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We're reviving trust in democracy with innovative solutions.
Top US news aggregator fighting bias and misinformation.
Media Bias Ratings™: Multi-partisan, expert-driven process for trust.
As many as 79M monthly views, Entrepreneur Magazine's 2023 Most Fundable Company list.

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Why AllSides?

Welcome to AllSides Technologies Inc., a beacon of trust, transparency, and technological excellence in a chaotic, divisive world. 

As the #1 US-based balanced news aggregator (earning 79 million views in one month) and #1 provider of media bias ratings (earning 5x the traffic of our next competitor), AllSides has already demonstrated great success.

Our patented bias ratings system fuels our balanced news, which draws millions of people across the political spectrum. Our latest user survey showed a balanced audience of 20% Democrats and 20% Republicans, with the remainder a mix of independents or something else — a stunning achievement of balance and diversity in the fractured modern news world.

Now we're pioneering the future of information and conversation with a transparently balanced approach and state-of-the-art technology that will expand our bias rating and news leadership and apply to far more than political news. Setting new standards for trust, we are using patented systems, ethical AI, an active community, and comprehensive analysis to lead a revolution, transforming how all information across topics, across industries, and across the world is curated, consumed, discussed and understood.

Credibility Crisis

In our increasingly digital world,  society faces a crisis of trust. We don’t know what to believe, or we believe things that are not true or not entirely true. This puts our democratic society at risk as technology and media trap people within their own biases and expose them only to one-sided information (often referred to as “filter bubbles”). This increases polarization, misunderstanding, and anxiety. 

The chaos permeates everything – not just elections and politics, but schools, communities, corporate decision making and culture, even our families and personal relationships.

The Promise of the Internet

The promise of the internet has led to unintended consequences, where modern technology is manipulated by toxic business models and bad actors to fuel division and threaten the very fabric of our society.

The internet was supposed to connect the world and increase understanding. In many ways, it has done this.  In other ways, it has thrown us into one-sided, agenda-driven news, information, and like-minded peers that confirm our existing beliefs and inflame us against each other.

Media Mistrust 

The problem is the most obvious in political news, which is why AllSides approached this problem first. Trust in traditional media is at an all-time low, with just 7% of Americans saying they have a great deal of trust in media. Wary of bias and misinformation, people are hungry for alternative and trustworthy methods to get their news. 

AllSides is a beacon of credibility in a sea of skepticism, leveraging a multipartisan, transparent approach by providing balanced news, media bias ratings, and diverse perspectives that allow users to form their own opinions.

AllSides Approach to Misinformation, Bias and Manipulation

Most people think the answer is a choice between two bad, extreme options: a “ministry of truth” or a “free-for-all.”  A ministry of truth, aka a single trusted source like a government or affiliated media, inevitably fails due to corruption, its own biased blind spots, or just internal decay. A free-for-all where no one controls it sounds like a good alternative, but in practice, the most powerful and wealthy eventually manipulate it for their own purposes, driving us to vote, click or buy in the way they want.

The answer is a balanced system or platform in between these two extremes. By being open, transparent and balanced, we can prevent any one group from taking over, enabling all of us to more fully understand the full picture and decide for ourselves. We can discover “the truth” together.

AI Opportunities and AI Safety

Are things about to get worse due to generative AI? 

AI has great potential for good, and also for ill. To unleash human potential, society needs to embrace the good and address the bad. And we need to do so deliberately and thoughtfully.

For AllSides, that means two things. First, we are using ethical AI to scale and enhance our systems that empower regular people to better know and understand the world and each other. Second, we are using our current tools and developing new ones to combat the dangers of AI.

AI can only be as trusted as the information that goes into it. AllSides’ unique bias technology, millions of direct user feedback scores and hundreds of thousands of rated articles can help train AI and LLMs (large language models) to be more objective and less biased.  

Are you developing an AI or other system that could unintentionally propagate or create false or misleading information? AllSides can help.

We also give individuals protection from this information chaos. AllSides is using its systems to provide average people with tools to identify misleading information, whether produced by algorithms, AI or bad actors, so everyone has the opportunity to understand and decide for themselves.

Not only does AllSides combat bias and misinformation, whether it is created and spread manually or by AI, we also help others develop more trustworthy systems.

The Opportunity

The total addressable market for our solutions is vast, with a global potential of $77 billion. Our unique technology and position allow us to tap into various markets, including online news, education, AI safety, bias services, dialogue services, corporate/HR, and market research. With a serviceable obtainable market of $356MM, the opportunity for growth and impact is immense.

How We Do It

3 Pillars of Trust

Here's how our three Pillars of Trust are setting standards via balanced systems and technologies that solve the crisis of credibility: 

  • Balanced Analysis: Our patented and multipartisan review systems allow us to rate the bias of news sources and content, and to identify different perspectives on practically any topic.
  • Balanced Summation: Our technologies provide multiple perspectives on every story and issue, allowing users to quickly see the broader picture and decide for themselves.
  • Balanced Dialogue: Our tools enable civil dialogue across differences and facilitate conversations that build community, loyalty, and network effects.

The Wisdom of Experts Balanced with Wisdom of the Crowd

Our patented and multipartisan bias rating system balances the input of experts and ordinary people to drive 1,400 media bias ratings and analysis on every controversial or disputed topic. By balancing the input of experts and the wisdom of the crowd via expert Editorial Reviews and Blind Bias Surveys of Americans, we foster trust and avoid the blindspots of a top-down approach driven only by elites. Our balanced approach avoids the pitfalls of one-sided partisanship and helps users discern truth from slanted and biased information.

Our Products & Services

Powered by AllSides Media Bias Ratings™, AllSides is the #1 US-based balanced news aggregator, giving multiple perspectives from the Left, Center, and Right so readers can get the full picture, spot bias, and decide for themselves.

Our 1,400+ AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ reflect the average judgment of Americans, not just a panel of insiders. Our ratings are based on multipartisan analysis by experts and average Americans across the political spectrum. They reveal news bias, empower readers to get the full picture, and fuel an entire suite of AllSides tools and services. 

Newsrooms are waking up to the issue of tanking news trust and relying on AllSides to provide correction and feedback. An AllSides Media Bias Audit™ of news content reveals whether experts and everyday news audiences see political bias in reporting and provides actionable insights to help reporters produce more balanced, trustworthy news. Our in-depth bias audits are relied on by 40 newsrooms nationwide.

AllSides Balance Certification™ is awarded to exemplary news media outlets that issue news reporting substantially free from partisan political bias or that equally balances left, center, and right perspectives. Media outlets that undergo an AllSides Media Bias Audit™ and pass our strict criteria for balance use this certification to prove to consumers and ad buyers that their news product is top quality. 

The AllSides Bias Checker™ provides an on-demand bias rating of any news article. Already being tested by news media companies internally, it will be available to end users in 2024.

AllStances™ delivers multiple perspectives on controversial topics.  It aids news consumers, teachers, journalists, HR departments, politicians and other decision makers with a 360 view. Soon, AllStances™ will be able to produce perspectives automatically on demand.

Our Mismatch™ platform connects students from classrooms across the country for civil, virtual dialogue across racial, socioeconomic and other differences. Teachers use this to bring their students outside their immediate world and practice discussion skills that build a healthy democracy — without leaving the classroom.

2024: The Year of the Launch

We’re also excited about our upcoming killer apps and services. Stay tuned for balanced news in all 50 States, Bias Checker™, Bias Estimator™, Auto-Balancer™, AllSides Roundtables™ (which we presented to Congress), and Misinformation Checker™ (which will flag potentially misleading narratives, providing context and diverse perspectives on the claim so you can get the full picture), and more.

Our Customers

The AllSides suite of products has broad applicability across many customer segments. Our solutions to the issues of media mistrust, information overload, and social-division can be serviced to newsrooms, schools, universities, corporations, HR departments, AI safety organizations, research entities, and more. Below are just a few applications.

News Consumers

Growing awareness of one-sided media bias and overwhelming information flow fuels consumer demand for a well-curated yet holistic view of the news. AllSides meets this demand head-on by providing the #1 US-based balanced newsfeed, fueled by our 1,400 Media Bias Ratings. The balanced newsfeed is a popular entry point for consumers into the larger suite of AllSides solutions.


AllSides is already servicing 40 newsrooms nationwide with AllSides Media Bias Audits™ and training to combat bias. Our highly sought-after Balance Certification™ badge holds journalists to a high standard and allows them to prove their news product is worthy of trust. With additional funding, we can further develop existing tools like the AI Bias Checker™ and Bias Estimator™, which automatically rate news articles and provide balanced perspectives to news websites on demand.


In a polarized world, the ability to engage in civil discourse is more critical than ever. AllSides fosters environments where people can practice meaningful conversations despite their differences through initiatives like Mismatch (piloted with 1,000 high school students), America Talks (that AllSides did in partnership with USA Today and Listen First) and AllSides Roundtables™.


As the digital world becomes more complex, the ability to critically evaluate information and effectively communicate are vital skills. AllSides empowers teachers through Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities and School Memberships to foster media literacy across all subjects and teach our next generation the skills they need to navigate and assess the digital media landscape effectively. In partnership with Living Room Conversations, AllSides built Mismatch for schools, a platform that makes it easy to schedule a virtual dialogue between students who are the political, racial, geographical, and socio-economic opposite of each other.

Use of Funds

We will spend funds raised primarily on developing technology for products and services, and apps in addition to furthering our marketing efforts toward outreach and awareness. Our goal is to capitalize on the 2024 presidential election's seasonal boost in attention and traffic, establishing AllSides as the global leader in balanced news, technologies, and dialogue.

With over 22 million views per month, a presence in schools across all 50 states, and operational profitability on a cash basis achieved in 2022, AllSides is on a trajectory of rapid growth and impact. Our partnerships and adoption in news and education markets and beyond are testaments to our effectiveness and potential. 

We're on a mission to restore the promise of the internet and a healthy democratic society — and people are noticing. 

Incentives vs. Competition

Unlike major news outlets and social media platforms driven by agendas and tribalism, AllSides is credibility-driven and incorporated as a public benefit corporation. Our multipartisan audience requires balance and credibility, which we deliver consistently, supporting healthier democratic societies and better decision-making.

Revenue Model

Our diverse revenue streams include and services to nonprofits, schools, newsrooms, and corporations, with a focus on driving traffic and revenue through subscriptions, online services, and partnerships.  While others rely on advertising and revenue sources that reward click-bait and partisan agendas, our customers and clients are mission aligned and demand credibility and balance.

A Letter from the CEO, John Gable

Dear Future Investors and Partners,

We stand at a pivotal moment in history, where the very fabric of our society is torn by hyper-polarization and division, by massive misinformation and manipulation, by anger and hopelessness.

People worldwide feel the problem and desperately want this problem solved. And it must be solved if we want our better days to be ahead of us.

This can’t be solved with just a little app or website. We must address the core drivers of the problem – not a band-aid, but something that gets to the heart of the problem.

The heart of the problem is this: we are forced – by power-brokers, toxic business models and unwitting sheep – into one-sided echo chambers that tell us to believe extreme and often false things, and to despise and hate people outside of our circle. They misuse technology and every tactic they can imagine just so they can get us to buy, click, vote, yell, and sometimes even fight in whatever way they want us to.

We must free ourselves from these filter bubbles that are tearing us apart, destroying our democratic society, and harming our organizations, businesses, community – even our friends and families.

That is what AllSides does. Our mission is to free people from filter bubbles so we can better understand the world – and each other. 

We do this in news and politics, and in schools, organizations, businesses, governments, nonprofits, and in our communities. We do this with scalable technologies, products and services that not only make a profit, but elevate all of us.

Our company represents more than a technological innovation; it's a commitment to restoring a healthier society where trustworthy information, respectful discourse and good decision-making are not only possible but normal. We've developed patented technologies and cultivated a platform that doesn't just present balanced information but fosters understanding and bridges divides. Our upcoming products deliver on this promise to many more people and markets in ways that can be fun, interactive and uplifting, as well as increase the bottom-line returns for us and our clients. 

The opportunity here is immense, not just in financial terms, but in the potential to shape a more informed and empathetic world. Your investment will propel us forward, expanding our reach, enhancing our technologies, and deepening our impact.

Join us. Together, we can transform the way the world engages with information, opinions, and each other. Your support is not just an investment in AllSides; it's an investment in a future where balanced, credible, and diverse perspectives lead to a healthier, more democratic society.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a difference.


John Gable

CEO and Co-founder, AllSides Technologies Inc.

We're not just a company; we're on a mission to restore the promise of the internet and a strong democratic society. That's why we incorporated as a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation in 2023. Our multipartisan founders bring over 85 years of technology and business experience from companies like Microsoft, Netscape,, CheckPoint Software, and BitTorrent. They have years of experience in creating and managing tech solutions dedicated to providing balanced information, perspectives, and dialogue across divides.

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