Amplified Ale Works

Award-winning brewery supporting musicians through collaborations and live shows

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Investors will receive 100% of our profits and 6% interest until repaid 1.5x their principal.
After 1.5x return on investment, investors will get their ownership % of our profits for the life of the company, plus cool perks.
7 years of revenue growth, grossing $3.7 million in 2019.
2,000 barrels produced annually. Purchasing a former bakery in the under-developed Lemon Grove market to scale production by more than 5x.

Our Team

What started 10 years ago as a desire to create a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant morphed into a love affair with brewing beer and designing environments that build community.  As we have grown, we have focused on our love of live music by supporting artists through collaboration beer releases and performances at our two music venues. 

$3.6M in annual revenue, 12+ band collaborations, and a rotating 20+ house beer offerings later...

In the mid-2000s, California natives Alex Pierson and J.C. Hill bonded over their shared love of surfing, live music, and craft beer during their cold winters at Cornell University. In 2012, the two friends created San Diego's musical hub for its vibrant community.

We've grown steadily with award-winning beer, compelling food, and a dynamic environment that brings friends and neighbors together.

Over the years, we've won international medals for both traditional and more progressive styles— including a gold medal at the 2016 World Beer Cup for our Whammy Bar Wheat and Silver or Bronze for our "American Lager," "American Wheat Ale," "Vienna Lager," and "Barrel-Aged Stout."

How we make money

Amplified currently has over $3.6 million in annual revenue from sales at its two Amplified
Kitchen + Beer Garden locations (Pacific Beach and East Village), select outside sales
accounts, & Miramar tasting room (to be closed with the opening of the Lemon Grove

The Plan

We have hit our natural growth limitations at our Miramar brewery as we are currently brewing at full capacity. Also, the lease structure for our turn-key facility isn’t a sustainable solution and prohibitively expensive to remain long-term. We also want to expand into new, untapped markets and Lemon Grove provides the unique opportunity to achieve both of these goals. 

Our various lagers have been increasing in market share as well and will be an out-sized proportion of our production growth in the immediate future. We believe there is still a huge opportunity for us to capture market share from regional and macro-beer drinkers, particularly as we establish our brand in Lemon Grove and the surrounding area.

We're building a new brewing facility

We are currently in escrow for the former Lemon Grove Bakery at 3308 Main St in Lemon Grove. The 5,000 sq ft building is well-suited for a brewery and will also allow us to develop an outdoor, 1,500 sq ft beer garden on a portion of the existing parking lot.

The 15-barrel brew house and additional fermentation capacity will allow us to grow our current 2,000 barrels to 10,000 barrels annually, a sufficient amount to supply 3-5 more future Amplified beer garden locations.


This hub and spoke model, focusing on getting fresh beer directly to the consumer, foregoes traditional distribution models and allows us to not only control the condition of the beer from grain to glass, but also maximize our revenue per barrel of beer produced. We have our eyes set on Vegas, LA, Phoenix, and Orange County as future markets ripe for Amplified's growth.

Join us today!

We’re an institution for numerous craft beer fans, dog lovers, outdoor groups, and an exciting growing music and arts scene. We operate under the auspices of “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”. We don’t have time for solos. We’re building these harmonies together. Open auditions to join the band. Invest today and help us grow!