental health, 
  • prevent major illnesses like depression (the #1 cause of disease worldwide), heart attacks, substance abuse, hypertension, and finally
  • help us attain peak performance and unlock our full potential in life

📢 Next step: Launch our marketing

We launched our commercial app on March 14, 2022. We're now raising capital to launch our marketing and grow our users.

Use of Funds:

50-60% of the money raised in this round will be spent on marketing our app, 30-40% on hiring more engineers for product development, and the remainder on miscellaneous items (Wefunder platform fees, legal, accounting, etc).


🤝 Join our journey! 

We're democratizing access to affordable, high-quality mental healthcare that works. We're also democratizing access to economic gains from our success. That's why we're doing this community funding round.

Our mission is to ensure that each one of us achieves our full potential in life.

Let's do this together!

Sab and Shaun