Revolutionizing Real Estate through the power of Social Media

Last Funded April 2022


raised from 4,948 investors


25,000+ apartment units in the April Partner network (and growing!) / 10,000+ app downloads
Investors include RE+Tech experts: Meta, Family offices, Savills, Captiv8, Antler VC, MorningBrew
Global Apartment Rentals is a $2.4 Trillion market, growing to $3.6 Trillion by 2026
April is a game changing new platform, applying engaging video based marketing to Real Estate

Our Team

Renters want a better experience and landlords are impatient to find engaged renters and new audiences. While transactions in other sectors happen with the click of a button, real estate has chosen to remain behind. April leverages the transparency of video content and the traction of social media to innovate the process for everyone.

April - Feel at home


Consumers are buying more and more based on content.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have turned creating content and curating audiences into an opportunity to directly market products and services. Social commerce is growing quickly from a $492 Billion market in 2022 to an expected $1.2 Trillion market in 2025.


      Landlords are disconnected from the mobile & social Renter.

      Existing platforms have yet to adapt to fit new Renter behaviors and expectations, such as viewing mobile videos and smart recommendations. Landlords are continuing to miss out on potential tenants who expect a modern experience.


      Real Estate professionals seek modern alternatives.

      The pandemic has shown the enormous potential for content marketing as the Creator Economy grows, especially in Real Estate.



      Social Media amplifies Real Estate.

      April is the first platform connecting Real Estate to Social Media and the Creator Economy. We market real estate in an innovative way, that is both personal and relatable.

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      Marketing real estate to the modern, mobile Renter.

      April works with local Content Creators to market apartments through engaging video walkthroughs and personalization. Landlords benefit from much higher exposure and greater content performance, which translates into more leads for those units and their portfolios.


      The flywheel behind next-gen Real Estate marketing.

      April connects Creators with vacant real estate that needs to be marketed. April Creators post engaging content about the properties, which drives leads for April Partners. As properties get more leads and more exposure, Partners add more units to be marketed through April. Those new units result in more content marketing opportunities for April Creators.


      Content Creators bring trust and curation to Real Estate.

      Content Creators breathe new life into Real Estate marketing by personalizing the discovery process and making recommendations that their followers trust. Our creators come from a diverse array of backgrounds and content genres, adding a unique and exciting new dimension to the Real Estate content they produce and the apartment hunting experience for potential Renters.

        Meet some of April’s Creators! Check out their content by clicking on the cards below.


        We love working with local Creators!

        What’s it like to be a Creator with April? Take a look!



        April, by the numbers.


        Unlocking a broader audience for Landlords.

        April gives Landlords access to new marketing channels, allowing them to reach broader audiences and more potential Renters.


        A brand new revenue stream for content creators.

        Creators love making apartment content. April unlocks this new sector and provides a point of entry for creators to get into Real Estate.



        The Landlord is the key stakeholder.

        We work with Landlords to showcase their vacant properties and differentiate their marketing efforts.

        Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


        April Renters are mobile, social, and hyper local.


        Landlords and Renters trust April Creators.


        Business Model

        Landlords pay April to showcase vacant units.

        April’s Partner Network includes Landlords, Brokerages and Property Managers.

        Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.



        Leading a new generation of Real Estate.

        April sits at the nexus of the largest asset class in the world, Real Estate, and one of the fastest growing segments, the Creator Economy. This gives April the opportunity to revolutionize the way Real Estate is marketed and open brand new categories for the Future of Work.


        The global apartment rental industry is massive.

        Currently $2.4 Trillion in size, the Global Apartment Rental industry will grow to $3.6 Trillion by 2026.



        Uniquely positioned to disrupt Real Estate



        Accelerating the Real Estate Creator Economy.

        April starts with Social Media influencers and the Discovery process. Over time, we unlock new types of content focused around the Home, which creates new job opportunities for Creators and new revenue streams for April through social commerce.


        A next-gen renting experience and social commerce.

        As we build our community and learn from our Renters, we will keep making the renting experience better and better. AR and VR are powerful when applied as visualization tools for the home. April will become the go-to social commerce platform for everything related to the home.


          As a consumer class, Renters are a massive market opportunity.

          As our community of Renters scales, we see a large opportunity to become the one stop shop for everything related to the home.



          Our investors are thought leaders in Social Media, Tech and Real Estate.



          Founding team with decades of experience in Real Estate and Tech.




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