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of a $1,015,152 goal
Priced Round
 $13.16M  $10.52M pre-money valuation
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be at $0.44 per share and a $10.529M pre-money valuation
$10K, $20K, $30K


Invested by JetBlue Ventures and EL AL Israel Airlines’ Venture Arm
Partnered with AirAsia, LATAM, IAG, and ANA and other top-tier brands
Previously secured major brands’ contracts with 50m-100m customers in the pipeline
Raised $1.5M funding

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The Fast & Easy Way to Build Effective Email Marketing Campaigns!

AppMail revolutionizes the email marketing workflow, enabling e-commerce business owners to execute marketing strategies and email designs with just a click. We’re transforming weeks of work into a few seconds, and turning novice marketers into seasoned pros.


From handcrafted jewelry stores and fashion boutiques, to health and wellness shops, millions of small online store owners grapple with the intricacies of email marketing—facing challenges such as a lack of expertise, creative blocks, and hiring costly freelancers. Running a business is already a significant task, leaving very little time for other crucial responsibilities!


AppMail, an AI-powered email marketing platform designed for small e-commerce businesses. Built on simplicity and intelligence, we make generating marketing strategies and crafting email campaigns as effortless as a click. Think of it as a marketing agency at your fingertips, but 10 times better, faster, and more cost-effective.

Welcome to the future of email marketing, where efficiency meets effectiveness!

AppMail's AI Marketing Strategist Crafts Hyper-Personalized Strategies:

Our campaign strategies harness rich data points, transforming insights such as product catalogs, customer behavior, and key marketing dates into unique creative campaign ideas.

Effortless Campaign Content:

AppMail doesn't stop at the strategy. With another click, an email campaign is crafted and populated with captivating messaging, saving hours of copywriting and design time.

AppMail AI predicts ideal audience segments, crafting campaigns that match the right audience with the right product, maximizing the likelihood to buy.


Marketing Novice to Seasoned Pro

Effortlessly generate data-driven email campaigns, surpassing the capabilities of freelancers and marketing agencies.

Boost in Productivity and Work Efficiency

From one-click email strategies, to one-click campaign creation, saving weeks of work.

Intuitive AI Marketing Calendar

Never miss an engagement opportunity with our user-friendly marketing calendar, ensuring timely customer connections.

Cost Savings on Freelancers

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI technology for exceptional results at a fraction of the cost of hiring freelancers.

Creative Spark

Overcoming creative blocks with AppMail, sparking engaging campaign ideas.

Market Opportunity

Starting with our primary focus, our Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) revolves around Shopify merchants, solopreneurs, and novice freelancers actively seeking streamlined email marketing solutions. Our objective is to capture a significant portion of this segment, consisting of approximately 50,000 businesses, aiming for a revenue target of $150M. This marks a substantial share in our initial phase.

GTM Strategy

As we set sail in the market, our Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is clear. We're homing in on the heartbeat of e-commerce — targeting platforms like Shopify and key social channels where small businesses flourish. By aligning ourselves with these hubs, we weave ourselves into our customers' daily operations, ensuring a natural adoption.

Every strategic integration by AppMail opens a gateway to a vibrant community of online entrepreneurs, providing them the effortless opportunity to elevate their email marketing game.

Revenue Model

Subscription service is the core of our revenue generation model, with an underlining token-based model. 

Basic Plan:

This enables users to access the AI marketing calendar and generate personalized marketing strategies.

Premium Plan:

This gives the users full access to AppMail’s platform and comprehensive suite of AI tools, from generating personalized marketing strategies, content creation, to email campaign creation.

Token-Based Revenue Model: 

With each plan, whether it's the basic or premium, there will be a set amount of tokens (Credits) allocated to the plan per month. These tokens power the generation of the campaign strategies, email content and other features that require AppMail’s AI engine. If or when the user exhausts their token limit, they will have the opportunity to purchase additional tokens. This is a common model for AI based SaaS platforms.

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape, AppMail shines with its SMART and SIMPLICITY approach, driven by AI, resulting in substantial productivity gains.

While Mailchimp and Klaviyo demand extensive manual input from seasoned marketers, AppMail revolutionizes the workflow, streamlining strategy to execution, thereby saving invaluable time and resources.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to simplicity, making sophisticated email marketing accessible to all. While Mailchimp and Klaviyo offer user-friendly interfaces, fully mastering their tools requires considerable email marketing expertise. Meanwhile, Jasper prioritizes content creation but lacks comprehensive campaign execution tools.

Key Exits

Let's explore the realm of exit opportunities in our industry and highlight the lucrative potential. The landscape of email marketing platforms has witnessed notable events, such as Mailchimp's acquisition, a leader in our field, fetching a remarkable $12 billion. Likewise, Klaviyo's IPO, valued at $9 billion, highlights the expansive opportunities for companies like AppMail, pioneering at the intersection of technology and marketing.

Let's Innovate Email Marketing Together!

We're at the forefront of a marketing revolution, armed with an innovative product, a clear roadmap for growth, and a team seasoned in working with top-tier brands. Backed by reputable angels, VCs and advisors, we're ready to lead the charge.

But let's not just watch AI's evolution in marketing—let's spearhead it, together. We invite you to join us in shaping a narrative that champions small business owners.

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