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Use your smartphone to replace your passwords, keys, and cards, for everything

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We are the first company to seamlessly merge digital authentication and physical access control.
TechCrunch 2020 Top Pick company for Security & Privacy
We provide best-in-class security, without compromising usability. We make security fun!
We eliminate entire classes of cyber attacks (i.e., phishing and card cloning).
Companies can now manage their physical and digital assets in one place.

Our Team

Current authentication solutions are annoying and insecure. The security industry has been creating Band-Aid solutions, but none of them address the core problem. Fed up with these broken security systems, Chad spent the last 10 years of his career creating a system that is both usable and secure. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

The Story of Allthenticate

The research started over 10 years ago when Chad dreamt of a better future -- a future without keys or passwords.  But the real work and real fun began in 2019 when a dreamer found a team, and that team created a company, Allthenticate.

First, Chad had a dream... A dream of using smartphones to get rid of passwords and fix the internet.

Allthenticate's product suite: the Allthenticator App, the smart door reader, and the Administrative Portal.

Back in 2009 Chad, our founder, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying computer security at the time, became enthralled with the idea of using smartphones to replace passwords as the primary form of authentication.

During his career as a computer security researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the scope of this dream expanded to not only replace passwords but to replace all authentication mechanisms, both physical and digital. Imagine, a world where doors magically unlock as you approach them, your car “knows” you, computers unlock when you sit down, and websites “just work.” Oh yeah, and all of these interactions would be more secure than what you are using today. Commercial interest in the technology started to heat up and a patent application for Single Device Authentication (SDA) was filed.

In 2016, Evan, our CTO and then student at UCSB, became interested in the project his freshmen year and started helping Chad with the development of SDA.

In 2019, Rita, our COO and fellow UCSB alumna, joined the Allthenticate team to help Evan and Chad take their dream to the masses.

Meet Allthenticate

Allthenticate, the company, first made itself known in the UCSB New Venture Competition, a university-wide startup pitch competition, where we went on to claim both the 1st Place overall and the People’s Choice award. With this victory under our belt, an issued patent, and an exceptional founding team, Allthenticate was ready to start creating the dream that Chad had a decade earlier: ubiquitous, usable authentication; Allthentication

In October 2019, Allthenticate took the metaphorical, and literal, leap by incorporating as a Delaware C corporation -- officially embarking on the commercialization of their technology.

The three founders incorporated Allthenticate in 2019, and celebrated by jumping off a plane together.

Earlier in 2020, Allthenticate was selected as a finalist (alternate) in the South By Southwest (SXSW) pitch competition for the Enterprise and Smart Data category. TechCrunch also agreed that this team has something extraordinary to offer, and selected Allthenticate as a Security and Privacy Top Pick for Disrupt 2020.

Today, Allthenticate is poised to take the digital authentication and physical access control market by storm -- changing the way that humans and computers interact, forever. The three founders joined by our brilliant and hardworking employees are now working on Allthenticate’s vision full time. With a team that has the potential to change the world, Allthenticate is ready to start turning dreams into reality.

The Team showing the app that revolutionized their daily authentication experience: The Allthenticator.

Tomorrow will be better because of our technology.  Allthentcate’s products offer unparalleled security and completely eliminate entire classes of attacks (e.g., phishing and credential-stealing malware). However, our mission is to make people's lives easier, not just more secure. Usability is at the core of our products. Users will be able to seamlessly interact with their workplace, only ever needing their phone. And, enterprises will be able to manage their infrastructure in one single place, with Allthenticate’s patented technology protecting all of their employee’s credentials. In fact, Allthenticate is the only company that currently offers a complete identity management solution that can handle both physical and digital security.

Allthenticate's door reader installed inside the a building to bring a seamless and clean experience to the space.

This is no easy task. But, no one said that saving the world from hackers would be easy. To realize our vision, we needed to build all of our technology from scratch (including the hardware in our Smart Door Readers).  Indeed, Allthenticate is rewriting the book on commercial authentication solutions, offering a fully-distributed authentication ecosystem that has no single point of failure, can handle a global scale, and is backed by hardware-based security mechanisms. Allthenticate’s technology will not only give employees and managers a breath of fresh air, but can be used to enable secure voting, verifiable financial transactions, and a more secure Internet overall that has distributed trust (i.e., removing our current reliance on Certificate Authorities).

Indeed, we have already made some huge strides in making this dream a reality. With your help, we are confident that we can bring the world More Security and Less Burden.

Watch this video to see what it is like to be Allthenticated.

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