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The online marketplace for responsible shopping and giving back.


🌲 Independently-vetted, eco-friendly and socially responsible products
🚚 Carbon-neutral shipping
🤝 5% giveback to customer's nonprofit of choice (10x more than AmazonSmile)
💪 Lean business model, with reduced overhead costs and improved margins for greater impact

Our Team

88% of consumers want brands to help them be more socially and environmentally responsible; 68% of eco-conscious consumers are willing to pay a premium for reduced environmental impact. It's imperative that businesses become more responsible, so we are committed to play our role in facilitating this social movement and meeting consumer demands.

The Story of AllPeople

Our climate is changing, seas are rising, natural resources are being diminished, and our economy is becoming growingly unfair and unequal due to irresponsible business. Consumers are becoming growingly mistrustful and disgruntled seeing all this, and are rapidly shifting their purchasing power towards brands that support our society and environment, rather than exploit it. 

AllPeople's founder, Bill Wollrab, recognized these societal needs and changes in consumer behavior, along with accelerating growth in the e-commerce space and the demonstrated power of technology to empower social change. He wondered why he hadn't seen an online marketplace yet that addresses the serious issues of climate change and income inequality, while providing a platform to support social good. This is where AllPeople was born. 

AllPeople is the online marketplace for conscious consumers that want to shop responsibly, while giving back to the causes they support. AllPeople curates an online marketplace of independently-verified and carefully vetted socially and environmentally responsible products, while aiming to empower social and environmental change with our carbon-neutral shipping and 5% giveback on every purchase to the customer's nonprofit of choice (10x more than AmazonSmile).  

AllPeople was started by seasoned entrepreneur, Bill Wollrab, and brought to reality with the help of 80 students from 40 universities across the United States including Stanford, the University of Chicago, MIT, Wharton Business School, and UCLA to not only provide insight and strategy to what younger consumers desire today, but also to help develop the e-commerce platform that AllPeople rests on. Since it's inception, AllPeople has also enlisted a dynamite team of strategic advisors and Board members with educational pedigrees from the Ivy League, University of Michigan, and Georgetown, coupled with their experience working with S&P 500 firms across the CPG and e-commerce space.