Aptera Motors

The world's first Never Charge solar vehicle!

Last Funded January 2021


raised from 2,334 investors


In addition to its 1,000+ mile battery range, the Aptera can travel 40+ miles a day on the free power from its integrated solar panels.
Gas cars are inefficient and EVs today aren't efficient enough.
The Aptera is aerodynamic, lightweight, strong, and fun to drive!
By 2022, we expect to realize margins of 35% selling 10,000 units per year.

Our Team

We believe, as a society, we waste too many resources on transportation. With a pure focus on efficiency, our vehicles make for much better use of materials both in their construction and their use. This saves resources we can not afford to waste and lessens our overall impact on the planet and each other. 

--Investor Capacity Reached--

Our apologies! We have well exceeded the SEC mandated $550k cap on this round. But we will hopefully be opening up a new round in March/April of this year. Please sign up for updates at the bottom of www.Aptera.us or follow us on social media to stay up to date. 

Thank you for your amazing support! 


Our Story

In 2005, Aptera’s founder, Steve Fambro, frustrated by horrible gas mileage and freeway congestion, endeavored to design a vehicle more efficient than any other. His goal was to legally drive in the carpool lanes of Southern California in a safe, fuel-conscious vehicle. He began researching low-drag aerodynamics and composite aircraft construction methods.

Through a mutual friend, he met Chris Anthony in San Diego who also had an interest in composites. Chris was building his innovative wakeboard boat line with a novel and eco-friendly resin infusion process that would be a perfect fit for a lightweight composite structure for vehicles. Together they worked on a new monocoque safety cell structure for the Aptera, followed by a prototype vehicle with two seats and three wheels. This proved Steve’s hypothesis that a low-drag, aerodynamic body shape doesn’t sacrifice comfort, drivability, or safety.

The first operating prototype achieved over 300 miles per gallon(mpg) and was a great inspiration to the new Aptera that you see above. By 2009, Aptera Motors had over 50 employees, several prototypes, and a production-intent vehicle that was ready to be manufactured.

Unfortunately, the new management team set the company on a path that required a $400M+ loan from the Department of Energy. The time it took to receive the loan was far too long for the company to survive, and the company ceased operations and was liquidated in 2011.

Now, with renewed vigor and access to better technologies, Aptera is back to establish an automotive brand that delivers the “future”. Our advanced designs lever aerodynamics, clever lightweight materials, and efficient drivetrains to create a product portfolio of outstandingly safe, efficient, long-range electric vehicles that are also a blast to drive.


Aptera is currently gathering early-stage investments to design, manufacture, and distribute the Aptera electric vehicle. Our first fundings will be used to finalize, test, and optimize a production-intent design of the Aptera. After that, we will raise production ramp funds and begin manufacturing of the world’s most efficient vehicles.

Steve and Chris are looking for investors who share their vision for efficient, sustainable transportation that has a meaningful impact on people’s lives. 

Our initial target price is between $26K - $49K. And our initial target build cost is between $21K - $33K. By 2022, we expect to realize margins of 35%. However, please note that these numbers may change once we start production. These are future projections and cannot be guaranteed.

The Aptera Design

Our design ethos distinguishes us from all other vehicle manufacturers, as we respect the high economic and environmental cost we pay for transportation.

We have changed the fundamental design criteria for vehicles. Instead of designing for styling or lifestyle aesthetic, the Aptera emphasizes efficiency and safety. By doing so, Aptera has distinct advantages over any passenger vehicle currently being produced.

Our vehicle makes use of superior aerospace quality composites for safety and weight savings and advanced aerodynamics for unprecedented low-drag performance. These two features plus an extremely efficient powertrain and a low rolling-resistance design make the Aptera the most efficient vehicle available today.

All of this yields a vehicle that is more efficient, cheaper to build, safer, and better for the environment than anything available today. We hope you will join us in building a more efficient future for transportation. This is the first step in our plan to positively impact the planet and as many peoples' lives as we can. The next step is putting as many Apterae as we can on the roadways of the world. We truly appreciate your time in evaluating our potential. 

Driven by the Sun!

*Our Never Charge Solar package provides over 40 miles a day and over 11,000 miles a year of free solar charging in many places. This is in addition to the battery pack range of up to 1,000+ miles when fully charged. Check our website: www.Aptera.us for a solar calculator that will show you the solar yield in your area.

**Also have a look at the download link above to a view .pdf with more detail on our approach, product, and team.