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Our Team

How AptDeco was born

We started AptDeco after experiencing the pains of buying and selling furniture on sites like Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. From people not showing up, to scams to the awkward and sometimes unsafe interactions with people coming to our homes, we thought to ourselves there has to be a better way. So we launched AptDeco to solve these issues once and for all.

What makes us unique

We are the leading furniture resale marketplace that handles all the logistics of buying and selling used furniture online. We make sustainable decorating easy, affordable and accessible to all. We offer pickup, assembly, delivery, payment, scheduling and logistics, all carried out by our highly-trained delivery team.

We’re on a mission to make sustainable decorating effortless.

We’ve created a platform and service that people love and trust including:

  • Top Brands - We offer customers the best brands in home furnishings including West Elm, Pottery Barn, Jonathan Adler, Design Within Reach, Room & Board and many others.
  • Scheduling & Delivery - Through our proprietary technology, scheduling, delivery and payments are taken care of, saving customers time and making their experience seamless.
  • Connected Community - With over 400K active members, we provide users with an easy way to connect to an online marketplace for second-hand furniture featuring top brands at a great value.
  • Circular Model - Each item picked up from a seller's home is taken directly to a buyer’s home. By not relying on warehouses to store products, we enable a truly circular economy.
  • Safe Transactions - our platform handles all financial transactions, protecting customers from fraud and providing them with a safe place to exchange with anyone.

Our evolution

Along the way we learned that our buyers love certain brands like West Elm, IKEA, CB2, Crate & Barrel, etc. We also learned that furniture retailers (big and small) have challenges with selling through their floor models and returns quickly and economically. So we partnered with all types of retailers, over 200 over them and counting, to bring our customers the best collection of gently used furniture anywhere.

With our recent national expansion, we’ve unlocked access to the best furniture throughout the contiguous United States while serving both our buyers and sellers from coast to coast.

Our business model

We earn revenue through a variety of ways:

  • A transaction fee on each sale
  • From our delivery service
  • From an annual membership with our retail partners

Our customers love us (and we love them too)

We’re solving a real pain point for consumers and mother-earth alike and have the numbers to back it up. We’ve helped our buyers save over $70M by avoiding buying new, our sellers earned over $30M from selling furniture they no longer need, while also helping divert over 20M pounds of furniture from landfills. We are proud to have over 40,000 customer reviews with 4.6 out of 5 average rating.

And we’re just scratching the surface. With over 12M tons of furniture ending up in landfills annually we are determined to help find a second, third and fourth home for these furniture pieces.

Why now?

We couldn’t be in a better position to become the next billion dollar company. With consumer demand shifting to more sustainable life choices like shopping secondhand, we are well on our way to meet their needs holistically and capture a large and fast growing market.

The used furniture market is now estimated at $22B and growing at a much higher clip than traditional furniture retail. For our retail partners, we’re addressing their reverse logistics and sustainability needs while helping them reach a new customer demographic who’s interested in high quality discounted furniture.

Where to next

Our sights are set high. We see a world where customers will choose secondhand furniture first, thanks to AptDeco. In order to achieve this:

  • We’re committed to offer our buyers the best assortment of gently used furniture anywhere. We’re growing our retail partnerships rapidly to ensure we’re meeting both our customer and retail partners needs without compromising on quality or price.
  • We’re committed to help our sellers find a buyer as quickly as possible while maximizing their earnings. This requires us to continue to invest in our matching algorithms and curation technology. 
  • We are committed to having the best in class and most affordable pickup and delivery service. This requires continuous investment in our technology and personnel. Soon enough, you’ll see our branded orange vans in all major metros around the US.
  • With our recent national expansion, we are excited about bringing the AptDeco love to the rest of the country. Our traction to date has been limited to the Northeast and California and we expect triple digit growth rates with this recent expansion. (not guaranteed)

We believe…

  • that buying and selling used furniture should be easy
  • in being kind to our environment
  • that little actions taken by many people have the power to transform an industry
  • in paying a fair wage and showing our employees that they are valued
  • that there is an AptDecorator in all of us, if we are only provided with access and options.
  • that if everyone bought one piece of pre-loved furniture, we could start a movement/create a seismic shift in the furniture industry