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Anytime/anywhere behavioral health services | 1 in 4 Americans need treatment

Last Funded November 2022


raised from 9 investors


Demand for behavioral health treatment is 2X the volume provided
Access to treatment is a major obstacle. We solve the access problem with the push of a button
Founder previously started 4 mental health companies, all with successful exits
Proven profit margins of 40-50% and on track to consistent profitability in Q2 2023

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Our Founder

Given that half the people who need behavioral health services do not get treatment, and how important that is for the quality of life for such a large population, we know how to help and we provide valuable solutions.

Serving only 1.5% of the market means over $1 billion in annual revenue

American Recovery Partners provides treatment of mental illness and/or addiction online and in the person’s home. Our novel online support community gives people connectivity and accountability with personalized tools. It’s anytime, anywhere behavioral health services!

The Behavioral Health Epidemic

The majority of people who need behavioral health services in the U.S. don’t receive help. Approximately 67 million Americans have a mental illness that needs treatment and nearly half of them don’t get services. 41 million Americans have an addiction to alcohol or other drugs and need treatment and less than 10% receive help.

That’s one out of every four of us who need treatment and do not get that needed help.

Their behavior not only affects their lifestyle and overall health, it also affects their loved ones and fellow workers. Whether someone suffers from mental illness or addiction, or both, the current options make it challenging to get healthy and stay healthy.

Many people don’t get help because of obstacles to accessing treatment which include missing family or work in order to get treatment. The National Alliance of Mental Illness reports that 8 out of 10 workers say shame and stigma prevent them from seeking help. In addition, long wait times to see a psychiatrist or therapist are common.

This is a far-reaching and fast-growing problem that impacts all of us. We must do better.

The American Recovery Partners Solution

American Recovery Partners is providing the tools to get treatment to those who desperately need it. We are changing the way treatment is done with easy access, evidence-based treatment programs, and our highly successful peer support system. All of our treatment programs are based on clinical practices proven to work.

Our management team learned the value of outcomes from previous experiences building and selling successful mental health companies, and we are very focused on our purpose – to help people with behavioral health challenges become healthy and stay healthy without shame or stigma. We offer anytime, anywhere online services with minimal interruption to daily life.

American Recovery Partners Operates Two Companies – InHome Recovery and Recovery Club America

These two companies complement each other in valuable ways, many clients are helped by both, and there is significant overlap in marketing and delivery of services.

Follow the links below for our websites:

Recovery Club America

InHome Recovery

InHome Recovery Services Include:

  • Detoxification in the client’s home under medical doctor supervision; the client misses just a few days of work versus longer term residential addiction treatment.
  • Ongoing medication assisted treatment provided in the client’s home and online.

Clients who benefit from InHome Recovery’s services do so with anonymity, minimal lost days of work, and typically with a support person at home who we teach to be an asset in their loved one's recovery.

After detox, our primary objective is to help our clients stay healthy with ongoing online medication assisted services. Our clients never need to leave home for treatment or aftercare with medicine and drug screens delivered to the client’s home. Much of these ongoing services are provided by Recovery Club America.

Here are examples of our social media content:

Recovery Club America’s Services Include:

  • Super quick access to online treatment of mental illness and addiction.
  • Personal dashboard, games, and trophy system that delivers personalized tools, accountability, mental fitness, and routine engagement.
  • A novel online peer support community to keep Club Members supported and active in “Inner Circles” with like-minded peers.
  • “Deep Dive” programs (eLearning) to delve deeper into their mental health.
  • Our unique “Parent Program” to support and educate parents who have struggling loved ones.
  • Team of clinicians provides unique content educating Club Members and keeping them healthy and engaged.

Recovery Club America provides therapy and peer support services to people with behavioral health issues. Our platform is an entertaining and engaging safe space, critical to folks who want to manage their mental fitness.

It is well established that people thrive in communities and connection is key to staying healthy and our novel online community is the hub of our solution. Our model harnesses the power of peer support to empower Club Members in their recovery with the encouragement, experience, and kinship of others facing similar challenges. Through community, our clients can get healthy and stay healthy.

Here’s a video walking through our online community platform:

Here is an example of our Parent Program outreach:

Over time, as we show that our Club Members remain healthy using our services, our goal is to be the go-to solution for employers and health insurance companies. Our management team has extensive experience in measuring and reporting outcomes, so we understand the complex ins and outs of what is needed for success in a competitive market.

Our Business Model

According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association, during 2020 in the U.S., 26.6% of adults, or 67 million people, had mental illness. Also, according to SAMSHA, 14.9% of our U.S. population, or 41 million people, needed treatment for substance abuse.

Our management team knows from our many years of experience that most people who have chronic mental illness will self-medicate until they are addicted to alcohol or other drugs. These people are a big part of our target market.

Our InHome Recovery business model involves a simple case rate for detoxification and simple per session fees for ongoing therapy services. Health insurance almost always covers these services. These are professional services that involve physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists and peer support specialists, and we earn average margins of 40% on these services.

Our Recovery Club America business model involves providing individual and group therapies and peer support (coaching) services. We provide these services with a staff of physicians, therapists and trained peer support specialists. We earn average margins of 50% on these services.

Health insurance covers all the therapy services we provide, even if on an “out-of-network” basis. Health insurance does not, in general, reimburse for our peer support (“coaching”) services.

Our Growth

American Recovery Partners launched both companies at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. However, we gained critical credentials and certifications in May, so our real launch has just begun.

Our app is getting great reviews, with a 5.0 rating on both Apple App Store and Google Play.

And the testimonials from InHome Recovery clients are also resoundingly positive.

Key Accomplishments

Here are some key accomplishments since the beginning of 2022:

  • We’ve earned attractive profit margins of 40-50% per unit of service
  • We are a referral affiliate for dozens of addiction treatment centers in Texas, Tennessee, and other states.
  • We are licensed in Tennessee as an outpatient mental health services provider, and we’ve applied in Kentucky.
  • We are credentialed with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna and other health plans in Tennessee so clients can now use health insurance benefits for our services.
  • We obtained certification from LegitScripts so we can now advertise addiction treatment services in Google Ads and Facebook, fundamentally changing our marketing reach.

Our team has developed many relationships that are and will provide much value for our company. Given our core group of 12 employees collectively has well over 100 years of experience working directly in the addiction/mental health space, we have hundreds of relationships with employers, health insurance companies, clinics, licensed clinicians, addiction treatment center staff, hospital staff, professional groups and others who care about behavioral health and want to help the same people we serve.

We’ve done a lot so far and we are positioned to scale. Imagine where we will go with additional funding!

Financial Results

American Recovery Partners expects to achieve profitability in Q2 2023, and from there consistent profitability is expected.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


While there are dozens of online treatment programs for mental illness or addiction, we are differentiating ourselves in several key ways.

Real Outcomes: Sadly, most programs aren’t interested in achieving actual long-term healing. Our focus on positive outcomes and real healing is a valuable advantage and will catch the attention of patients, health insurers, and employers.

Continuum of Care: Very few “digital behavioral health” companies treat both addiction and mental illness and few provide a continuum of care like we do, giving us a major advantage.

Community Platform: Our community platform is unique among companies that treat mental illness and/or addiction. People thrive in communities of people with similar concerns, giving each other a support that is critical to good health and the positive outcomes we are committed to providing our clients.

Support for Loved Ones: Our goal is to not only treat our clients, but to provide support for their loved ones impacted by their behavior or addictions. Our unique “Parent Program” helps adults with children or spouses struggling with mental health issues.

Proven Management Team: Our management team has developed profitable behavioral health companies previously, and we are putting our experiences to work in new ways with American Recovery Partners.

Why Us?

Management Team

Our management team has done this before and we have decades of experience in behavioral health services. Our founder and CEO, Kevin Lee, founded four previous companies all in behavioral health and all with successful exits.

In our prior companies, we developed and operated most of the key pieces of services we provide now, earning attractive profits in those previous businesses. Building off our experiences, we've developed new, creative technologies that make our clients’ experiences even more effective and comfortable.

Most importantly, we only employ people who are purpose driven and passionate about helping other people have a better quality of life.

Advisory Board

James Carroll

From 2018 to 2021, Jim served as our nation’s “drug czar” by leading the White House office of National Drug Control Policy. He was appointed in a unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate and under his tenure drug overdose deaths decreased for the first time in 30 years. Prior, Jim served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff and General Counsel for the Office of Management and Budget. He previously served as Washington Counsel, Global Director of Compliance for Ford Motor Company. During the Bush Administration, he served as Special Assistant and Associate Counsel to the President, Deputy General Counsel and Acting General Counsel at the U.S. Department of the Treasury and as an attorney in the U.S, Department of Justice.

Chandra Sastry, M.D.

Dr. Sastry has practiced psychiatry in the Nashville area for more than 30 years including serving on the medical staff of Vanderbilt Medical Center and HCA’s hospitals. He has extensive experience in researching medicines and clinical practices. Dr. Sastry served as principal or sub investigator in more than 40 clinical trials and has assisted in the start-up of several clinics and addiction treatment services. Dr. Sastry is recognized as one of the premier psychiatrists in the southeast, and his primary love in his work is addiction medicine.

The Ask/Use of Funds

We are raising funds for working capital and believe we will require a minimum of $700,000 to achieve positive net cash flow on a consistent basis. This working capital funds payments to therapists, coaches, other payroll, marketing, technology development and other small expenses. We do not have any debt service requirements before 2025.

We are raising capital through crowdfunding because we hope to gain more partners in this effort. Millions of people want to find reliable, quickly accessible mental health help for their loved ones, and we hope our new partners will help us identify many more people we can help. We thrive on helping people have a better quality of life, and it will be very rewarding for our new partners to share in the financial gains we intend to achieve.

Please join us as we provide much-needed treatment to millions of Americans. We believe the opposite of addiction isn’t just recovery, it’s connection. Together, we can truly make a difference and improve the mental health of people across our country.