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Invest in appétit

Community-driven food ordering + delivery


📈 1 yr proof-of-concept w/ bootstrapped web app, profitable in 2 wks
💯 100 merchants on board, waitlist of 50+ (just in Buffalo market)
💸 12,500 orders, 10,000 registered users, $700,000 order volume (all in 1 year!)
📍 Interest from other markets: Toronto, Miami, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Denver, & more!
🛎Now live in Rochester, NY!
🤝 Powerhouse partnerships in the works (incld. professional sports teams)
💰 Mobile app launches Dec. 1 with new features to add revenue streams

Our Team

This idea was born out of opportunity and necessity. I listened to the restaurant owners in my market and this is a concept they were all looking for, but nothing existed. Now it does.

We humanize LOCAL food ordering & delivery. 💪🏽

We make delivery orders profit-drivers for local restaurants, instead of a payday for UberEats, DoorDash, or Grubhub. We charge them much less, vet & hire drivers for them, expand their delivery range, & provide hands-on support – from driver dispatch to marketing help. We are committed to their success.

We're community-driven in that everyone – from our restaurant owners, to our merchant success managers, to the drivers we hire, to our hungry customers are locals. We know that – at scale – community is the winning strategy.

The Problem

In an industry with already razor-thin margins, any commission % can decrease profit per order. The rates DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats charge are straight up predatory.

Our commission-free structure allows owners to retain more money per order, it's simple math. Our merchant partners retain 20-30% more per order when they use appétit versus the other major platforms.

What Makes Us Different

Low Monthly Fee

  • Owners pay 0% commission, 0% processing fees
  • Owners keep 100% of every sale
  • Easier for owners to budget for

Unlimited Range

  • Our delivery fee structure reflects the distance from the restaurant to the customer.  We believe that customers should be able to place orders from any restaurant in the area.  If they want it, they should be able to get it.  
  • Now, restaurants have access to more hungry customers and not just those close by.

LOCAL, hands-on support

  • We handle order logistics – from dispatching our drivers, to communicating with customers.
  • Our merchant success managers lend owners direct support in using our platform. Our marketing team will go in & take pictures, do promotions and giveaways, etc. We are their true partners.

Our traction

We've run a year-long proof-of-concept. We were profitable within 2 weeks.

Founder Steve Ambrose meeting with Jay Seefeldt, owner of Wise Guys Pizza in Buffalo, NY

Working with only a web-application, we have managed to get over 10,500 registered customers and 100 restaurants on board this year. With the coming launch of our mobile app, we expect these numbers to double within the first 6 months. We have 50 restaurants still on a waiting list to come on our platform.

How do we make money?

Projected Revenue 2022 (Buffalo & Rochester)

Ways to Generate More Revenue in the Model:

On the horizon...

Our app. We have done over $800,000 in sales on the web-app, but it is not the most user-friendly on mobile. This has been our single greatest obstacle to explosive growth. Our development team has already finished design and has begun building the mobile app with an expected launch date of December 1st. The app will allow us to constantly market and promote our platform, deals, new restaurants, and more to our 10,500+ users.

Geographic expansion.

The people making it happen...

Our Ask

We know our obstacles to growth and have devised a plan to remove them. We're asking for $250,000 to enable our next segment of growth. Please note that these projections are just projections! We cannot guarantee them.

Join us!

Founder Steve Ambrose & his son sporting Appetit merch.